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Nutrition Nook: What I Ate Wednesday

HELLO sleep-in Wednesday! Little bug is at the grandparents on Tuesday nights so the 3 of us slept-in till 8:15! After baby C’s brekkie, he joined me for mine.

Breakfast: Cookie-dough cereal found here! LOVE this so much I could easily make a cup instead of the 1/3 I used.

DSCN44511/3 c old-fashioned oats + salt + cinnamon + PB + honey + vanilla= smash all together with fork till it’s clumpy and top with milk and desired toppings (1/2 banana today). I let the milk soak for a bit before devouring down. Try it, it’s life-changing I tell ya.  Regular coffee accompanied this as well as at least 1 additional spoonful of PB while preparing…like I could actually not eat while making breakfast.

Lunch: wrap with sauteed onions, bit of shredded cheddar and over-easy egg in a wrap! I’ve been going nuts about having my not-fully cooked eyes now that pregnancy is over! Sides included a few carrot sticks, pickled zucchini and a small slice of watermelon. The runny yoke served as the “sauce” for the wrap. OMG why have I not done this sooner!


Supper: open-face baked ham sandwich with cheese, horseradish spread and dijon mustard; sides included pickled zucchini again (from the garden last year) and 1/2 sweet potato. We made a huge ham a few weeks back and froze a few bags worth for sandwiches on lazy night such as this! I’m not a deli ham kinda-girl because the flavor sucks but slow-cooked ham is a whole other story! Packed full of juiciness and salty goodness!

DSCN4456I had my little girl back for additional company!


Late night snack: 3oz vanilla yogurt with 1/4 c pumpkin flax granola and 1/2 banana

Wednesday’s Workout: I got my lungs handed to me during my 30 minutes of working out today.

DSCN4454I split this into 3 10 minute segments:
1-10: 10 min Insanity warm-up
11-20: stretching
21-30:  core and pelvic floor work as follows done slowly and repeated twice: (kegals=25, hip raises with squeeze at top= 25, pelvic tilts=25, single leg hip raise with leg lift= 15/side, plank= 40 seconds)

I’m excited for the soreness to start!


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Nutrition Nook: WIAW…Hello Week 17!

Welcome to Week 17 and What I Ate Wednesday. I call this What I REALLY Ate Wednesday, no hiding or holding back with this gal, this is the food journal of a preggie nutrition nutter!wiawphotobutton

Brekkie 7:15am: Chobani yog with a small amout of organic raspberries, chopped banana, a few roasted almonds and granola with tea and 1/2 c. milk
DSCN3043 DSCN3042

Snack 10:30am: 1/4 c. dried apricots (not a fan of this brand, there are a few preservatives I’m not a fan of that make them taste funny, but they were on-sale), 1 “cutie,” 1 small organic apple and started sipping on coffee which lasted from 9 to noon.

DSCN3054 DSCN3060


Lunch 12:30pm: large romaine salad with cheese and balsamic vinaigrette with 1/2 brisket sandwich (I shared the other half). I was very disappointed with this local BBQ sandwich shop. Dry, dry, dry. The BBQ sauce was little help.


Snack 4pm: 1 “cutie,” 1 small organic apple, 1/2 cup coffee with a few chocolate covered espresso beans

DSCN3058 DSCN3052

Supper 6:15pm: Taco salad (romaine, taco meat, cheese, salsa, dollop of light sour cream, 1 crushed taco shell to top off), glass of milk


Snack 9pm:  1 large carrots with homemade quac


Your eyes aren’t seeing double, yes I do eat the same snack twice AND devour at least 5 small servings of fruit daily (not just for WIAW). You call this healthy, I call this lazy; either way, it’s a win-win situation!

Happy Week 17! Baby is about 5 inches long according to baby websites.

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Nutrition Nook: What I ate Wednesday

Rewind to Tuesday. The family fun run was HAILED out! Can you believe it!

Thank goodness we found shelter immediately. No one was harmed.

Those few minutes were crazy, yet amazing to watch!

Ok, back to Wednesday. (source)

Brekkie was an amazing concoction of a homemade oat bar from THIS recipe (try it, it’s awesome, natural, and quick) topped with almond butter, chobani vanilla yog, and sprinkles of chia seeds and organic raspberries! Delicious, healthy and filling 🙂

Snack attack moments were fulfilled with a banana at 11am and an apple during a snalk (snack + walk) at 1:30

A simple lunch at 1pm was brought to you by local organic greens (from a farm by 1880 Town), black beans, cheese, sunflower seeds all topped with salsa.

There are beans in there, I swear.

Pre-work snack (after my full-time job, I go to my former job on Wednesday’s for a few hours to help out) consisted of an 8oz triple berry Herbalife shake.

Wednesday was date night after work for hubby and I! We were both craving wings.

A Fat Tire, 6 parm and garlic wings traditional style for me, oh and a veggie basket as well and a Bud Light and 18 for the hubby…well he did share one with me!

And that’s my day for What I Ate Wednesday! Cheers 🙂

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