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I worked out for 15 minutes so now I’m fit!

5:15 – home from work

8:30 (sometimes 9pm if I’m being selfish) – tuck little bug into bed

That leaves just over 3 hours for cuddles, playtime, story reading, and all-things-fun with my little one…not to mention supper at some point.

Because I sit all day…8 hours of “chair-butt”…I SO look forward to working out. In the perfect-weather world — 75, sunny with a slight breeze — I would get in a stroller run to and around the park so I’m not cutting into mommy-daughter time. Unfortunately South Dakota weather doesn’t accomodate my needs and by the time 8:30 hits…I have a mountain of laundry/dishes/cleaning/blah/blah/blah/yada/yada/yada that needs attention as well has the hubby, but yet I want to workout and blog and surf pintrest and this and that.

Sound familiar to anyone? If I am lucky, which I’m usually not these days, I get in about 45 minutes of hardcore working out through my Insanity workouts (more on them some other time). Lately though it’s been 15 minutes here or even 5 minutes there (which was the case this morning at 6:30).

For crazy days like this, I highly recommend BodyRockTV.

Since about Christmas time, I’ve been a major fan of their hard, sweaty quick workouts. I said QUICK, not quick and easy. You earn every bead of sweat that accumulates. First off, the instructor lady is like “CRAZY- you make me jealous of you abs -FIT;”

…second, she has a British accent…ok, in case you didn’t know, my hubby is British so I’m all for the accent and third, the workouts usually take about 12 minutes (with little or no equipment). I add a 5 minute warm-up and a good stretch at the end as well. There are days when I do just half the workout so I’m getting at least something in.

If you are looking for quick workouts that are motivating and effective, definitely visit this site here!

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with some British dictionary education. Did you know…

The term “fit” in England is not quite the same as “fit” in the US.

USA, “I need to workout, I’m so un-fit.” “He’s fit as a fiddle.” — Translation: In shape

England, “Check her out mate, she’s well fit.”  — Translation: Hot, good looking.

There’s your international food for thought today!

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