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Obstacle Course DIY

Get your cardio and resistance training in one go by making your own little obstacle course. Most people call them circuits…but don’t you think obstacle course sounds a lot more fun! I feel like a kid again saying Obstacle Course! Since becoming “Mom,” (or MAM when my hubby imitates my American accent) this is one of my new favorite ways to get in a bunch of exercises and muscle groups at once. You can do this on your own or pop the little one in a bouncer/walker/mat full of toys while she/he watches.

Here’s Obstacle Course DIY

The first ingredient is a space. Indoor or outdoor as long as you have enough room to move and create little stations. This is my usual space.
The length here is enough to complete 12 walking lunges. I call this my “field.” For an indoor space, a hallway would work pretty well here.

This square space is like a blank canvas for a fitness nerd like myself! I can jump rope here and use this area to house an exercise ball!

No this is no ordinary bench…see how is screams for me to do step-ups, dips and pushups on it!

And this railing…ahh…a perfect little haven to wrap a resistance band around for upper body work or yet another place to do pushups!

Which brings me to the next ingredients: equipment. I use a jump rope, exercise ball and resistance band. An exercise mat is good to have as well.

Don’t the pictures add to the excitement of making your own obstacle course! You could also add free weights, bosu, thigh master, vibrating ab belt…ok, maybe not the last two 🙂

You really don’t need to have anything though since you can get a good 10 exercises out of the bench area. Seriously, 10 exercises…off the top of my head: dips, pushups, pushups with feet elevated, steps ups, box jumps, calf raises, lunges with back leg elevated, planks with feet elevated, side planks, planks with leg raises…and that’s just getting started, you get the point.

Now, simply mix cardio elements with resistance elements in any order. I like to have enough exercises to keep me busy for 5 minutes and then hopefully I have enough time to get 3 sets in! Here’s what I did last week.

1. Sprint the field and do 5 jump tucks at the end
2. Sprint back and complete 10 jumping jacks
3. Move over to the railing (which has the resistance band wrapped around) and do 20 back rows
4. Jump rope for 50 jumps
5. 40 stepups
6. Shuffle drill back and forth in box area for 12 lengths
7. 15-20 Dips
8. Walking lunges the length and back of the field
9. Ball knee tucks: 10 reps
10. Sprint the field up and back
11. Sprint the field backwards up and back
12. 30 side kicks: 15 per side
13. Lather, rinse, repeat if possible

And booo-yaaa (does anyone say that anymore, it felt like the appropriate moment for a boo-yaaa) a simple workout that you can  create on the fly and can change-up easily every time!

And sometimes she likes to join in!



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5 minute workout: upper body

5 minutes, that’s right, I said 5 minutes – however, there’s a catch – no resting in between exercises. Not only will this bump up your workout intensity, but you’ll be done in no time and feel a nice burn in your arms. I’m a “no-pain, no-gain” kinda girl, but I’m also a very busy person with a hundred things to do in a day, so this is my way of getting in a great tricep (and a little ab, shoulder and chest as well) workout. This is perfect to start now and get those arms looking halter-top ready for summer!


Adjust reps to your workout level.

  1. Push-ups (my love-hate exercise) – 15 reps
  2. Plank series
  3. Tricep pushups – 5-10 reps or however many you can!
  4. Tricep dips – 10-20 reps
  5. Repeat 1-4 until 5 minutes are up!

Hold each exercise in the Plank Series for 5-10 seconds

(Excuse the angles and a few form mishaps; we’re still getting used to the lighting and camera.)

This is the same as a pushup, except keep your arms tucked in by your sides (like you’re squeezing a book between your arm and body). These are harder than regular pushups, if you can’t come all the way down, simply lower yourself as much as possible.

Again, keep those elbows in and your back close to the chair.

Once you complete this exercise, start again with your pushups and repeat the cycle for 5 minutes. If your arms give out before 5 minutes, simply do as much as you can and try again in a few days!

COMING NEXT: Baby Moves…exercise you can do with your baby


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