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5 Minute Workout: A Quickie at the Playground + baby food fun

Tuesday is rest day number 2 after my 17.5-miler on Sunday. I’m eager and ready to run but I follow the plan and use today as an active rest day. Morning time with the family is great…that is if I can get hubby out of bed to join in the fun! This morning I did 🙂 It’s funny how the simplest task…like my husband getting out of bed early and going for a nice family walk can make my morning bright and sunny. I was also getting antsy about putting up a park workout!

We are very, very fortunate to be located 1 block from the neighborhood park! It doesn’t get much better than that unless I had my own park. If I can feed and dress little bug and out the door before it’s too hot, the park will be our main stop! After a quick 20 minute walk with the fam it was playtime for all. Hubs played some bball, bugs took to the rocks and stairs and I headed for ledges and benches to squeeze in a few minutes of working out! Here is a few of the exercises I did. As always I did them one after another.

Push-ups: 2 sets of 15 but I perform them slowly to really work the arms!

Step-ups: 2 sets of 10 per leg.

Dips: 2 sets of 25 or more
 Pull-ups: 2 sets of 12 or until I couldn’t do them anymore
 Notice how I’m closing my eyes…that sun was a killer this morning! So…you are probably wondering…how does she look so gorgeous in the morning? It’s simple really: 1.) Don’t look in the mirror until right before you leave. 2.) Put you hair in a ponytail. 3.) Find an accessory for your hair that covers most of your head. 4.) Use a million bobbypins to tuck away the stragglers. 5.) Put on random clothes you haven’t worn in ages!

It’s that simple!

What I’m trying to get at with this park workout is that you really do not need fancy workouts every single day. Even just 5 minutes here and there doing basic exercises can make all the difference!

I’ve had a few friends facebook me about healthy food ideas for baby/1-year-olds and thought I’d share a staple in my little girl’s healthy meal plan. Lunch time usually means a sandwich with fruit and veg on the side. Today’s delicacy was a spread of avocado (fruit),tuna (protein),cheese (dairy/protein), and cottage cheese (dairy/protein).
To make the spread I mashed up 1/3 avocado, 2 T tuna, a bit of grated cheddar and about 2 T of cottage cheese. The cottage cheese keeps it from being too dry. Simply mash all the ingredients with a fork and spread on your carb of choice.

I am in love with these thin style buns! Even when refrigerated they still stay soft enough for little bug to chew through! I love them for myself because then the sandwich is less “bunny” and I can actually taste all the goods I slap between the slices.

And they are thin! Baby’s side dishes included 1/3 of a banana and then some mashed broccoli and potato which I made last week and froze into cubes. I still find it easier and more convenient to make and freeze a lot of her veggies.

This is a great spread for adults too…obviously! It tastes nice with some crackers or a pita. I’ll share more baby food ideas when I can get the pics in before the baby goes crazy demanding her eats!

Ok, I’m out. Have a great Tuesday!

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Nutrition Nook: Crunchy PB Cakes

A good snack needs to have 4 qualities: sweet, crunchy, salty, healthy…the other bonus is easy! I was asked by a friend to share some easy and healthy snacks to make at work when the 3:30 munchies kick in. I have 3 in my back pocket but I’ll share the easiest one today.

Work snacks need to
a.) be simple to make
b.) have easy ingredients for storing in your desk drawer
c.) fill that craving to get you by until supper time
d.) be healthy so that you don’t consume your daily calorie intake at the vending machine

Let me introduce you to my Crunchy PB Cakes.

Rice cakes (or crackers)…p.s. plain rice cakes are ridiculously cheap and make this a lot better
Peanut Butter*
Banana (1 banana is enough for 2-3 cakes)
**If you are not a fan of PB or honey, substitute jam or other likeable spread

…Now, here’s step one. Assemble. Rice cake, PB, Honey, Banana

Listen carefully for this next step…EAT. I recommend a napkin for ooey, gooey honey spillage and ice-cold milk for extra “mmm, mmm, mmm” factor!

I mean, what could be better?! This fulfills all work snack checklist demands:
Sweet: check (Honey).
Crunchy: check (rice cake).
Salty: check (Peanut Butter).
Healthy: check (Banana and the whole thing combined).
Easy: ALL ingredients can be stored in your desk drawer!

Oh my goodness. I love that sticky, sweet goodness that can only come from the combination of PB and honey!

STOPPIN’ BY TOMORROW: 5 Minute Workout: Bikini butt and legs


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Nutrition Nook: Cheese Squares (6 months +)

I didn’t move to Spain for the rainy weather, but that is what today has delivered! Crappy, ugly gray skies followed by ruin-any-opportunity-to-do-anything-outside-RAIN! But as a former-farmgirl…what do we do on these days….anyone???…bake some goodies!!!!!

I decided it was time to home-make my little bug a healthy treat and I decided on Cheesy Squares compliments of Healthy First Foods for Your Baby by Caitilin Finch. She says that babies can start on these at 6 months. But I must tell you that they are great for all ages! I remember “borrowing” a few of these off my niece a few years back!

I don’t know about you but I’m totally okay with buying this type of thing from the grocery store but these are so Easy, Cheap and Healthy with, NO sugar, NO salt, and NO added flavoring crap that I just feel better making them myself!! (If you have toddlers, these would be great to make together)

Let’s get bakin’!!

1 c. flour (I used plain, but I’d try whole wheat next time)
3.5 tbsp of butter
6 tbsp cold water
2 tbsp cheese (mild cheddar if you have a baby)

1. Pre-heat over to 355 F or 180 C.

Put flour and butter into a mixing bowl and rub together until they form a breadcrumb texture

Add the water and stir with fork


Roll out dough on a floured surface and sprinkle on the grated cheese. Roll the cheese into the pastry.

Fold the pastry in half and roll out again. Fold in half a SECOND time and roll pastry out into a square shape

Cut with knife, pastry cutter or pizza cutter as I used into 1 inch squares, or you can do 1/2 inch strips and twist

Place on tray and bake for 15 minutes until they have a golden color.

Cool and enjoy!

I did this recipe from start to finish in less than 30 minutes…

…all while little bug ran around in her walker!


We had to resort to an indoor workout today. Luckily my in-laws have a nice little home gym next door with a X-trainer/Elliptical machine. I’m not the biggest fan of X-trainers but if I increase my resistance often enough, I luckily can get in 20 minutes before little bug loses interest in her ball workout. Here’s what I did:

This X-trainer goes up to a level 12 and since I only have about 20 minutes of baby bliss, I go hard the whole time. It’s been a while since I’ve done this so I was a bit jello-y when finished!

Level 10 baby! Go hard or go home…well, home is next door for me

My little bug’s  “ball workout”

We followed this with some Mommy & Baby exercises until lunch time! It was nice little workout to start the weekend! Happy, Happy Weekend everybody!

COMING UP: NEW 5 minute workout!

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