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Tuesday’s Simple Pleasures

I may not make 6 figures (or even remotely close), I may not own my own house, I may not shop for new clothes very ofter (by choice), I don’t eat out more than a few times a month, the last movie I went to was Breaking Dawn last year, my husband and I don’t even own 2 cars yet…but I can honestly 100% say that I lived a very fulfilled and ridiculously happy and rich life through simple daily pleasures.

I recently read (at an astoundingly quick pace for me) Lessons from Madame Chic: The Top 20 Things I learned while living in Paris and although she writes about life in Paris, I have very similar view points that I learned from my 4 years in Spain.

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in daily life is one Lesson both the author and I share. It could be the ritual of making your special coffee, the meticulous way you clean and organize, your after-supper routine with your family, a simple morning walk or your excruciating sweaty workout…no matter what the simple pleasure is, I hope you have one or 2 or 10.

Here are my Tuesday’s Simple Pleasures:

I was out the door 15 minutes earlier so I could get in a little Body Rocking after my run to work. I discovered that my “trainer” is back from vacation in Spain (go figure, right). She’s not MY trainer, but she does what I expect any trailer to do: motivate and push me harder than I could on my own. On a sidenote, she’s also from the same part of England that hubby’s from.

I love the other trainers at BRT, but Lisa’s energy and drive cannot be matched. I’m still on an endorphin high from today’s workout! That HIGH…is one of my Simple Daily Pleasures! It’s even better than my special cup of coffee.That’s a pretty bold statement for me!

My other simple pleasures from the day include:
– a major coloring session with little bug
– watching her listen to her Pinkalicious book on CD and flipping through the book (she does this on the kitchen floor while I cooked supper)

– getting a bit of food prepped for the 12 day visit from the in-laws and then getting the kitchen put back together!!!

What is your simple daily pleasure?

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