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Before, after, after: 2 months postpartum

The ability of the human body is amazing, especially one’s skin. 2 months ago I was stretchy and vein-y (39 weeks).

Week 39_aAfter 4 weeks, I was at my “set” weight. I say set weight because this is the weight I could easily maintain without really working out and eating a SAD (standard American diet).

2WeeksPostTwo months postpartum and I’m still pretty much at the same weight, give or take a couple of pounds either way.

DSCN4748The difference now is that I’m firming up which is slightly more evident from the front.

2WeeksPost_bI was a sweaty betty in these photos but I had a moment. Those moments don’t come very often these days!

DSCN4749Squeezing a workout in has been extremely more difficult this time. At night I’m exhausted (I have to do the bedtime routine solo); and now that I’m back at work part-time, I prefer to sleep in until baby wakes me…well after a 5am feed, burp and pump, it’s basically time to get ready for work, then little bug’s brekkie, pump again on both sides (I have a manual pump for now) and it’s out the door AND I’m still late for work. Whew, I’m tired just thinking of the morning. I TOTALLY get it now when friends have said, “you really become a parent when you have two.” I get it, I get it.


It’s so much fun though! Never a dull moment, never a completely clean house or face 😉


DSCN4743When I do get the time to workout, it’s either an Insanity workout or run; Saturday through Tuesday are the best days for me. Here are the workouts from the past week.

Sat: 30 min run
Sun: 2 mile run
Mon: Insanity Workout – Pure Cardio and 25 min walk
Tue: Inanity Workout – Cardio Recovery
Wed: 15 min hilly run
Thu: off
Fri: off

I bitch and moan like my world is going to end because I can’t sweat it out most days but it’s MY me time. I NEED this. But you know what, it’s not the end of the world. I DO have better things to do!




Above is a rare occasion where we were all together at night and I could get a pic with my babies. I have tired eyes, greasy hair, probably smelly clothes but luckily the kiddos don’t say anything…yet! I love a good snuggle 🙂 xoxo

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Pregnancy Nook: before, before and after

2 1/2 weeks postpartum already! The hormones have finally evened out and my “birthing muscles” don’t feel as if they are going to fall out anymore! It is time to start some form of a workout plan and say/write this because I NEED to do something just for ME that involves getting out of the house.  From little bug enjoying my time off work (play with me mommy), to working on the house and getting ready for the in-laws to visit, and regular mommy chores and the fact that I can’t be away from baby C any longer than a couple of hours due to nursing…it’s a crazy state of always being busy. So the unfortunate part here is that I really have to plan to make these workouts happen; once I’m done nursing, it’s shoes-on and out the door…no time for doddling!

I have worked out a whopping 2 times. Workout 1 was a 30 minute walk with the stroller 4 days after birth…not a good idea about 8 hours after the fact. My pushing muscles were aching and I thought they were going to fall out…plus my hormones were up and down like a roller coaster and I ended up staying in bed for about 12 hours that next day. Workout 2 was a stroller jog with little bug on Sunday…a huge success and this motivated me to start-up again! 

Plan of attack: I’m keeping this simple, workout every other day with a focus on running/walking and lots of pelvic floor exercises. The pelvic floor exercises will not only help get the “birthing muscles” back in shape but also help flatten the belly and make running a heck of a lot easier (and safer). 

For fun here are the before, before, after pics.

5 weeks pregnant:


39 weeks pregnant (4 days before baby C was born): weight gain was 28 lbs doctor’s scale, 26 pounds home scale.

Week 39_a

2 weeks postpartum: down about 16 pounds so about 9 to 10 pounds to go if I want to hit pre-pregnancy weight.



Luckily nursing is going to suck most the weight off but I know that about 5 will stay on due to nursing and needing extra fat. I’m not super concerned about the weight, I just want to be active again. It feels as though I’m glued to the recliner and boppy all day! I crave movement!

On the family front…I AM loving this time around SO much more! The ease and confidence have helped the transition into mommyhood of two. Hubby and I are beaming!!





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