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My Fitness Rolemodel

Years ago when I was completely obsessed with Women’s Figure and bodybuilding (an I’m talking like major, almost unhealthy obsession: multiple mag subscriptions, internet stalking my favorites, over-lifting, over-working out, protein eating maniac…) my role model was the lovely figure competitor Monica Brant.

That lasted for a few years until discovered my love for running…then I turned to the amazing, fast Paula Radcliffe.

But now that I’m back in the good ol’ US of A, I know that over the years, my true inspiration of staying healthy and fit is really my mom!

I won’t say her actual age, but she is over 60 and she BETTER BE proud of it because she is in amazing shape. You hear me Mom!!!

If most of you haven’t figured it out yet, we are currently living with my folks until we can find jobs in our destined city (if you are mocking me, then you can bite me because an international move is pretty much impossible without either family support or a lot of dough…ok, done with the speech). So…every morning around 7:15ish, it’s Mom and Dad in the family room gettin’ their sweat on with either the treadmill, bike, shaker, Nordic Track (funny that one isn’t it), weights, stretching…whatever it is, they are fit and fabulous.

I was trying to be sneaky this morning getting her during a stretch session! But really, how motivating is this every single morning! Look how tiny her waist is…and there isn’t a single ounce of muffin top going on with this lady.

There I am trying to be sneaky again during her jumping jacks! So what does my mom do for her workouts you ask? From what I have observed, MommaBev does a long circuit of exercises hitting every muscle group as well as incorporating spurts of cardio. MommaBev goes at superhighspeed moving from one exercise to the next.  Here were a few that I noticed: squats, jumping jacks, dips using a folding chair, step-ups on the chair, crunches, mountain climbers, leglifts, nordic track strides, pushups and more (sorry I can’t remember them all). First off, MY MOM does mountain climbers! From a fitness nerd, that is so cool!!!

Now (Mom you knew this was coming), one of the exercises MommaBev has been doing ever since I had a memory of her working out was working her core using the ab slide.

Remember the infomercials on this one! Now, this is NOT the ab slide I’m talking about. I’m referring to the ORIGINAL AB SLIDE!

That’s right baby…circa 1980-something…this ab slide puts the current fancy ones to shame! A wheel and a stick, that’s it! I STILL can’t perform 1 rep as good as MommaBev! She loves this baby. She loves it so much so that it has made its way to Spain AND England!

Yup, I said SPAIN and ENGLAND! It’s only getting better. She was pulled over in security in the London Gatwick airport. Imagine Dad, hubby and myself waiting and waiting in security. WHAT could MommaBev possibly have in that enormous carry-on that could set off the alarms. Imagine our laughter and surprise when out came this:

THAT is dedication…AND a great story to tell at least once a year! I love you Mom! P.S. this happened the weekend of our wedding in England!

My mom is also a quirky little thing! Here are my Top 4 Quirky Things about MommaBev
1. She has always had a cholesterol problem, which I find very odd because she consumes more veggies than a pack of rabbits. But, this problem started going away right about the time she started drinking red wine! LOL. Or at least that’s what she says.

2. My mother collects…

…The View mugs. This isn’t a joke. I’m not kidding. She loves not only the show but it’s merchandise as well.

I haven’t officially counted them up, but it’s at least 40!

I’m thinking Mom rotates them based on season or holiday. I can’t really fault her too much because they are fabulous mugs and perfect for making my famous coffees.

Oh, wait, there’s one more to come…

3. MommaBev is the classic food stocker:

It’s her, my dad (and now us) and this is only the main pantry (there is also the garage freezer and a few other hiding spots). She is amazing at stocking up on deals. You can never have too much Tide, Better Crocker mix, Tortilla chips, dressing, pasta, beans, nuts, Manwich. Mom is a couponer but not a crazy one that your hear about one those shows. I gotta hand it to her. If I need something, chances are we have it! That pantry is like a small town mom-n-pop grocery store!

4. My Mom loves PB. I’m talking the good stuff too! Wayne & Mary’s fresh homemade-in-front-of-your-eyes Peanut Butter! But Sioux Falls is a long ways away, so whenever they head east, they stock up!

This in NOT an eye trick. Yes, you are looking at 8 pounds of PB!

As a PB lover, this is heaven, this is nirvana, this is better than black Friday, this is Christmas every day!

Give me a slice of warm bread and a glass of milk! I’m set.

Oh, did I mention that dad prefers the stuff from the store? Have no fear, MommaBev doesn’t forget about PapaRon!

In case you can’t tell, that’s 9 jars of store PB! If you are keeping track, that’s 17 jars of peanut butter in the house. And you know what…I love it! I could put PB on everything if I tried really hard, that’s how much I love this stuff!

Ok, hopefully my mom will still claim me as her daughter after this but it’s great fun isn’t it! I’m so lucky to have a mom (and both parents for that matter) who are healthy role models. Not everyone can stake that claim. I just hope that in 30-odd years my little bug will say the same about me and look to me as healthy role model.

On the weekend front we are busy going through box after box after box of my old stuff. I am so utterly amazed that my mom kept all this for me!

That’s me last night going through homemade Cabbage Patch doll clothes. This lady from Alexandria, SD used to make them and I even had an Emery Eagles cheerleading outfit for my CB dolls. It took me 30 minutes to sort through them all!

Tomorrow I have a 15 mile run which I’m very excited about! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Do you have a fitness/health Role Model?
What quirky things does your mom do?
We’re you a CB girl and if so do you still have them?



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Zzz bloody rain RUINED my run!

My brain was hurting after Zumba on Wednesday. Different day, different teacher, different dances and now everything hurts. Not to mention that hubby and I were out until 2am being bodyguards at my brother-inlaw’s gig. I haven’t done 2am in a looong time!

Oh, and how could I forget the 100 Pushup Challenge
Week 3, Day 2 went like this: 20, 25, 15, 15, max out set…I did 27! (90 sec. rest in between sets) THAT’S 102 PUSHUPS!
Like the baby distraction 🙂

This was indeed a 3 coffee day.

I haven’t been neglecting my juicing needs though! Yesterday, I dusted off the orange juicer and got to work.
Wednesday was Orange-Carrot-Apple-Ginger!

Not as good as Carrot-Apple-Ginger but a much-needed energy-booster before I headed to Zumba. My Pi Beta Phi house-mom said that if you drink normal drinks out of a pretty glass, it’d help you feel special. I agree!

Little bug totally approved!

The rain unfortunately RUINED and DESTROYED my run up to Mijas tonight. The day wasn’t completely wasted though. We went scarf hunting as I would like a new one for PARIS! Did I mention I’m heading there in 7 days!!! Info on that later. We also saw our good friends Vicki and Amelia Rose today. The girls are only 2 days apart!

I wallowed about my missed run in a large tub of hot water with a cocktail (my hair was screaming at me for a good scrub)!

Energized…I proceeded to read 15 books to little bug before putting her to bed. I promise something halfway interesting this weekend 🙂



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Nutrition Nook: Crunchy PB Cakes

A good snack needs to have 4 qualities: sweet, crunchy, salty, healthy…the other bonus is easy! I was asked by a friend to share some easy and healthy snacks to make at work when the 3:30 munchies kick in. I have 3 in my back pocket but I’ll share the easiest one today.

Work snacks need to
a.) be simple to make
b.) have easy ingredients for storing in your desk drawer
c.) fill that craving to get you by until supper time
d.) be healthy so that you don’t consume your daily calorie intake at the vending machine

Let me introduce you to my Crunchy PB Cakes.

Rice cakes (or crackers)…p.s. plain rice cakes are ridiculously cheap and make this a lot better
Peanut Butter*
Banana (1 banana is enough for 2-3 cakes)
**If you are not a fan of PB or honey, substitute jam or other likeable spread

…Now, here’s step one. Assemble. Rice cake, PB, Honey, Banana

Listen carefully for this next step…EAT. I recommend a napkin for ooey, gooey honey spillage and ice-cold milk for extra “mmm, mmm, mmm” factor!

I mean, what could be better?! This fulfills all work snack checklist demands:
Sweet: check (Honey).
Crunchy: check (rice cake).
Salty: check (Peanut Butter).
Healthy: check (Banana and the whole thing combined).
Easy: ALL ingredients can be stored in your desk drawer!

Oh my goodness. I love that sticky, sweet goodness that can only come from the combination of PB and honey!

STOPPIN’ BY TOMORROW: 5 Minute Workout: Bikini butt and legs


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