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Kitchen Progress: The Finale

Something amazing happened on Saturday morning, I was alone with a clean kitchen! The time to take our “finished” had finally arrived! From the moment we spotted this house and toured it, we knew that the only way this house could be our home was if we completely gutted the kitchen! I was more than ecstatic to create my dream kitchen, or at least my first dream kitchen! With the help of pintrest and Knecht Ace Hardware here in town, a beautiful, bright, cheerful and functional kitchen was born! And although there is still a lot I want to replace, I’m over-the-moon with the results. Let’s bring on the good ol’, before and after shots!

Goodbye drive thru window and welcome in a breakfast area and counter space!



We went with black laminet with a marble look for countertops.


Flooring are rectangle tiles with a gray marbling look with accents in light blues, browns, and charcoal. I’m so happy with the floor and how it came together with the paint and counter tops!


This area changed a lot from our original plan; due to cost we had to take out the overheads, but we designed it so that we can add them in later.

Out went all the counters and cabinets which were old, dark and boring. The previous owners attempted to resurrect them with new doors but that didn’t hide the horror found on the inside.


White and bright!  Tall cabinets and deep drawers lead to lots and lots of space.


A lazy-susan in the lower corner houses the pots and pans and we splurged on a sweet microwave…only 3 appliances to go!

DSCN4785We did add the pull-out garbages on the left. LOVE THIS!

Luckily we didn’t need a new sink, just a light and faucet.

DSCN4792Laundry in the kitchen, an ice cold beer during the spin cycle….why not! There was so much potential in this wasted area.




Now that makes more sense! The cabinets over the fridge are HUGE and an sweet place to store randoms kitchen things I only use seasonally. The ‘fridge is the old standard size so extra space was given on the top and sides for a larger ‘fridge in the future.

DSCN4789This whole area holds our daily dishes in the cabinets and the lowers have a junk drawer, little bug art drawer, extra glasses and bakeware; on the right side is silverware, kids plates and cups drawer and tupperware/gladware storage drawer


Glass doors were something I always wanted, this gives a much more open feel.


We wanted simple, black hardware and found exactly what we wanted at Lowes and for a great price. Some hardware can run $5-$7 a piece easily, and we needed about 45 pieces in total! Ouch.


And now for the biggest improved area. Before, this was a biggest waste of space. Tiny cabinets and a narrow, pointless counter no storage underneath for some reason?!


NOW, it’s my favorite addition.


The left side has appliances like the bread machine, juicer, crock pot and such. The middle holds out “fancy” dishes and vases and the right side is the pantry area.

DSCN4787 - CopyThe display area is a work in progress. There are too many ideas running through my head to make any decisions.


The canisters are my favorite part so far here. I kept my eye out for ages on the perfect ones and TJ Maxx came to the rescue!


I just love the simple detail with the molding and edging throughout! The ceilings feel so much higher.DSCN4793

Here are a few demolition pics. All demo was done by my dad and hubby!





DSCN3773I still can’t believe how this has changed! Having space for everything is a wonderful feeling. None of the cabinets are full! As time goes by we will eventually get new appliances, light, stools, and custom drawer organizers to finish the look.


Now on to the dining room! This will be our winter project. I have “big plans” for keeping my dad busy!



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Kitchen Progress II

Am I cooking up a store in my new kitchen? Uhhh no, but I see the light as we’re almost done! A week ago, we were here…

DSCN3776 DSCN3775 DSCN3773 DSCN3772

After painting, installation and flooring we are here!


Surprised? Since living overseas, I’ve wanted a white kitchen and now I’m going to have it! Bright, airy and happy!

This area will be devoted to dishes, glasses, silverware, 1 “junk” drawer and quick tupperware storeage.




My cooking station! Pots, pans, mixing stuff, cooks books, coffee area are right here!




This wall is going to be my pride and joy of the kitchen. Let’s look at what it was when we initially started…


Nothing was in proportion and this entire wall was wasted space. It now looks like this…


My food and appliance pantry area as well as a shelf display area for special items! I’m going to have about quadruple the amount of space than I’ve ever had. In fact, I will have empty cupboards!

Here is a comparison of the floor as well! It’s gray but there are bits of tan and light blue (same as the blue on the walls) marbled in.


Counter tops are in the process of being cut and once they are fitted, the rest will be completed (lighting, hardware, appliance placement).

We started sleeping here on Saturday with little bug moving to her new twin bed on Monday! She loves it, especially jumping on it. I will say that seeing her in such a high bed was frightening for the first few hours, but hubby came to the rescue with a bed rail. We are (very) far from complete, but it’s starting to feel like more every day!




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Kitchen Progress

You want to see something scary? This WAS our kitchen.

Don’t let the cabinet doors deceive you. If you look in the inside, it’s pretty much 6 decades of built-up grime, contact paper and linoleum all in one.


Don’t even ask what the purpose of this wasted space was!?

Yes, you are seeing the washer and dryer in the kitchen, and get this…it’s always been that way in this house! Ahhhh!DSCN3755You see that little “drive-thru” window below? I have no idea what that is supposed to be.

DSCN3754Thanks to my dad and hubby, this was kitchen after Week 1.

DSCN3769The kitchen is the center of the home, right! I wouldn’t even make toast in here!

DSCN3768After 1 week and 4 days, this is the progress…


Plumbing re-routed and updated, electrics updatedl, texturing and drywall complete!


Bye-bye to the random counter work station which served no purpose!


Adios to the “drive-thru” window and wall for that matter as the area is now prepped for new things to come!

DSCN3773…And no more washer & dryer in the kitchen as it’s now in it’s rightful home in the basement!

Tomorrow: painting and the beginning of installing the NEW cabinets!

Hopefully by this time next week this will look like  a kitchen again!

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