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Our Last Weekend in Spain

It’s Monday morning. I cannot believe that it’s MONDAY MORNING. Where did the weekend go? Where did the last week go? Where did my sanity go?!

Today is our last full day in Spain; we’ll be saying “adios” to quite a few family members, buying last minute keepsakes, taking in those last few Spanish moments and running around packing yet ANOTHER box! It’s mindbogglingly I must say. The weekend was busy, memorable, sad, fun, and tiring.

Here’s a quick rundown of the craziness I experienced:
Friday: Meal out with inlaws on Friday Night to our favorite place
Saturday: 3 mile run, threw a surprise baby shower for the brother-in-law and wife, afternoon at the park, snack and game night with inlaws
Sunday: 7.5 mile run up the mt to Mijas, day at the lakes by El Chorro, farewell drinks with friends, final pack-up

I’m hallucinating or in a bit of a trance right now from all the events plus packing, and cleaning and the HEAT is crazy which doesn’t help. Here are a few pic highlights from the weekend. I really didn’t capture too many of the memories but here are a few!

A perfect weekend! A tiring weekend, but a perfect weekend.

I’m outta here though, I refuse to spend my last day on the computer for more than necessary!



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Runners Nook: Breakfast at the Beach

Bee-bee-bee-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep…what the heck, my virtual running partner decided to work 8 miles into my run! “Faster” it flashed. That Forerunner 405 had just turned into a monster!

While my fellow American’s are celebrating the nation’s birthday on this long 4th of July weekend, I had a mini-celebration of my own — 12.5 miles (my longest run in 2 years and 4 months)! You may not find that exciting. In fact, you may just find that, that is punishment. But this girl…oh, I had such a great run! My knees and quads aren’t totally in agreement as I type this but oh, I’m so excited to tell you about it!

With my running-belt full, a snack for the halfway point, electronics charged and 8 hours of sleep, I was as prepared as I could be! I decided it was time to start practicing my realistic split times. I wanted to run the first 4.2 miles around 10:30, the second 4.2 miles at 10:05 and the last 4.1 miles at 9:50.

I started at 7:30, the weather was a bit overcast, slightly warm but not yet hot. P.S. it is almost 100 degrees everyday at this point! Those first 4.2 miles of going slow was not easy. I had to mentally say, “slow down, slow down.” That first leg would also be my last leg and it included 4 hills! Lovely, huh but after all the practice of running up the mountain to Mijas during the week, these  — what were once large hills — now seemed more like bumps in the road!

First 4.2 miles average: 10:25

Now I was on flat surface and sped up a bit to a comfortable jog that I know I can hold for a good 10 miles! This was “my time to think” leg of the run. So…what the heck do I think about when I run?

  • I hold a secret fashion contest, who is wearing the craziest outfit today. The winner was a short, very, very old man with long shiny white hair in black spandex legging, a white shirt that was clearly too big and a black bandana with tiny sunglasses!
  • I determine whether the people I see are still out from the night before (very common here). Today’s great sitings: There were 5 girls posing on the beach that could barely stand up. Then a few miles later, a very smelly 30-something male with a 1/2 empty beer bottle strolling along the boardwalk!
  • Who has the cutest dog contest
  • What clothes I need to buy when I move
  • What will I make for supper this week
  • Where is the bathroom!
  • Why aren’t there more public restrooms here!

Second 4.2 miles average: 10:06

Then something terrible happened…my Forerunner 405 (on loan from brother-in-law) started yelling at me! Bee-Bee-Bee-Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep. What the duece? The virtual training partner kicked in! I had completely forgotten about it. I WAS NOT HAPPY! I was already planning on picking up the pace and now this wrist accessory, this awful monster on my wrist, this THING had the NERVE to tell me “FASTER” every bloody 20 seconds!

My legs were almost shot…I said “almost.” I busted through and kicked it up many notches! Eat that Mr. Evil Forerunner! 4 hills later and my lower back started yelling at me as well, but I kept those abs tight and pushed through! I had many Chariots of Fire moments! Lucky me with .10 to go, I see my little girl out to brekkie with her nana and granddad. Huge smiles and longer strides to end this 12.5 miles the strongest I could!

Last 4.1 miles average: 9:36

I felt amazing, relieved and proud! A round of applause please!

Now time for some grub! The best part about the beach at 9:30am…hardly anyone is there!

A big blanket and the Mediterranean Sea makes for a good stretching atmosphere!

The shoes needed a break as well! I’ve had these for 1 year. 1 YEAR! I normally switch after 4 months. I must say that these are shot to hell! First trip (possibly 2nd trip after Target) in the US will probably be to buy new shoes!

I love stretching, but this is what I would have rather done!

Now time for some brekkie! On today’s menu was Oats in a Jar which I have about 6 out of 7 days a week. I love this easy breakfast…thanks to Kath Eats Real Food!
1/3 c. oats
1/3 c. milk
1/3 c. yogurt
1/2 banana
pop in a jar, stir and leave in ‘fridge overnight!

It was just me, my oats and the views!
‘ You see that bit of land sticking out on the right, that is about 4 miles into the run 🙂

With aching muscles it was time for an ice bath, but I thought to myself…why not get in the sea?
Unfortunately and fortunately, the sea is finally warm, so I did what any 29-year-old does…jump around into the crashing waves! I felt 10-years old-again! Needless to say I was drenched from the waist down. Wet feet and sand…not a combo I’m a fan of 😉

Bath, baby time, baby nap time, mommy rest time and back up again and it was time for my in-laws to spoil me a bit! Today they took me and little bug to this great little traditional Spanish fish restaurant on the beach where we met up with the brother-in-law and his wife.

In Spain, traditionally everyone orders together a few large raciones of the lovely fried fish, salad and sides and then shares. At first glance it looks disgusting, but it is to die for, especially today. Everything tasted a bit crunchier and fresher (or is it more fresh) than the last time!
I can’t remember everything we ordered buy there was a mixed salad, fried boquerones (my favorite), fried sardines, fries, fried baby salmon (I think) and a few other bits! It doesn’t feel unhealthy either; they are prepared with a light batter and fried to crispy perfection. All they needed was a little vinegar and some lemon 🙂

Baby did just fine with some bread. She wasn’t too impressed with the place as she preferred to go wave-watching.

The day finished with some time at the park, always a weekend tradition.
Well, I’m exhausted, hubby is now home from England with flapjacks for me — yay, so I must go!

Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans!

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27 days till M-Day…what was special about today?

I decided to schedule my 5 miles and opt for some extra bed-time followed by doing something for myself.

10 minutes of relaxing and much-needed yoga out by the pool followed by 20 minutes of reading and coffee-time!

My view straight-on.

My view to the right.

If you are new to reading this blog and hate seeing photos of the sea and mountains, then I suggested you “x” out of this 😉

I actually put on make-up and 1/2 way did my hair before babes got up. These little things (very little indeed) helped make today feel a bit different and slightly special!

 With 27 days until M-Day (that’s moving day y’all) I’m aiming to do something special each day. This was part of  my “something” special.

5 miles (always special, right) was on the agenda, but I finally brought the camera so I could capture some more photos of the little village, Mijas, that I’ve come to really appreciate over the last few years.

As the Eternal Tourist, I’m always fascinated by the narrow streets, the white-washed buildings (btw that HAVE to be a certain color of white), and the intimate feeling the village brings.

I will miss this place. I will miss the picturesque views. I will miss how it seems so untouched by modern culture and commercialism.

I won’t miss running up to it though 😉 That mountain will never get easier on my weak legs! Bring on the plains of South Dakota baby!


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Runners Nook: My Excuses for Not Running

The whole day “when am I going to get my run in,” “I’ve gotta run,” “I can’t miss this run,”  plagued my mind.  I was reminded on Friday why I am a morning runner.

Friday 6:10am, it’s dark and silent…except for the wind. I hate wind. I hate wind like I hate baked beans (which btw is probably the only food I won’t eat). It took a whopping 1 minute to decide not to head out the door for my 5 miles.

Here were my excuses:
1. I can hear wind therefore it must be too cold to run right? After all it is June in southern Spain 😉

2. My body is shattered from Zumba the day before

3. My body is telling me I need a break

4. I really do NOT want to run up that mountain again for the 3rd time this week

5. My bed is warm and comfortable

6. I want to sleep

Pretty pathetic, huh. I did not go back to sleep because my brain was already in “thinking” mode for the day. Upon getting out of bed, the wind was nothing more than a breeze. BUT, my body was telling me that I needed a bit of a break.

So the whole day I kept thinking and thinking about when I would get my run in. Friday after hubby gets home…it’s all about the grocery shop. I hated that I skipped out on the run, it’s a training run and a 5 miler and I really needed that run.

Then there was the location to consider. Up the Mijas mountain again. Let me explain. Hubby sold his car, so until we move we are borrowing a car which I’m not covered on; therefore, if I want to run, I have to run up up up up and up some more to Mijas. But there is good news in this. I can officially run all the way up there! It’s a 10 minute up-hill, or in my case, up-mountain killer. Everything from my lungs to my heart to my toe nails kills by the time I reach the flat surface of the village. I’m proud of this accomplishment, but it’s like the wind, and baked beans….I’d prefer to do without. (Other Mijas Mt runs click here, here, here)

So…after a day of mind tricks I DID get my run in at 7:30pm. Here’s what I saw:

Mile 1:

Mile 2:
I was moving while sneaking in that photo. They must have thought I was stalking them!

Mile 3:

Mile 4:
Yes, that is a sign for the donkey taxis. The sign above should say “you can’t miss the smell.”

Mile 5:
I decided to take a picture of the zero because I had zero to go! I’d like you to think that but really I wasn’t thinking straight and really should have snapped the 5 in there!

Moral of the story, if your body says to “take a break,” then do so. But otherwise, all excuses aside, just get out of bed, get it done and over with!

Happy, Happy Weekend!


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Runners Nook: 10 Miles with a Churro on Top

The ten mile run is beginning to be my favorite distance. No, I’m not crazy…yet anyways. But really, I am beginning to enjoy the couple of hours that my mind is allowed to wander and think about anything I want to think about. I’ll admit though, I think about really lame things like what I need to get done in the next week or what dishes will I prepare for the family. With tourist season starting to hit hard though I like to make up stories in my mind about the people I see. Why are they visiting Spain? Why are they wearing THAT? Are they still “out” from the night before? I wonder if she is doing the walk of shame? This is a great way to occupy the mind during a marathon as well 😉

It was an “easy” 10 although the mornings are becoming sweltering hot by 8. The first 5 miles were about 9:50 minute miles and the last 5 were at 9:40 each. I think I was going faster on the last half because it was CHURRO DAY!!! I just couldn’t wait to get home and get ready to FINALLY experience churros in Spain.

In case you didn’t know, churros originated in Portugal (not Taco Johns) and are sometimes referred to as the Spanish Donut. To experience churros the proper way, we headed to a churreria in Fuengirola which is situated just a 10 minute drive from where I live.

 Churros taste best at a churreria because they are made fresh on location, not bought in.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not coffee although that was close at hand. This is a thick, bitter hot chocolate sauce for churro dippin’ greatness.

The waitor brought this out first just to tease me I think!

18-20 churros…6 people…you do the math!

I can barely finish 1 Taco John churro, much-less 3 churros WITH silky chocolate sauce!!! Yay for that 10 miler I just ran 🙂

They come to the table fresh and hot. It kind of looks like a long donut.

Donuts are very cakey though and these were airy. The outer shell was crispy but not too crispy. In Madrid they coat churros with sugar but in the Andalusia area they leave the sugar off.

And why ruin it with extra sugar when there is chocolatey dippage involved!

It was not a problem takin’ down three of these bad boys. They tasted similar to a cake donut but lighter and not so sugary and that crispy outer shell set them apart from any donut I’ve ever encountered! I didn’t feel guilty eating these either! Normally I’d feel gross after finishing 3 pastries but the lightness of the churros, even with the chocolate, were a perfect late morning snack.

10 miles, churros, family time…it was a great way to spend Saturday morning!

You can never be too old to display food proudly!

And what is the perfect way to spend a late Saturday afternoon?
Working on birthday invitations for little bug’s upcoming 1st birthday! I’ll post the finish product next time.

On a quick note, a friend wanted to know what kind of beets I buy, here is what they look like:

It’s an easy running week so I’m going to add a day of cross-training in. Not sure what I’ll do, I’m thinking yoga and a long obstacle course with lots of resistance training.

Sorry, this is so short and sweet but I want to spend the last weekend hours with hubby and the Dark Knight! Here are some things I’m going to talk about this week!

Nutrition Nook: I’m trying out homemade mayo!

Momma and Baby Moves: Working out with a clingy baby

(New) Baby Nook: Build up to little bug’s birthday, I’ll show our “go to” items from our first year as parents

5 Minute Workout: total body workout

And hopefully I’ll get to cross out more items on my Kristen’s Wishlist of things to do before we move list
Visit the Buddhist Temple in Benalmadena
Eat homemade churros with chocolate
Learn how to make Spanish tortilla
Visit Portugal again
Revisit Rhonda
Hit up as many ferias in the area during the summer (Spanish fairs)
Head up to the International Food Festival in Mijas
Take little bug to the Zoo
Actually eat the pastries I take so many pictures of
Find a Spanish antique store and buy some treasures to bring back to America
Have lunch in Old Marbella in Orange Square
Drink lots of Spanish wine
Eat even more Spanish cheese (ongoing)
Take as many photos as possible (ongoing)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


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Confessions of a Cookie Addict

Confession numero uno: Five cookies worth of dough and four freshly baked cookies yesterday has me making today dubbed Training Tuesday! Damn that Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe, you are EVIL and should be destroyed!!!

Ok, not really. Did I ever mention my weakness for cookies? Forget sweets, candy, chips (crisps), cakes and even most chocolate…the cookie…let me be more specific…the American-style cookies are my true food weakness. One bite, one spoonful of dough and it’s a done deal. I will be dipping in and out of sugar rushes all day long always wanting another cookie fix, I’ll be searching high and low for something equally as good, I’ll promise myself over and over “only one more.” Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone?

I did pretty good to only have 4 fresh ones though, so that’s something right? So when the sun peaked it’s little head through my curtains at 6:30am (that’s like 4am for me), it was shoes on, water in hand, tunes in ears and up the mountain for today’s 3 mile run in preparation for the Run Crazy Horse marathon.
I almost made it all the way up before needing a walk break. I was so tired and I’m amazed and so proud I almost ran up, up, up that crazy mt! Yay me! I was in slow-mo though and all I could think about was on Friends when Chandler and Joey would watch Baywatch! Once in town it was an easy 2 kilometers of flatness before returning downhill.

I wasn’t satisfied though.

Did I mention I ate five cookies worth of dough and four freshly baked cookies? That run would not suffice! It’s Push-ups time!

Confession numero dos: Hubby and I haven’t been doing the pushup challenge for about 9 days now! Slap me in the face, I know! How could I commit to a fitness challenge and NOT carry through with it? Who does such a thing?

HAVE NO FEAR, an excuse is HERE! When hubby went to Madrid for his US paperwork medical exam, he was on the bad end of a needle and came home with 2 shots, one of them being a tetanus shot. A sore-armed hubby, then Paris, and now a sunburned hubby…it’s been put on the back-burner till further notice. I’ve done the pushups on my own a few times but I prefer a cheering section! But, I am going to maintain my pushups until we start up again. Today I did 5 sets (keeping with the 100 pushup challenge style): 20, 20, 21, 22, 25. That’s pretty swell in my book! During the 1 minute rests I combined running my little “field,” doing jumping jacks and standing side crunches for a little mini-obstacle course. And I did have one very loud and needy cheerleader!

Confession numero tres: Little bug and I have not done our Mommy & Baby workouts for about 2 weeks. What kind of a fitness role model am I 😉 Feeling a little better about the whole cookie incident but not completely satisfied, I incorporated Mommy & Baby move (Ball Bridge) into a 5 Minute Ab Workout! Here’s what it looked like on paper/screen.

1. Ball bridge with Baby and added press ups: 20 each
2. Ball crunches: 25
3. Ball planks: hold for 10-15 seconds
4. Ball knee tucks: 10
Repeated a few times until I was needed

I do not encourage self-pics during a baby ball bridge!

I do encourage recycled objects like yogurt containers, empty water bottles and big rocks (as long as they know to keep them out of their mouths) as outdoor toys for distraction during other exercises! P.S. she prefers this over most her other toys! Eat that Fisher Price 🙂 (I still love you though, don’t worry)

Nap time for babes and a shower for momma and I finally felt alright about the unmentionable item consumed in large quantities yesterday.

On the positive side, I’m still taking in lots of decaf teas and freshly squeezed juices!
That one is kiwi and strawberry! Little bug also takes a bit mixed in with her formula. She’s hates formula out of her sippy cup. Who could blame her though, that stuff smells vile…but mixed with a few strawberries and it’s chug, chug, chug for her!

Here’s my week of running (Marathon training Week 3):

Hopefully I can keep my hands out of the cookie jar and cookie mixing bowl for that matter!

I hope all you mommy’s had a great Mother’s Day! I know I did 🙂

Here’s something to make you smile:

I feel I can relate any story to Friends, Sex and the City or Seinfeld!

Coming Tomorrow: The American Runner in Paris (part duex)…it involves food!!!!!


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Sore, tired and ready for Paris

My body has entered a new state of soreness! 2 days of major fitness: 5 mile run (up the mountain I might add), Ab Ripper PX90 workout (bless youtube), 100 pushup challenge, ZUMBA and an insane getting-longer-by-the-minute to-do list and I must say that tomorrow’s vacation could not taste any better. I won’t be surprised if I’m having a beer at the airport at 9am.

Speaking of taste, hubby brought this home for me from Madrid.
No biggie to you but to this peanut butter addict, it’s utter bliss. It’s worth every gram of sugar that I’m trying to cut down on. In southern Spain, these do not exist! Can you believe it!

And now speaking of cutting sugar. I HAVE NOT HAD MY AFTERNOON COFFEE ALL WEEK!!! That means my coffee-loving self as only been ingesting 1 cup a day. This occasion calls for a bit of the Carlton Banks dance!

I can’t help but think of my brother Scott every time I watch this!

My coffee habit has been replaced by a juicing habit! I HAVE been a busy girl!
Plum and Pear! It was so delicious, it felt sinful.

Yet more carrot apple and ginger. It’s hard to beat this one.

So since I couldn’t beat it, I tried beet root and strawberry and yogurt in a smoothie! What a vitamin punch. More energy than a redbull 🙂

Do I feel a difference? You betchya I do. My afternoon slump has vanished. But, I actually do enjoy the taste of coffee so I’m tempted to grab a decaf tin the next time I’m out and try having it without sugar. Now onto giving up that morning coffee! NOT, Yeah whatever, AS IF,  oh no you didn’t…I just love it too much to Just Say No!

So the day is almost upon me. Paris baby! Not quite the same as London baby, huh?

Sadly, we will be jetting off without OUR baby. Many tears have been shed by this new momma, but after crunching the numbers repeatedly, 2 unexpected Madrid trips in 9 days for hubby’s US paperwork and Paris in all in the same did not add up. We could not reschedule the trip without losing out on hundreds of euros so we opted for the decision to leave little bug with Nana and Granddad. I’m trying to see the silver lining as much as possible. This will be hubby and my chance to sleep in, stay out late, and do whatever we please, as we please. She’ll be ok. Mommy may not be totally ok, but I’ll make it.

So, this is me signing off for a few days. You bet I’ll bring some sweet updates though about my hotel workouts, eating yummy new foods and being the American Runner in Paris!

…do you remember my Lent sacrifice? 40 days and 40 nights without beer?! How did I do? Easy, peasy! I never cheated once! The easiest Lent ever. A bit too easy if you ask me. That first drink was delightful!


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Runners Nook: Mijas Mountain. take 3

A few issues came up this week.

This came in my USA care-package which arrived from Momma-Bev on Friday. This is what remained of them on Wednesday! Ahhh!! Did I, me, Kristen eat every one of them? Of course not, don’t be silly. I GAVE all the black ones to Mum-in-Law and hubby was ALLOWED (barely) 5 or was it 4. Needless to say, I’m sad that they are gone and it’s many days until Easter. In case you are wondering, NO, Spain does not carry Brach’s of any kind…or decent jelly beans for that matter.

Issue number 2.
These little cutie-pies took up my Wednesday afternoon and I didn’t make it home in time for my Mijas Mountain run. This is why I am posting today. We met up at a huge indoor/outdoor play-park down the coast with my niece (who is holding little bug) and little bug’s second cousin. It was totally worth missing a run! There were many games of hide-and-go-seek and tag and I firmly believe one should NEVER stop playing them!

Before a big family night out, I just barely got in this week’s Mijas Mountain run…here are the results.

Week 1- 15:58
Week 2- 14:49

Week 3-13:50
I’m trying to make a funny face there! I kicked that mt’s booty, but I’ll probably never run it that fast again. I was trembling rounding the last corner and was exhausted doing our 100 pushup Challenge (Week 2 Day 3) when I got home!

Family night out was at the Argentinian restaurant, Estillo Campo! This has a special place in my heart as this was where hubby and I went on our first date and the night we got engaged. They have THE BEST STEAKS EVER!!!!!!! I’m an farmgirl from South Dakota and sorry, but nothing can touch an Argentinian steak!
This was hubby’s starter: Grilled Provolone cheese with herbs!!! Yu-um! Grilled cheeses are a big thing here and I was so tempted but I was saving myself for this…
That is a giant Steak Fillet with a cheese and leek sauce with steak chips (fries). The Catholic in me went ou the door on this Lent Friday…but to be fair, I didn’t have meat on Thursday and rarely eat meat anyways. This is EXACTLY what the muscles needed!!! It was so dang juicy, tender and delicious that I refrained from talking to anyone but hubby during this period. And the only thing I said was, “Oh, my gosh this is so dang good!” My stomach literally took over my body ’cause the next thing I knew…the steak was GONE . I wanted to take home half! Oops 🙂

Oh well, my body MUST have needed it right!

Alright, time to get on with a fabulous weekend of fun in the sun!

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Runners Nook: What I Learned This Weekend

After 20 minutes I found a public restroom with drinkable water! The running gods were looking out for me on today’s long run!

Benalmadena, Spain. Tourist central. Restaurant, bar, restaurant, bar, tacky tourist shop, restaurant, bar combined with tacky tourist shop for miles and miles. I would know, I saw this first-hand today. But it’s not overly touristy yet, so I stretched out my legs and took advantage because in a few weeks, running in this area is like being in Wal-Mart on a Saturday at noon.

Time and Temp — 8:30am: 68 degrees(p.s. by Spanish time that is equivalent to 6am) . For a runner this is already too hot
Location — Benalmadena, Spain. A new running location for me, which is about a 20 minute drive from where I live.
Distance — 10 miles
Hills — one
Wind — sucked
Feeling after — like a rockstar 🙂

The start was rough as my body had to adapt to the wind, but the change in location was exactly what was in order to make this 10 mile run feel like 5. Stop rolling your eyes, it really did!

Have you ever driven from Minneapolis, MN to Sioux Falls, SD taking only the interstate? WHAT, you haven’t?! I thought that was on everyone’s to-do list! Well this drive is straight and boring with only 1 turn which is from 1 interstate to another. BUT, if you take the shortcut through Mankato and hit the small towns along the way, this drive cruises along, which is what this run did simply because I switched locations. I had no idea what was coming next! Would I have to run on dirt, or sand? Would I be able to find a bathroom (public bathrooms are few and far between here). Would there be any killer hills?

The run was straight as can be but the area was beautiful with every tree, every restaurant, every bench, every beach a little more beautiful than what I’m used to on my “regular” trail Fuengirola. But like all long runs, I have three items that need attention NOW, not later.

To add to my ever-growing to-do list this week.

1. I WILL CONSUME MORE PROTEIN: Running uses legs. Legs have muscles. Muscles need protein. No protein = weak legs = weak run! I will consume more protein!

2. I WILL BUY A KNEE BRACE: Maybe it’s age, (Oh, please don’t let it be age) but my right knee has been yelling at me for a few weeks and the time has come to listen.

3. I WILL BREAK OUT THE RUNNING BELT: Left hand: water bottle. Right hand: cell phone. Pocket: extra toilet paper (always a godsend in any country), 2 euro coin and car key. I think it’s time to dust this off. It’s been…let me think…I don’t know, a very long time, 2 years in fact, since the running belt was used.

This week’s running. Mission Completed (as Little Einsteins would say)!!!

Our Saturday in Malaga was amazing. 90 degrees with a touch of wind. I’m working on showing a few pics in tomorrow’s blog. Here is a teaser for now!

Fresh Malaga wine!

To end the weekend…this is what I think every parent wants to see their child do — she did a sprint-crawl into her bedroom for this. (Don’t mind the scraping that was just done in her room)

🙂 Happy Parent Moment 🙂

Take advantage of these last weekend hours because tomorrow iiiiiisssssss Monday….ahhhhh!


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Runners Nook: Mijas Moutain. take 2

Week 1- 15:58

Week 2- 14:49
Sweeeeeeet! Perhaps it’s because I left the camera at home (where it belongs on a run)!

This is from last week I swear!

I’m saving my blogging energy for Sunday so I’ll make this short and sweet. It’s a big, busy, wacky Waby weekend here on the Costa del Sol! Here’s my itinerary:
Friday: 100 pushup Challenge Week 1. Day 3 (again already….ahhhh), 5 mile run (2 miles with the fam)
Saturday: MEGA FUN FAMILY DAY in Malaga. I’m so excited to be a tourist all day long! Beware family, pictures will be taken whether you like it or not! Mwaaa haa haa haa!!!! Sad, but Malaga is only 30 minutes away and I’ve never properly been to the city…except when I filed for my Spanish residencia.
Sunday: 10 mile morning run AND I’m running in a different area!

Today, I share a little treat with you all. Kristen’s Running Wishlist (so far)!

Moving back to that states has many perks. One of those perks being the incredible sporting stores!!!! So, in no particular order:

1. Keyanos by Asics. Ok, well this is the number 1! I’ve been wearing these for 8 years and refuse to switch.

2.  Forerunner 305 sports watch.  I’m not a techy girl, but I think I could be with this!

3. BOB Ironman running stroller! I need something light and practical zigzagging past you 🙂

4. So cool. See more here.

More to come I promise! Ran out of milk yesterday. This is how I HAD to compromise this morning!

That’s whipped cream out-of-a-can baby! It almost tasted better than my normal coffee! But why wouldn’t it right? All that extra sugar…mmm.

Now all I can think about is Family Guy…Hwip. Cool Hwip.

Have a great weekend! I hope to post something a bit more worthwhile on Sunday 🙂


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