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Bringing out the Fitness Nerd

Today’s workouts were epic. Epic in the fact that I crammed in a whole lotta stuff.

Here are my fav ways to workout these days:

Today, I somehow managed to do them all! As a fitness nerd, this was a great day of working out. Between the 2 coffees from Seattle’s Best and mini workouts all day, it was like pixie sticks and Red Bull were fed to me through IV!

AM workout:
5 minute warm-up from the Insanity series
12 minute BodyRock TV workout here
5 minute Zumba cooldown here

PM workout 1:
Stroller/buddy run with little bug and Molly: 4 miles when all said and done!

Totally bummed this photo op didn’t turn out. We were both actually looking! The little one was awesome on the run and rewarded greatly with some time at the park!

PM workout 2:
Zumba warmup
BodyRock TV workout here (the second video)

If you are rolling your eyes and gagging, this probably means you are not as fitness-nerdy as you think you are 😉

This weekend marks a 4-day Easter weekend extravaganza! Lil’ bug and I are heading to the Sioux Falls and Vermillion area to see one of my besties and her NEW BABY BOY and then to Vermillion to stay with my brother and his family!!! I’m thrilled to get away for a mini-break, but not so thrilled that hubby will be absent from the trip 😦

Tonight, I’m prepping for the 5+ hour car ride.
1. Pack clothes and personal items

2. Prepare snacks, drinks and meals

I save a fortune packing meals and snacks for these types of trips. I would LOVE to go out to all my favorite places but I’m pretty sure my tummy, hubby and bank account wouldn’t be as impressed! Here are some of the things I pack for us.

Wraps, homemade hummus, sweet potato, prepared sweet potato, prepared butternut squash, oatmeal, yogurt, milk for 2 tastebuds, graham crackers, whole wheat saltines, apples, bananas, cereal, organic bunnies, Herbalife shake mix (for momma), cheese cubes, raspberries

3. Pack travel toys/entertainment and bedtime supplies which does include a DVD player that comes out 4 hours into the trip which is at Mitchell. I figure, she’s earned it by then. Other items include magna-doodle, beads, basket with little bits and pieces, books and more books. Musical entertainment is 72 of Raffi’s greatest hits and a new Mickey Mouse CD.

4. Lay out travel clothes (I’m very excited about a new comfy maxi skirt)

5. Relax. Smash. Wine. Hunger Games. Done.

Happy Long Weekend!

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