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Baby Nook: Dance Party

What do you get when you combine my 20-year-old (+) Fisher Price record player…

…my grandpa’s old ’33’s and ’45’s

…and a hyper cutie-pie?

Momma and daughter dance party!

As my little bug is discovering the wonder and awe of my 80’s toys (let’s admit it people, toys from this decade are the BEST), I’m reminded and convinced evermore that classic, simple toys are the way to go!

Watching her stare at the turntable, seeing her play with the records, showing her classic moves like the twist, “singing” tunes from The Monkeys, Cyndi Lauper, The Beatles, The Cars and others that I can’t even think of …these are the moments I have always wanted to create for her.

I dance like a fool, she flaps her arms in delight and toddles from leg to leg and when she falls down, she simply continues on from the sitting position!

There is something about the sound of old ’45’s (and I’m talking at least 50 years old some of them) on a used and abused record player that brings a smile to my face and energy to the room!

Whether it’s the Hot Dog Dance, the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey or some old records — Momma Daughter dance party…it’s good for the body, good for the heart but more importantly, good for the soul!

Happy Thursday 🙂

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Confessions of a Cookie Addict

Confession numero uno: Five cookies worth of dough and four freshly baked cookies yesterday has me making today dubbed Training Tuesday! Damn that Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe, you are EVIL and should be destroyed!!!

Ok, not really. Did I ever mention my weakness for cookies? Forget sweets, candy, chips (crisps), cakes and even most chocolate…the cookie…let me be more specific…the American-style cookies are my true food weakness. One bite, one spoonful of dough and it’s a done deal. I will be dipping in and out of sugar rushes all day long always wanting another cookie fix, I’ll be searching high and low for something equally as good, I’ll promise myself over and over “only one more.” Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone?

I did pretty good to only have 4 fresh ones though, so that’s something right? So when the sun peaked it’s little head through my curtains at 6:30am (that’s like 4am for me), it was shoes on, water in hand, tunes in ears and up the mountain for today’s 3 mile run in preparation for the Run Crazy Horse marathon.
I almost made it all the way up before needing a walk break. I was so tired and I’m amazed and so proud I almost ran up, up, up that crazy mt! Yay me! I was in slow-mo though and all I could think about was on Friends when Chandler and Joey would watch Baywatch! Once in town it was an easy 2 kilometers of flatness before returning downhill.

I wasn’t satisfied though.

Did I mention I ate five cookies worth of dough and four freshly baked cookies? That run would not suffice! It’s Push-ups time!

Confession numero dos: Hubby and I haven’t been doing the pushup challenge for about 9 days now! Slap me in the face, I know! How could I commit to a fitness challenge and NOT carry through with it? Who does such a thing?

HAVE NO FEAR, an excuse is HERE! When hubby went to Madrid for his US paperwork medical exam, he was on the bad end of a needle and came home with 2 shots, one of them being a tetanus shot. A sore-armed hubby, then Paris, and now a sunburned hubby…it’s been put on the back-burner till further notice. I’ve done the pushups on my own a few times but I prefer a cheering section! But, I am going to maintain my pushups until we start up again. Today I did 5 sets (keeping with the 100 pushup challenge style): 20, 20, 21, 22, 25. That’s pretty swell in my book! During the 1 minute rests I combined running my little “field,” doing jumping jacks and standing side crunches for a little mini-obstacle course. And I did have one very loud and needy cheerleader!

Confession numero tres: Little bug and I have not done our Mommy & Baby workouts for about 2 weeks. What kind of a fitness role model am I 😉 Feeling a little better about the whole cookie incident but not completely satisfied, I incorporated Mommy & Baby move (Ball Bridge) into a 5 Minute Ab Workout! Here’s what it looked like on paper/screen.

1. Ball bridge with Baby and added press ups: 20 each
2. Ball crunches: 25
3. Ball planks: hold for 10-15 seconds
4. Ball knee tucks: 10
Repeated a few times until I was needed

I do not encourage self-pics during a baby ball bridge!

I do encourage recycled objects like yogurt containers, empty water bottles and big rocks (as long as they know to keep them out of their mouths) as outdoor toys for distraction during other exercises! P.S. she prefers this over most her other toys! Eat that Fisher Price 🙂 (I still love you though, don’t worry)

Nap time for babes and a shower for momma and I finally felt alright about the unmentionable item consumed in large quantities yesterday.

On the positive side, I’m still taking in lots of decaf teas and freshly squeezed juices!
That one is kiwi and strawberry! Little bug also takes a bit mixed in with her formula. She’s hates formula out of her sippy cup. Who could blame her though, that stuff smells vile…but mixed with a few strawberries and it’s chug, chug, chug for her!

Here’s my week of running (Marathon training Week 3):

Hopefully I can keep my hands out of the cookie jar and cookie mixing bowl for that matter!

I hope all you mommy’s had a great Mother’s Day! I know I did 🙂

Here’s something to make you smile:

I feel I can relate any story to Friends, Sex and the City or Seinfeld!

Coming Tomorrow: The American Runner in Paris (part duex)…it involves food!!!!!


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Zzz bloody rain RUINED my run!

My brain was hurting after Zumba on Wednesday. Different day, different teacher, different dances and now everything hurts. Not to mention that hubby and I were out until 2am being bodyguards at my brother-inlaw’s gig. I haven’t done 2am in a looong time!

Oh, and how could I forget the 100 Pushup Challenge
Week 3, Day 2 went like this: 20, 25, 15, 15, max out set…I did 27! (90 sec. rest in between sets) THAT’S 102 PUSHUPS!
Like the baby distraction 🙂

This was indeed a 3 coffee day.

I haven’t been neglecting my juicing needs though! Yesterday, I dusted off the orange juicer and got to work.
Wednesday was Orange-Carrot-Apple-Ginger!

Not as good as Carrot-Apple-Ginger but a much-needed energy-booster before I headed to Zumba. My Pi Beta Phi house-mom said that if you drink normal drinks out of a pretty glass, it’d help you feel special. I agree!

Little bug totally approved!

The rain unfortunately RUINED and DESTROYED my run up to Mijas tonight. The day wasn’t completely wasted though. We went scarf hunting as I would like a new one for PARIS! Did I mention I’m heading there in 7 days!!! Info on that later. We also saw our good friends Vicki and Amelia Rose today. The girls are only 2 days apart!

I wallowed about my missed run in a large tub of hot water with a cocktail (my hair was screaming at me for a good scrub)!

Energized…I proceeded to read 15 books to little bug before putting her to bed. I promise something halfway interesting this weekend 🙂



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Mommy & Baby Moves: Squat Leg Lift & 100 Pushup Challenge

Are you a morning person? I used to be THE morning person…getting up at 4:30am and out the door at 5am for a morning run during training season. Shower, breakfast and at work by 8! But, the southern Spanish culture changed that rather quickly. Not much opens before 10. Getting up early means waking before 7:30. Breakfast at 10. Lunch at 2. Supper at 9. Crazy huh! With little bug though, I’m trying to relearn my old ways now so that the transition back to U.S. culture won’t take the life out of me. ENTER: MOTIVATION MONDAY

I always jam pack my Monday’s in order to get ahead for the week. From sun up to sun down, the only time my butt hits a chair is to either feed little bug or do computer work! Does anyone else do this? Baby food making, laundry, US Green Card paperwork, Spring cleaning, working out, research on various workouts, emails, prep supper, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…and I’ve hardly cracked my week’s list. Grrr. But that’s why we have 5 working days and not 1 I guess!

I started doing this Mommy & Baby Move randomly in front of the microwave one day while I was waiting for my coffee milk to heat up. This can be done as soon as baby can support his/her head well.

How easy is that: Just squat and as you come up, lift one leg out. And look how happy she is to be working out with momma! Lift your leg as high as you comfortably can.

Repeat on other side. You could either do your reps all on one side and switch or alternate with each repetition. This is a nice one for the back side 🙂

Check out the socks! She’s got her own logo.

On to other biz and I’m very excited about this, I found this 100 Push-Up Challenge through Blonde Ponytail. Definitely check it out if you have a chance. The claim: if I follow the 6 week program, I will be on my way to completing 100 pushups (military style) consecutively.

This is right up my street! Hubby decided to take the challenge as well and after our initial test we were both placed into category 3. We simply follow the prescribed pushups on Mon, Wed and Fri for our group and bam, in 6 short weeks…super-sexy-arms. And since hubby and I are competing against each other (we never miss an opportunity to get competitive), the prize will be a 30 minute massage! Bring it on. Bring. It. On.

Here was our Week 1. Day 1 Plan (60 second rest in-between sets)
10, 12, 7, 7, 9 (45 total)

Easy! Right?
I felt like my arms were ripped off and moving independently from my body. Oooowwww and some other words I don’t think would be appropriate to type.

And then I proceeded to injure myself while getting up. (You may have to squint to see that little scrape) Oh, my poor knee is flawed for life now.

Motivation Monday rocked and after the last two Terrible Tuesday’s, I will be upping the coffee intake to 3 tomorrow to avoid a 3-peat performance. Even though the Grandparents are out-of-town we will still do date night but little bug will just have to join us! Here’s what the rest of my week looks like in terms of running.

Here she is coaching and monitoring my pushups! Happy Motivation Monday y’all!

IN THE MAKING: 5 Minute Workout: Can’t resist the resistance band


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Mommy & Baby Moves: The Basics (part 2)

Ahh Motivation Monday is upon us again! 3 loads of laundry, 2 cups of coffee, and 1 clean, organized closet all by 1pm…not bad huh!

As promised, some more Mommy & Baby Moves! These 2 exercises are just your basic moves and are very easy to perform with a baby who doesn’t move much…aka…the newborn phase up until they can’t sit still. I was lucky that little bug stayed still this long. (See The Basics Part 1)

Wait a minute, that’s not very good form…

Ahh, now that’s more like it…omit the head turn!

After you have a baby, don’t get too excited about doing a plank, it’s going to take a while to build back up to them.

Yet another excuse to smother my little bug with kisses. The poor thing…it’s good I don’t wear lipstick or she’d be permanently stained! I barely got this pic in before the camera battery went dead, so that’s why this Mommy & Baby Moves is a bit short today. Sorry, I’ll do more next week or later this week perhaps. If you are into yoga, I also like doing a downward facing dog and then go into a plank and then into a pushup!

Here are my workout goals for this week:

It doesn’t look like much but I’d rather do the smart thing and ease back into my running frequency, otherwise I’m terrified I’ll get a knee injury! Eeeekkk. I only had a few shooting pains yesterday so it seems to be getting better. I also plan to be doing my bikini butt & legs 5 minute workout a few times along with creating a 5 minute cardio blast (which I hope to post this week ). I feel so inspired by the weather that all I want to do is be outside all day!

Happy Monday and have a great week!
Do you set workout goals for yourself each week?
What’s your favorite kind of fitness class to take?

IN THE CUE: Nutrition Nook: Avocado Spread


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Obstacle Course DIY

Get your cardio and resistance training in one go by making your own little obstacle course. Most people call them circuits…but don’t you think obstacle course sounds a lot more fun! I feel like a kid again saying Obstacle Course! Since becoming “Mom,” (or MAM when my hubby imitates my American accent) this is one of my new favorite ways to get in a bunch of exercises and muscle groups at once. You can do this on your own or pop the little one in a bouncer/walker/mat full of toys while she/he watches.

Here’s Obstacle Course DIY

The first ingredient is a space. Indoor or outdoor as long as you have enough room to move and create little stations. This is my usual space.
The length here is enough to complete 12 walking lunges. I call this my “field.” For an indoor space, a hallway would work pretty well here.

This square space is like a blank canvas for a fitness nerd like myself! I can jump rope here and use this area to house an exercise ball!

No this is no ordinary bench…see how is screams for me to do step-ups, dips and pushups on it!

And this railing…ahh…a perfect little haven to wrap a resistance band around for upper body work or yet another place to do pushups!

Which brings me to the next ingredients: equipment. I use a jump rope, exercise ball and resistance band. An exercise mat is good to have as well.

Don’t the pictures add to the excitement of making your own obstacle course! You could also add free weights, bosu, thigh master, vibrating ab belt…ok, maybe not the last two 🙂

You really don’t need to have anything though since you can get a good 10 exercises out of the bench area. Seriously, 10 exercises…off the top of my head: dips, pushups, pushups with feet elevated, steps ups, box jumps, calf raises, lunges with back leg elevated, planks with feet elevated, side planks, planks with leg raises…and that’s just getting started, you get the point.

Now, simply mix cardio elements with resistance elements in any order. I like to have enough exercises to keep me busy for 5 minutes and then hopefully I have enough time to get 3 sets in! Here’s what I did last week.

1. Sprint the field and do 5 jump tucks at the end
2. Sprint back and complete 10 jumping jacks
3. Move over to the railing (which has the resistance band wrapped around) and do 20 back rows
4. Jump rope for 50 jumps
5. 40 stepups
6. Shuffle drill back and forth in box area for 12 lengths
7. 15-20 Dips
8. Walking lunges the length and back of the field
9. Ball knee tucks: 10 reps
10. Sprint the field up and back
11. Sprint the field backwards up and back
12. 30 side kicks: 15 per side
13. Lather, rinse, repeat if possible

And booo-yaaa (does anyone say that anymore, it felt like the appropriate moment for a boo-yaaa) a simple workout that you can  create on the fly and can change-up easily every time!

And sometimes she likes to join in!


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Mommy & Baby Moves: The Basics

This week’s featured Mommy & Baby Moves can be done as soon as you feel comfortable handling your baby while working out!

Experiment with different ways to hold your baby. If you have a young baby make sure the head is supported well.

My little bug is about 18 pounds now, so pushing her up is getting harder each week. I must have some wimpy arms. The overhead movement seems natural to do with a baby and the extra smiles never get old!

Uuuuggggg…that is getting harder and harder! When did my arms get so weak? Below is a variation of how you can start the exercise.

I usually pair this with the ball bridge we do together. This way we can “workout” for a good 5 minutes! I don’t know who gets more excited?!

Little bug’s been such a trooper! Her first two teeth have just cut through and she also has a terrible cough and cold. Yesterday, my hoodie sleeve served her tissue. (Yuck, I know.) But luckily she’s sleeping through the night like a pro and still getting her naps in! Happy Baby = Happy Momma!!

WAITING PATIENTLY: Nutrition Nook: Soups Made Easy (a pregnancy and winter staple)

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Nutrition Nook: Cheese Squares (6 months +)

I didn’t move to Spain for the rainy weather, but that is what today has delivered! Crappy, ugly gray skies followed by ruin-any-opportunity-to-do-anything-outside-RAIN! But as a former-farmgirl…what do we do on these days….anyone???…bake some goodies!!!!!

I decided it was time to home-make my little bug a healthy treat and I decided on Cheesy Squares compliments of Healthy First Foods for Your Baby by Caitilin Finch. She says that babies can start on these at 6 months. But I must tell you that they are great for all ages! I remember “borrowing” a few of these off my niece a few years back!

I don’t know about you but I’m totally okay with buying this type of thing from the grocery store but these are so Easy, Cheap and Healthy with, NO sugar, NO salt, and NO added flavoring crap that I just feel better making them myself!! (If you have toddlers, these would be great to make together)

Let’s get bakin’!!

1 c. flour (I used plain, but I’d try whole wheat next time)
3.5 tbsp of butter
6 tbsp cold water
2 tbsp cheese (mild cheddar if you have a baby)

1. Pre-heat over to 355 F or 180 C.

Put flour and butter into a mixing bowl and rub together until they form a breadcrumb texture

Add the water and stir with fork


Roll out dough on a floured surface and sprinkle on the grated cheese. Roll the cheese into the pastry.

Fold the pastry in half and roll out again. Fold in half a SECOND time and roll pastry out into a square shape

Cut with knife, pastry cutter or pizza cutter as I used into 1 inch squares, or you can do 1/2 inch strips and twist

Place on tray and bake for 15 minutes until they have a golden color.

Cool and enjoy!

I did this recipe from start to finish in less than 30 minutes…

…all while little bug ran around in her walker!


We had to resort to an indoor workout today. Luckily my in-laws have a nice little home gym next door with a X-trainer/Elliptical machine. I’m not the biggest fan of X-trainers but if I increase my resistance often enough, I luckily can get in 20 minutes before little bug loses interest in her ball workout. Here’s what I did:

This X-trainer goes up to a level 12 and since I only have about 20 minutes of baby bliss, I go hard the whole time. It’s been a while since I’ve done this so I was a bit jello-y when finished!

Level 10 baby! Go hard or go home…well, home is next door for me

My little bug’s  “ball workout”

We followed this with some Mommy & Baby exercises until lunch time! It was nice little workout to start the weekend! Happy, Happy Weekend everybody!

COMING UP: NEW 5 minute workout!

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Mommy & Baby Moves: Pilates Rollup

Once your baby starts taking steps forward with your assistance, this is a great move to do! If your baby cannot do this, you can “bounce” him/her to imitate the walking movements. This is modified from a Winsor Pilates DVD I did in the past. It’s a bit technical in form, so I’m showing quite a few photos today to illustrate.

My little bug and I are constantly on the ground playing and this another fun one that makes her giggle with glee! A great motivator indeed! AND because of her weight it’s an added bonus because it’s making my ab muscles and arms stronger!

Sit with your legs straight, abs tight, back straight and your arms in front of you holding on to your baby’s hands.


As you walk baby towards you, slowly roll all the way down, feeling each vertebra press into the ground. When you are almost lying flat, place hands under baby’s arms and start pushing baby up. (Try not to let your feet pop up, but worry about baby’s safety first)


Once you are flat, raise your baby above your chest. This is a good time to wiggle baby around and bring her/him to your face for some extra smooches. Make sure you have control of baby the entire time.


Now, with baby still in the air,  squeeze your abs and slowly roll your torso up and forward and place the baby back into the starting position! (If your arms are not strong enough, place baby on your chest and stomach while your roll forward)

I’ll never put recommended reps as that is not the purpose of Mommy & Baby Moves, simply do and enjoy the extra time together.


Working out with my little bug comes naturally to me; perhaps it’s because my mother worked out with me when I was a baby too! I figure it’s never too early to set a good example.

What a little poser!


COMING NEXT: Nutrition Nook: Coffee-ology

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Mommy & Baby Moves: Ball bridge

I started doing exercises with my daughter when she could support her head, for every baby this is different.  This was the first exercise I ever did with her and she still giggles with delight every time we do it. The giggles are my motivation so I pretty much do this until my butt is numb!

This works your stabilizing muscles, bum and hamstrings.

Every time you come back into the starting position, remember to squeeze your bum and hold for a few seconds.

For me, working out with baby means that all of my attention is centered on her. My form may not be perfect in order to guarantee little bug’s safety.

**Please don’t try this until your baby can support his/her own head.

Here is a variation of this Mommy Baby Move

This is a good time to get in extra kisses! Hopefully babies get the same endorphins that we do when working out!

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