Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 37

May 1-7, 2013

Baby’s coming soon and I feel ready. Bags are packed, car is clean, house coming together well and front yard is almost done with the very good start to the back.

Week 37 Lows: getting little bug’s cold ūüė¶
Night time potty breaks have gone from once a night to about 5 times
Real contractions but short length (yes I do call this a low as I didn’t get any pre-term contractions with the 1st)

Week 37 Highlights: taking little bug to her first circus! I forgot how amazing American circuses are!
Still being able to run!
Finally getting to go out for our anniversary which was over 2 months ago!
Every single extra day with little bug before she becomes a big sis

DSCN4225Size-wise: I still don’t wear “maternity” clothing except for what’s been handed down in larger sizes or given to me. I have come to love my layers tanks from the GAP which transform most outfits from unusable to tolerable. With all the amazing dresses I was given in Spain, as well as the¬†versatile¬†stretchy skinny jeans there’s been no need to buy extra. I don’t even remember the last new item of clothing I bought. If I need anything it’s actually a new pair of running shoes as mine are shot!


Week 37 Workouts:¬†Yay for still working out. I gave up doing burpees as I could visualize baby getting pissed off with me when I performed them. I wish I’d have more time to do weight training but between carrying a toddler and all the yard work, my arms are anything but lazy!
Wed: 48 min Insanity workout
Thu: Run/walk 3.5 miles
Fri: ?
Mon: 30 min power walk
Tue: 4.2 mile run

37 Week Belly Pic

37WeeksWeek 37 Stats
Gain: 25 pounds (doctor’s scale)
Stretch marks: none
Most consumed food: chips and salad (usually together so it feels like I’m eating nachoes)
Most Interesting Craving: Horseradish sauce on anything
Best meal: Steak
What I want most days: any other liquid besides water

As I finish up this post and starting Week 39 in a couple of days, I wonder if I’ll get another blog in? ūüôā ¬†We shall see!


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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 35 & 36

Week 35: April 17-23
Week 36: April 24-30

Ravenous appetite, amplified heartburn, late nights, landscaping progress…I’m STILL enjoying pregnancy and loving¬†home ownership¬† Around this time is when I feel most are just “done” being pregnant; not this gal. This baby needs to keep on cookin and getting cute and fat. I still have plenty of room and don’t really feel stretched yet. I¬†think I’m one of those people who’s built for pregnancy, it’s sad to think that this¬†will be our last.

All spare time — whatever that means — is spent decorating the new house and now working on the front and back yards. Hubby is now an expert and getting stumps out!


Little bug LOVES being outside helping…aka getting super dirty!


Excited about…
-finishing the kitchen! Glass panels and final shelving came Friday; all that’s left is a new over-range micro wave!
-finishing the baby room: ¬†rug and a very other decor items are all that’s needed

Baby Nook:
-Baby’s decides to stick it’s heel out anytime I’m on the phone at work…which is a lot of my day. Silly billy.
-Hospital bags are packed
-Birth plan has been revised
-Head is down and heartrates remain in the high 120s and 130s
-I am so excited for labor because of my doctor; she’s excellent and we are completely on the same page in regards to labor progress and procedures

I’m feeling…
– so fortunate that I’m sleeping so well. I’ve had 2 awful nights of sleep this entire pregnancy! I usually need only one bathroom break (compared to 4-5 with little bug)
– not ready. I’m not ready mentally or emotionally. I am snuggling with, carrying and holding my little girl as much as possible. We are pals and I’m scarred of MY reaction to the new baby. Little bug’s so excited and SHE is ready for a new little buddy to play with. (She goes on and on about how she’s going to teach it to jump on the bed and play snap!)
-amazing. I love being pregnant, that’s all there is to say (except the heartburn)

Workouts Week 35:
Wed: 35 min run/walk and stretch
Thu: 10 min Insanity warm-up and 10 min prenatal yoga
Fri: 30 min run/walk and stretch
Mon: 35 min run/walk and stretch
Tue: 20 min Insanity Cardio power workout

Workouts Week 36:
Wed: 30 min Insanity Cardio power workout, 2.5 mile lunch run/walk and stretch
Thu: 5 min warm-up, 5 min stretch, 4 mile run/walk, 10 min misc standing pilates exercises
Fri: 4.2 mile run to work (Run to Work Day)
Sat: 6+ hours heavy yard work
Sun: 2+ hours light yard work
Mon: 45 min walk and stretch

Week 35 Belly Pic:

Week 36 Belly Pic: it’s all about the angles

Time’s a tick-in as I start week 38 tomorrow; I think to myself it could be any day now but I’ll take each day as it comes. The preparation is completely different from baby 1. I’m already a Mom so I’m not anxious, nervous or full of anticipation; I’m not¬†rushing¬†to get the baby out or doing all the so-called tricks to make the baby come out. The baby is probably a Type A like myself and has it’s own agenda…I’m just excited to find out if it’s a little boy or girl!

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Runners Nook: Supporting Run to Work Day 2013

What did you do this morning?


I supported Run to Work Day 2013! Thanks to this blog¬†and the nice weather…AND my insane¬†stubbornness¬†to stop running, I knew I MUST take part!

With only 1 potty break and a 2 minute walk break during a large hill, I’m proud to say I chugged along the entire 4.2 miles for a time of 48 minutes with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down.

Now I get to be lazy all day ūüėČ

Have a fantastic weekend! I will be outside soaking in the sun and working on¬†our yard. I’ve never been so excited to get dirty and gross!

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Bits + Pieces


This weekend was filled with lots of shopping for the house on Saturday and then staying home to work on projects on Sunday. BUT somewhere in¬†middle I squeezed in something I’ve been wanting to do with little bug for ages…take her to a fancy restaurant for dessert! With Care Bear playing cards in hand we set on a very special mommy daughter outing to the Wine Cellar. I can’t believe in about a month this will all change.








I love the “place” our little family is in right now — we have a great routine that seems to work, little bug is so happy and truly a good little girl, hubby and I somehow keep the flame sparked even with our lack of seeing each other and every day is really an adventure (or comedy)…mostly due to the a certain toddler.¬†But as I look at my belly, I’m baffled that this pregnancy is almost over and we’ll be starting again. Sharing love is hard enough between the two, how does one share even more!

I’m so excited for every day right now. The house is getting more and more finished, I’m getting bigger and bigger and the baby is getting closer and closer to being here!!DSCN4164[1]


And if there is a dull moment, lame stuff like this happens ūüôā Hubby is sure making up for never having to shovel before!DSCN4168[1]

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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 34

April 10-16, 2013

So close, yet so far away.

Thoughts and stuff…
After sleeping-in 3 days, checking my alarm clock was a smart choice. It was turned off; this resulted in minimal workouts and being very stiff and a bit cranky on a few days. Not good especially with carrying the extra weight.

I feel like my growing belly could really start to hamper on projects around the house and with a yard that needs a huge makeover, I’m not thrilled with the snow. If it was just a few degrees warmer it’d be rain ūüė¶

I have a feeling this baby will come early. Please stay in there baby until at least 39 1/2 weeks!!!

Week 34 Highlights:
-Getting the baby’s room ready. Ironing the tiny clothes is so fun! Little bug is talking about the baby more each day. We try to have a little discussion each night at story time.

-Starting my freezer meals! I prepped one last week “World’s Best Chicken” and this week plan on prepping an additional as well as making a turkey and dividing the meat up for the endless possibilities that come with turkey leftovers!!

-Using my new kitchen more! In one night we made homemade bread, juiced, prepared a full supper, made homemade applesauce¬†and baked oatmeal muffins! Even though¬†the kitchen¬†not quite finished, I’m feeling back to my normal cooking self! My little helper loves all the changes too!


-Girls¬†night out! I had the BEST meal I’ve had since our last weekend in Spain, (Zoi Zois, July 2011). Good food and good conversation does wonders for the soul!


Week 34 Low:
We JUST realized that with my nephew’s graduation on the weekend of May 17-19th (6 1/2 hours away), my parents may not be in town for the birth (due date is the 22nd). Back-up overnight care for¬†our girl¬†has been taken care of, but to potentially not have my mom around really bums me out. I just have this¬†feeling that baby is coming on the 17th or 18th. I’m not going to stress out about it, but I’m still allowed to be bummed.

Week 34 Workouts:
Wed: None
Thu: Lazy Bum
Fri: Likes to Sleep
Sat: Getting lazier
Sun: 30 min Jillian Michael’s workout (Cardio 2 Phase 2)
Mon: AM=5 min warm-up, 10 min prenatal yoga; 30 min lunch walk
Tue: 30 min treadmill lunch walk, 15 min stretch

Nutrition Nook:
I’m a bit obsessed with getting my veggies in, preferably spinach. I can go through the big tubs on my own in about 8-9 days. The lazy method is to just throw some in Tupperware with other random leftovers and have it as a big salad for lunch. Other, more planned out uses are either in a Green Monster smoothie or to whip up some creamed spinach (yum) with cream cheese and cheese.

Cravings for this week would be in the Nacho category. If there is a way for me to have nachos, I will find that way.

I’m upping my protein intake because my body is telling me I need the extra calories and since the veggie and fruit category are topped off pretty well, protein¬†is my best bet for what my body really needs right now. I’m getting about 1 full serving or 1 1/2 servings a day now.¬† I love the fulfilling effect animal protein has but I just don’t care for it unless it’s in the form of taco meat or a burger. Laziness, simple and pure laziness.

Belly Pics: none to report of, sorry. With sleeping in, pics took a backseat! This is a little peak from last night…this shirt does wonders!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be spending mine enjoying my little bug and hopefully accomplishing many, many indoor decorating and organizing projects!

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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 33

April 3-9, 2013

As I see the endless white fluffy snow on the ground and everywhere, I can’t believe that I was running outside last week during Week 33! 33Weeks_runMy bump and appetite may be growing rapidly but my ambition and motivation¬†has also¬†exceeded my expectations for this 3rd trimester. Energy levels continue to INCREASE, I feel this is due to the excitement of home improvements and progress as well as the lovely weather that was brought during this time.

We are pretty much gutting our back yard with the help of my parents. The good old fashion hard work and dirty sweat have been literally a breath of fresh air!

Week 33 Highlights:
All day Saturday (race and spending quality time with my little girl)
Snow day on Tuesday. I’m so glad we finally got some moisture, not only for our lawn but more importantly for the farmers.

Week 33 Lows: NONE, it was a great week!

Week 33 Symptoms: heartburn, increase in braxton hicks

Week 33 Cravings: cookies (now that Lent is over) and either lemony desserts or desserts in general. A good trick though is that your body is actually craving protein when you think you want sweets; therefore, I’ve been having a few spoonfuls of greek yogurt when I think I’m craving cookies

Nutrition Nook: With a 100% functional kitchen, I’ve been working on getting used to cooking again! Let me tell you, we definitely got into a groove of eating the same few meals that involved little preparation¬†and then one day I thought, what am I thinking, our kitchen is pretty much complete and ready to use¬†(pics to come as soon as we get the last few bits)! I’ve been reading up on all the “cook ahead” pins and freezer meals that I want to start getting prepared but we have one little problem…or should I say 2 little problems.

Yup, that’s 2 turkeys! They were free and they have been hanging out with us for 5 months now. I think it’s time I cook my first turkey, what do you think?

Here’s a rundown of my typical nutrition this week:
Breakfast: greek yogurt with berries or overnight oats
Snack: apples, cuties or bananas
Lunch: “Nacho” salad¬†made with spinach, spicy cheese, crushed up chips and salsa
Snack: PB, milk, more fruit and something crunchy like cereal
Supper: kid friendly foods lately like eggs, chicken crockpot meals, carrots, sweet potatoes

Week 33 Workouts:
I was more than excited about my increased running and getting used to working out at the new house. Because I’m lighter and “empty” in the morning, I prefer to exercise in the morning. After little bug heads to bed my tummy feels like it’s going to explode and the thought of fast movements or burpees is not appealing to me or my lovely heartburn. But here is what I did accomplish this week in the workout world.

Wed: 30 min morning workout
Thu: 20 min run with 5 min warm-up and cool-down; outside work in the yard for 40 minutes
Fri: AM: 20 min workout (insanity warm-up, weights and stretching); 30 min run “runch”
Sat: 4 mile race + 2 additional miles walking
Tue: 10 min insanity warm-up, Burpee Challenge (I started at 5 instead of 10), Trouble Area Workout (1 time through but I jogged in place for 20 seconds between each exercise), prenatal yoga stretch= total time about 40 minutes

721c1110fe76ca3328d9136d888921f6 985ae67a51fb51985e92652ef2aa6f8c

Work Belly Bumps: 29 and 33 weeks (both 2nd pregnancies). Having 2 pregnant co-workers has been so enjoyable. From moods, cravings and symptoms…it’s wonderful having someone to talk with daily who literally knows exactly how you are feeling and thinking!

33Weeks_workWeek 33 Belly Pics


Additional thoughts:
Boy or Girl? No clue, time will tell. I’m leaning towards girl (today); I just don’t know. The kicks are movments are similiar to little bug’s but stronger.

I know that once this baby is born my whole world will center around a fun summer of maternity leave with the kids¬†(the Black Hills in the summer is pure awesomeness), but I really do hope I can document my journey back to “getting the pre-baby body back.” As a fitness nerd I do find it fascinating and inspiring to see “real” people get back into pre-pregnancy shape and I hope to be one of those people. I would have liked to document this pregnancy better but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. We bought a house, which was not expected, and I’d much rather make sure I have a home to bring this baby to come May. We shall see though. I would love to do the Crazy Horse 1/2 Marathon in October but I don’t know how nursing and long distance training would work into the schedule.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging along with the endless to-do lists and savoring every moment as a mommy of 1! Check out the senior picture pose here!


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Pregnancy Nook: Baby Week

Welcome to Baby Week! The paint brushes are out, clothes and blankets are sorted into respective piles and lists have been made.
DSCN4072 Let’s get this all knocked out.

With the ever-so-lovely spring weather…Baby Week was moved forward. Case in point.


Here’s our canvas for the nursery:





Paint (yay for my mom being here)
Make inital art pieces (we have 3 names picked out so I will just make “initial” art hangings for the wall)
Hang curtains and order blackout blinds
Wash old and new clothing and blankets
Scrub-up the Gracco stroller, car seat and bases
Scrub down all little bug’s baby gear we’re reusing
Organize closet
Organize chest of drawers
Organize diaper area
Wipe down baby toys
Stock feeding station
Make list of freezer meals to make
Assemble any new baby gear

Luckily, today is a snow day for work AND I have the best helper!

Tick, tock, tick, tock!

Happy Snow Day!


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Runners Nook: Great Race, Great Day

Someone was very excited about Mommy/Daughter Day!

It was a busy and exciting day for this duo. I finally ran my first race of the year, the April Fools 4-Miler!

The little one was still a bit too little to participate in the kids 1K but she tagged along for a few minutes until her gas ran out. She wanted to run so bad, my heart melted.



DSCN4039The 4 mile race went much better than expected. I aimed for 55 minutes which were to include potty and walk breaks but ended up finishing at about 41:30 with only 1 bathroom break and walking for 1 minute! No complaints here ūüôā Baby was very¬†cooperative too. My back ached afterwards but I took full advantage of the free chiropractic massage post-race.

DSCN4041The reminder of the day focused on taking little bug to the YFS Kids Fair…exhausting but well worth it! Between all the walking and running before the morning race and the bouncy castles and activities at the fair, this was one warn out little girl.




DSCN4051After much needed naps by both parties we continued enjoying the weather with a trip to the park and working in the backyard cleaning her little house.

DSCN4058What a great day!






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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 32

March 27-April 2, 2013

A 99% finished kitchen; living, sleeping, eating in our home finally; reduced stress; seeing my brother and his family; flying kites;¬†holding baby twins; sharing sleeping space with a 2 year-old bed-hog; Easter…32 week mark of this pregnancy was a goodie.


The Easter holiday took little bug and I east river to Sioux Falls and Vermillion to see friends and family. This was our last trip and just her and I. From here on out any trip east river will involve baby, toddler and definitely one more adult. Traveling with my girl was SO easy! We only needed to pack 1 small bag for clothes, cooler for food, and small bag for entertainment items (books, DVD players, movies, colors, Ipad, Elmo, Minnie). She was a potty pro! We only stopped twice on the way there and 3 times on the way back (6-7 hour trip to Vermillion).


How I’m Feeling:
My heartburn is getting worse but I’m also bending more due to activities due to moving and sorting our home out. I’m sleeping amazingly with only 1 potty break around 4:30am. No swelling, no aches and pain and no stretch marks. Braxton hicks contractions are hit and miss but are starting to get stronger.

Latest Doctors Apt:
Doctors appointments are every 2 weeks…I can’t believe that point in here! Although I’m still measuring small, it’s minimal and nothing to worry about. No weight gain supposedly but it’s probably because I’m not wearing tall boots any longer. I really brought out the questions in regards to C-section procedures here just incase it does come to that again.¬† I was so pleased the this area is so much more mommy-baby friendly than my first experience! If I do have to get a dreaded c-section I will get skin-to-skin right away, recovery will be spent with baby and hubby, hubby can be with baby the entire time and¬†most importantly my hubby will be with me through the whole surgery…these were all things that we not allowed in Spain during little bug’s birth! (crazy huh)

Nutrition, and working out:
I now have my own little “mommy cave”…aka laundry area, storage room and workout space! It’s a long way¬† from finished but it is functional. Workouts during week 32 were short 20-40 minutes morning sessions with an insanity warm-up, a pintrest workout and then a big stretch at the end. With all the excitement of being in our house, I haven’t really devoted additional workout time.

Nutrition¬†was pretty basic. Our kitchen sink and counter tops just went in last Friday so the goal¬†was simple, quick and no-fuss meals. Even our breakfast oatmeal and coffee¬†was a 15 minute ordeal to prepare. For suppers¬†I even went with some microwave meals on 2 nights¬†just so I wouldn’t have to do dishes. Lunches and snacks were raw carrots, anchovies/sardines, salads, and raw fruits.

Concerned about…
Although my stress levels have decreased (probably due to the kitchen being almost done), with less than 50 days until the due date and a completely undecorated, unfurnished home, not to mention the jungle of a backyard it’s easy to worry more than necessary. Little by little. Little by little it is getting done and it will get done. I just need to remember to enjoy this time with little bug and hubby.


32 Week Belly Pics: my house is a mess and I haven’t found a good spot to take then yet, so this will have to do.DSCN3969[1]

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Kitchen Progress II

Am I cooking up a store in my new kitchen? Uhhh no, but I see the light as¬†we’re almost done! A week ago, we were here…

DSCN3776 DSCN3775 DSCN3773 DSCN3772

After painting, installation and flooring we are here!


Surprised? Since living overseas, I’ve wanted a white kitchen and now I’m going to have it! Bright, airy and happy!

This area will be devoted to dishes, glasses, silverware, 1 “junk” drawer and quick tupperware storeage.




My cooking station! Pots, pans, mixing stuff, cooks books, coffee area are right here!




This wall is going to be my pride and joy of the kitchen. Let’s look at what it was when we initially started…


Nothing was in¬†proportion¬†and this entire wall was wasted space. It now looks like this…


My food and appliance pantry area as well as a shelf display area for special items! I’m going to have about quadruple the amount of space than I’ve ever had. In fact, I will have empty cupboards!

Here is a comparison of the floor as well! It’s gray but there are bits of tan and light blue (same as the blue on the walls) marbled in.


Counter tops are in the process of being cut and once they are fitted, the rest will be completed (lighting, hardware, appliance placement).

We started sleeping here on Saturday with little bug moving to her new twin bed on Monday! She loves it, especially jumping on it. I will say that seeing her in such a high bed was frightening for the first few hours, but hubby came to the rescue with a bed rail. We are (very) far from complete, but it’s starting to feel like more every day!




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