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The Peanut has arrived!

May 17, 2013 starting at 9am, I went into the early stages of labor…May 18, 2013 at 5:13pm it was all over. Our little peanut arrived!

DSCN4279Baby BOY Chase Simon Waby is the newest member of our family: 7lbs, 11oz at 20.5 inches



Labor was excruciating, long, challenging and the most rewarding thing I’ve done. We got our VBAC!



I’m mending very well (I was cleared for running while still in the hospital) and the big sis is a proud one at that!

DSCN4336Our family is now complete, I so happy to give my husband a “little buddy!”

DSCN4340The answer to my question from weeks prior, “How will I share my love with another child.” Well, I figured out right away, I don’t have to share my love, I grew more of it!







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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 32

March 27-April 2, 2013

A 99% finished kitchen; living, sleeping, eating in our home finally; reduced stress; seeing my brother and his family; flying kites; holding baby twins; sharing sleeping space with a 2 year-old bed-hog; Easter…32 week mark of this pregnancy was a goodie.


The Easter holiday took little bug and I east river to Sioux Falls and Vermillion to see friends and family. This was our last trip and just her and I. From here on out any trip east river will involve baby, toddler and definitely one more adult. Traveling with my girl was SO easy! We only needed to pack 1 small bag for clothes, cooler for food, and small bag for entertainment items (books, DVD players, movies, colors, Ipad, Elmo, Minnie). She was a potty pro! We only stopped twice on the way there and 3 times on the way back (6-7 hour trip to Vermillion).


How I’m Feeling:
My heartburn is getting worse but I’m also bending more due to activities due to moving and sorting our home out. I’m sleeping amazingly with only 1 potty break around 4:30am. No swelling, no aches and pain and no stretch marks. Braxton hicks contractions are hit and miss but are starting to get stronger.

Latest Doctors Apt:
Doctors appointments are every 2 weeks…I can’t believe that point in here! Although I’m still measuring small, it’s minimal and nothing to worry about. No weight gain supposedly but it’s probably because I’m not wearing tall boots any longer. I really brought out the questions in regards to C-section procedures here just incase it does come to that again.  I was so pleased the this area is so much more mommy-baby friendly than my first experience! If I do have to get a dreaded c-section I will get skin-to-skin right away, recovery will be spent with baby and hubby, hubby can be with baby the entire time and most importantly my hubby will be with me through the whole surgery…these were all things that we not allowed in Spain during little bug’s birth! (crazy huh)

Nutrition, and working out:
I now have my own little “mommy cave”…aka laundry area, storage room and workout space! It’s a long way  from finished but it is functional. Workouts during week 32 were short 20-40 minutes morning sessions with an insanity warm-up, a pintrest workout and then a big stretch at the end. With all the excitement of being in our house, I haven’t really devoted additional workout time.

Nutrition was pretty basic. Our kitchen sink and counter tops just went in last Friday so the goal was simple, quick and no-fuss meals. Even our breakfast oatmeal and coffee was a 15 minute ordeal to prepare. For suppers I even went with some microwave meals on 2 nights just so I wouldn’t have to do dishes. Lunches and snacks were raw carrots, anchovies/sardines, salads, and raw fruits.

Concerned about…
Although my stress levels have decreased (probably due to the kitchen being almost done), with less than 50 days until the due date and a completely undecorated, unfurnished home, not to mention the jungle of a backyard it’s easy to worry more than necessary. Little by little. Little by little it is getting done and it will get done. I just need to remember to enjoy this time with little bug and hubby.


32 Week Belly Pics: my house is a mess and I haven’t found a good spot to take then yet, so this will have to do.DSCN3969[1]

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Kitchen Progress II

Am I cooking up a store in my new kitchen? Uhhh no, but I see the light as we’re almost done! A week ago, we were here…

DSCN3776 DSCN3775 DSCN3773 DSCN3772

After painting, installation and flooring we are here!


Surprised? Since living overseas, I’ve wanted a white kitchen and now I’m going to have it! Bright, airy and happy!

This area will be devoted to dishes, glasses, silverware, 1 “junk” drawer and quick tupperware storeage.




My cooking station! Pots, pans, mixing stuff, cooks books, coffee area are right here!




This wall is going to be my pride and joy of the kitchen. Let’s look at what it was when we initially started…


Nothing was in proportion and this entire wall was wasted space. It now looks like this…


My food and appliance pantry area as well as a shelf display area for special items! I’m going to have about quadruple the amount of space than I’ve ever had. In fact, I will have empty cupboards!

Here is a comparison of the floor as well! It’s gray but there are bits of tan and light blue (same as the blue on the walls) marbled in.


Counter tops are in the process of being cut and once they are fitted, the rest will be completed (lighting, hardware, appliance placement).

We started sleeping here on Saturday with little bug moving to her new twin bed on Monday! She loves it, especially jumping on it. I will say that seeing her in such a high bed was frightening for the first few hours, but hubby came to the rescue with a bed rail. We are (very) far from complete, but it’s starting to feel like more every day!




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They’re leaving on a jet plane….11 days till they’ll be back again…

In 3 days, my loving hubby and lovely baby girl leave on a big, big plane to see her Nana and Granddad in Spain. One of them leaving is one thing but both leaving makes me sad, upset, terrified, nervous and heartbroken. 11 days.

I have lot of projects and long never-ending lists to keep me busy and focused but at the end of each day, I will be alone in our little house going to bed each night alone for 11 days and then waking up by myself for 11 days. The only sounds will be me and probably a vacuum cleaner. Thank goodness I have an active little one in my tummy to keep me smiling and laughing otherwise I’d be a little sad-o. Now I’ll just be a preggie sad-o.

Oh, how thankful I am for them and these next few days before they leave.





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A Few Resolutions

There’s always room for improvement as the cliché goes. Here a few places in my life I would like to improve in 2013.

1. Run more races: I ran 1 race in 2012. This is because I was too lazy to sign up and shell out $30 per entry, but hear me now, 2013 will be my year of races! I already have 4 or 5 picked out before baby comes!


2. Start making digital photo albums: I would LOVE to create those awesome scrapbooks with the fun paper, stickers and boarders and I’ve even completed a few, but I’ve faced the music…at this point it’s not a priority and I don’t have time. If I gave up some other activity I enjoy, I probably would have the time but I love the other “stuff” more. I have many digital albums from my in-laws and cherish them all so much and since I am not making the time to scrapbook at this point in my life, I still want to do someTHING to get the moments and memories off the hard-drive and onto paper.

3. Learn to make more from scratch: I bake homemade bread — well sort of, it’s from a bread machine, roll out homemade pizza, humus, muffins, quac, washing detergent and other easy items, but I would really like to try homemade pasta sauce and jams this year as well as more bread goodies like homemade buns, tortillas and crackers. My motivation from this came when I read the back of a “natural” cracker package and was mortified by how many ingredients there were. (pic source)


4. 40 days, 40 bags: this is my “giving up” for Lent this year. Declutter the house and garage — 1 bag a day for 40 days!

5. Communicate more with siblings: this was on my list last year. I did better with my brothers but fell back with my sister. I hope to call, write, skype a lot more this year.


6. Motivate hubby to be healthier/more active: hubby is an athlete, I am a fitness junkie. These are 2 very different things. Tennis, soccer, cricket, bowling (does that count), golf, basketball…if it’s a sport, hubby plays it or will play it if someone offers. But if these sports are not going on, he’s not motivated to work out. From a health standpoint I want to motivate my hubby to move more when it’s the off-season for his sports. I know that the endorphin rush will be just the wake-up call his body needs to stay energized and get through his never-ending days!


Others that are important but not resolution quality:
Enjoy maternity leave and not over do it (I have the whole summer off!!!)
Cook more meals ahead (Freezer meals for maternity leave in particular)
Re-establish date night (Been on the back-burner the past month)
Take hubby to another state (hoping for Colorado)
Triple our down-payment for a house!

The most important part of this list: PRINT OUT. Paste it in at least 2 places you see daily– otherwise one forgets. I get to at least blame pregnancybrain and mommybrain on that!


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Runners Nook: Cold Hands

My hands are cold, my hands are actually cold. …Thoughts that ran through my mind on this morning’s work run! Last week I started taking the 4 mile way to work to get in slightly more mileage and as fall is starting it’s approach, I’m very excited for the fresh scenry of the trails and seeing the leaves change. Running on the busy streets, although a shorter distance, just can’t compare with the quite forest-like trails.

I’ll be busy 1/2 the weekend working so I’m busy spending what precious time I have with lil’ bug and preparing healthy weekend treats and snacks!

(Green Monster: 2 handfuls of spinach, blueberry yogurt, milk, strawberries, chia seeds)

(Oatmeal muffins from this recipe topped with granola, strawberries, coconut, chia seeds and honey )

Mom’s little helper!

Have a happy and healthy weekend in whatever you do!

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Let’s talk about form and FROSTING

Form or Frosting…which one first?

Let’s talk about Form…Jillian Michaels-style. So the famous (former) trainer from the Biggest Loser supposedly put out a great workout series titled “Body Revolution.”  As a Body Rock TV advocate and Insanity-ner, I wasn’t up for anything new until hubs said the workouts were 30 minutes. Via Facebook friends, I heard the 30 minutes are 30 minutes well spent. I can try anything for a 1/2 hour…right?

My thoughts

+ PROS +
Transition from beginner level to intermediate to advanced
Lots of modifications
Motivating attitude, she says just the right thing at the right time
Exercise breakdown “Let’s talk about form” is great for beginners
Workouts vary a lot
Realistic and doable

– CONS –
You need equipment (I prefer bodyweight workouts)
If you are looking for a sweaty-kick-your-booty-heart-pounding workout, I’d skip ahead. The beginning weeks drag too much for my style and I felt I was looking at the timer every minute.

Summary: I won’t be running to her workouts daily, but she’ll make a nice back-up when I would like a shorter routine. If you are just starting out and want to vary cardio and weights, this is a great workout for you and the transition to advanced levels is ideal for muscle confusion.

So last Friday after doing this first workout, I needed “something” to eat…you know what that “something” is right? It’s that food you can’t put your finger on. It needs to be sweet, yet salty and obviously unhealthy. With a minimum amount of food in the house, it was a constant open/close the cupboards and ‘fridge game. And then this…

Jackpot. Sweet, Salty, Guilty feelings, this did it all…

And more…check out the label.

“Excess consumption may cause a LAXATIVE effect”…due to crap you can’t pronounce or grow on trees or in the soil.

It’s no wonder, right? Check out the ingredients…2 natural ingredients!

And incase you don’t understand calories and nutrition, they summarize it on the front label!

About 3-4 tablespoons, about 10 pretzel bites and a good label read later and I wasn’t loving it so much anymore.

But fast-forward to the present…I am having a chilled and relaxing weekend. Hope you are too!

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Wet Weekend!

Sprinkler fountains + toddler = free entertainment!

If you are ever in Rapid City, SD…especially if you have small children, please do your soul a favor and head to the Main Street Square for some entertaining wet fun!

What started out as a simple picnic turned into a dare-devil experience for little bug!

First it was her hand, then it was her foot. I then turned for one second and it was her whole leg and then her whole body!

I had to rescue her only once when she got caught in the middle and all the fountains shot up.

Happy Weekend in whatever you do!

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Summer Bucket List

June 20th…the first day of summer…is HERE! Instead of ending the summer with “I wish I had…,” or “Why didn’t we…,” begin the summer with a plan! Enter…the summer bucket list, courtesy of this girl!

bucket list
I love it. The List Maker in me is cartwheeling madly!
While you think about your list, here’s a sneak peek into mine. Additions will be happening 😉
  • visit the ’72 Flood exhibit at the Journey Museum
  • complete the downtown President’s Walk
  • Hike Harney Peak
  • Canoe or kayak
  • read 3 books
  • make homemade pizza crust
  • eat ice-cream at the local joint Armadillos
  • sew 1 item
  • take more walks with my mom
  • visit Custer State Park
  • make homemade crackers
  • visit 5 tourist attractions that I’ve never been to (or at least not in the past year)
  • go-carting
  • support local farmers and artisans at the farmer’s market
  • more playdates or friend dates
  • write postcards…(real postcards, not virtual)

What’s on your list…tell me, I may have to steal your ideas!!

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Special Saturday Snapshots

It’s been a magical weekend…and it’s not over.

Friday night date with the folks included walking with cancer survivors, their families as well as other Relay for Life supporters…one couldn’t help but feel an emotional tug in every direction.

We walked for about an hour in support of Beads of Hope. Little bug warmed up to the track instantly ( !! )

Saturday was all about Local Love! Much needed trips included:  library (6 books for little bug, 2 for me), farmers market, kids fair and the Co-op

Farm animals + art + water play = big smiles

The water fountains at Main Street Square are a weekly highlight for this family!

Soaked, happy, smiling people watching while having a picnic lunch of homemade hummus and cheese sandwich was the perfect way to spend lunchtime on this perfect Saturday morning.

But this whole morning of arty-farty fun got me inspired…

An unopened Easter pressie was finally put to use and was a big hit! But my favorite part…breaking out her painting shirt…check it out!

Paul, Laura, Scott, Todd, Kristen…over 40 years since the 1st time it was used!

Thank you Mom for creating something special in such a simple way.

Bring on Sunday!

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