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Sweet Sunday

It started out as just your typical Sweet Sunday…side by side fruit parfaits for the little one and mommy…

…and then off we went an hour west to Spearfish Canyon. Autumn colors peak for 2-3 weeks each Fall in this area and with the first freeze just days away, I think we hit up the last weekend for these amazing eye-popping colors on this leisure, winding drive.


Postcard views were everywhere you looked.

A stop at the lovely Roughlock Falls was the perfect stage for a little walk and a quick picnic.

Our last visit here was the first our first week in the U.S. back in July 2011.

With the forecast predicting 40s towards the end of the week, thoughts of breaking out the winter running gear already scares me back into a warm cozy bed.

Isn’t this what Autumn is supposed to look like!

Hope you are taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather, it’ll be snowing before you know it 😉


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Travel Nook: Bits + Pieces of Salt Lake City

This is a tale of 2 girls who ventured off on their own, on a plane to a land far, far away…Salt Lake City! Night before was rest, pack, and rest.


Although the plane ride was under 2 hours, it was still hard without hubby. But we still managed to have a little fun!

I had no idea what a beautiful place Salt Lake is. The temps were 70-80s, everything was bright green, the mountains were so beautiful they looked out of a movie scene, everything was so crisp and clean and the houses were amazing with loads of character. I can understand why it’s easy to fall in love with the area.

But we were not there to be tourists. We were there to see 4 very special people: my fast-as-a-super-hero nephew and my cheeky-smiley niece…and my brother and his wife of course 😉 They  are moving later this summer so this was my last chance to cram in a visit to Salt Lake!

This was a weekend for kid songs, play parks and play dates! And oh man, did we get those in!!!! Here are a few Bits + Pieces of our weekend.

My brother, the music man, entertained as always by singing the classics to the kiddos…Raffi classics that is!

The best park I’ve ever been to was in Salt Lake, Liberty Park. It had a great sprinkler area, multiple jungle gyms and ponds with lots of rock climbing!

I was shattered from the weekend! My nephew is 4…did I ever have that much energy at 4? It was go-go-go-go all day. I couldn’t believe when 9:30 would hit and I wanted nothing but to be in bed!

I missed hubby worse than ever but it was worth it to reconnect with my brother and his family. Even though our visit was short, there’s so much I’ve learned from watching them parent and asking them questions and learning how I can not only be a better parent, but a better person as well.

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A Wordless Labor Day

I had (we had) the world’s best Labor Day! If you object to seeing numerous photos of a certain cutie, then I suggest you leave now 😉

Back to more fitness-y and workout-y stuff tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


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Mommy Daughter Day

Today was a bit of a mommy-daughter day, and I don’t mean my little bug and me. It was MY mommy and I today for a few hours. We figured out that the last time we had this amount of time alone together was in 2006 when I took mom to Spain for 10 days to visit my sister! Wow…a lot has happened since then! Here are a few of today’s highlights.

We went to the little town/village called Hill City which is a short drive away. It’s tiny, but full of charm. There are the usual tourist traps but also the unique “mom and pop” shops that help give Hill City a unique feeling.

I went antiquing, browsed a few art galleries, and made my own entertainment by walking around the tiny town (which took about 20 minutes) checking out the old small houses. It was a relaxing little morning. I came across two things that made me laugh…only in South Dakota.

Come one, Come All to Hill City, the home of  TEDDY BEAR TOWN! Home of over 6,500 teddy bears. It is –after all– in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Second item of business that made me laugh…
The HONOR SYSTEM! I have died and entered the Waltons or Leave It to Beaver land. Who knew that there was a town in the world that could still get away with the HONOR SYSTEM. And get this, I saw multiple stations all around town! Only in South Dakota, right! I love it in one sense and am boggled in the other sense!

After a bit of time there we headed to the happy place.
 The Hill City area just happens to be the home of multiple wineries! Lucky for me 🙂 This mommy daughter team took it easy and just hit two on this lovely sunny day.

I was slightly disappointed though with my tasting choices. 2 wineries, 9 different types I tried and only 2 I would have bought. Most of them were WAY too sweet for me. I felt like I was drinking Boones Farm (USD ladies, you know what I mean)!

But don’t fret. We absorbed our drink with an AMAZING lunch at Prairie Berry. When I write AMAZING, I mean THE BEST FOOD I’VE HAD SINCE MOVING BACK! Exclamation point, Exclamation point!

Simple food with a Mediterranean feel to it! (Now do you get why it was the best) We ordered 1 glass of 3Rednecks to share (dry red wine) and then each selected a small meal and split it. I decided on the Housemade Ricotta Cheese open face sandwich (it had sundried tomates, reduced balsamic vinegar and local organic microgreesn).

Momma Bev ordered a massive sandwich called Goat n’ Veggie (fresh goat’s cheese, olive tapenade, marinated roasted red peppers and red onions). Both were so delish that I cannot pick a fav. It was a good thing we split both dishes!

The day ended with the last night of Hot Summer Nights here in Rapid. Hubby had to work and then we got rained out so it’s been an “off” kind of night. But it gives me an excuse to update you all.

1. We have purchased a car. Yesterday we became proud owners of a Jeep Liberty. It’s like totally awesome if I do say so myself. It’s blue, big but not too big, it can hold a lot of crap and now all I want to do is go camping.

2. Run Crazy Horse marathon is 1 month and 1 day away and I’m so excited. Training is on track and I’m feeling very confident!

3. The BIG 30 is coming soon…

4. I had a bit of a rough night last yesterday. I don’t usually care to over-share my inner-most feelings but I just want to let you know that I am normal and human and the whole moving across the globe thing AND going back to work for the first time in 14 months AND living with your parents again temporarily AND about to turn 30…it’s all overwhelming and you know what, sometimes a girl just needs a bit of tear-time. Luckily I have the best hubby and daughter that make me feel ridiculously loved, parents that are bending over backwards for us and a sister that somehow KNOWS the exact words to write to make it all better! I am so so lucky.

So…to end this…for anyone out there who is going through a rough patch whether it be a big move, a break-up, the struggles of being a parent, having a “fat” day, unhappy at work, unhappy in a relationship, no money in the bank, fight with the partner, whatever it is…don’t keep it locked up, share it with your support system (bestest friends, closest family members). A huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders and I guarantee that you will feel better!!

Ok, enough serious stuff! I have a big weekend ahead of me and can’t wait to share it all as it happens. Let me know what you’re up to this weekend!

(Street performers in Art Alley that we saw tonight!)


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Baby Nook, Travel Nook: Surviving Long Flights with a Baby

It’s hard to believe that almost 4 weeks ago hubby, babes and I made the LONG, long journey from southern Spain to South Dakota, USA! In case you do not believe it when I write “long,” here is what our itinerary was for that trip:

8:10am: leave our house
10:20am: flight departs from Spain
1:15pm New York time (8 hours later): arrive in NYC
3:55pm: flight departs for Minneapolis
6:25pm Minneapolis time: arrive in MN (right now in Spain it’s 1:25am)
9:40pm: leave MN for South Dakota
10:30pm: arrive in Rapid City, SD
11:30pm (7:30 am Spain time): arrive at my parents house
Midnight (8am Spain time): little bug in bed

Start to finish for baby: 23 hours and 50 minutes, give or take a few 

That’s one long trip. It looks worse than it really is though!

Here is what we did and what we learned about overseas flights with baby(13 month old at the time):
What we packed for baby: International flight with Delta, baby was allowed stroller, diaper bag and 1 additional bag!

  • Stroller with boppy in bottom
  • Diaper bag: food (can of tuna, avocado, 3 bananas, low-salt bread-sticks, 3 yogurts), feeding stuff (bottle, formula, spoon, plate, bowl, bib), diaper crap (20 diapers, wipes, changing pad, diaper rash cream), clothes (pjs, casual clothes, socks, shoes, light jacket), 2 blankets (1 light and 1 heavier), sippy cup
  • Tunki: 1/2 was filled with books, the other half with blocks, stackie cups, misc toys, touch-n-feel flash cards

We also had 4 more bags. Hubby and I had one carry-on each and then 1 personal item each. Personal items were 1 purse, 1 laptop bag

LESSON LEARNED: We over-packed by one bag. It was a little too much to handle every time we got up and down on the plane, and on and off the flight. I had a little carry-on that I barely remembered using except to store the baby portable DVD player which ended up fitting into the trunki by the end of the trip. All I brought was my tooth brush, book, glasses and wallet (Moms this IS ALL YOU NEED). I didn’t even touch the book. All the extra space was for the baby. A lot of the random little toys were pointless. She was happiest with her puzzle blocks, cups, books, flash cards and DVD player.

Dress the baby in comfy clothes! You can’t tell, but little bug is in an Adidas outfit that was ultra soft. It was a simple thick cotton that was warm but not overly warm. You never know what the temp will be on the flight, it usually starts off hot and then it’s freezing after take-off.

Mom and Dad, wear darker clothes…you never know how much baby food will get on you. Also, when you are trying to eat on a plane with a baby on your lap…it’s not easy, stick with dark clothes in case you spill coffee, beer, ez-cheese, lobster on your clothes!

Pray for a good row! We got the first row as you walked onto the plane, which was about row 15 or so. The row was massive with tons of space for us to pile our stuff, no one was in front of us. We did NOT have personal TVs btw which we were annoyed with at first, instead the flight had a drop-down tv every 8 rows or so. I honestly didn’t notice because I was so focused on keeping her quiet.

Exhaust every toy/book before moving to the next. 8 hours that first flight was. 8 HOURS. I read each book to her until she knocked it out of my hands and then moved onto the next book or toy. Have baby play with that toy as long as it keeps him or her happy, even if that toy is nothing more than a string hanging off your shirt!

This is her watching her DVD. We did not bring out the DVD player until we HAD TO. I think we lasted about 5 1/2 hours! Not bad huh? She was not really up for sitting on my lap and watching it, instead she played on the floor (b/c we had that extra room) and watched it at the same time.

What she ate: On this never-ending flight, she ate 2 bananas and 1 yogurt as a snack. For a proper meal we mixed 1 small can tuna with 1/2 avocado and baby yogurt. She ate 3/4 of it. When we ate our provided meals, she had our cheese and some of our bread rolls.

Let’s now address what you are really wondering, DID BABY SLEEP?

Yes, she did! Little bug took 2 naps during this first flight. It took 10 minutes of mild to moderate crying for her to realize that she had to fall asleep in my arms, which if you have ever been on a flight with babies, you know that 10 minutes ain’t too shabby! Nap 1 was between 60-90 minutes and nap 2 was about 30 minutes! She slept in my arms and I rested and slept a bit while she napped. I highly recommend that if you are traveling with a baby on a long flight, that you sleep when they sleep. Go back to the advice you get with a newborn “sleep when baby sleeps.” Even if you do not sleep, you are still resting…which means you are less stressed overall. It’s a win-win in my book!

This is us celebrating in NYC at one of the airport restaurants. I recommend restaurants vs. fast food places. Restaurants, if big enough, will put you in a quiet area with more room to stretch out. Also restaurants are usually less crowded. Less crowds = less noise = less stress for everyone! They had some pita bread that they toasted and brought for her! We were overwhelmed by how nice people were to us 🙂

We wore the baby out. We walked her around. We found quieter, less crowded areas to let her sprawl out and throw her toys around.

Although she was going strong, we did whatever we could to ensure that she was be exhausted for the next flight (NYC to MN).

And she was. Lucky for me, she passed out before we even took off and she slept (we slept) almost the entire flight!

Now we are in Minneapolis. This was our longest layover…4 hours! Little bug was rested and full of energy!

It was back to exhausting her again through walks and playtime!

It paid off by miles. She passed-out in her stroller about 20 minutes before we boarded the plane. I simply transferred her to my arms, placed the boppy underneath me and we were both comfy and happy for the entire flight from Minneapolis to Rapid City!!

All in all, flying with baby went FASTER believe it or not AND I slept more than any other flight! The only real mistake we made was over-packing. We didn’t plan or expect anything which was great because then we were not let down in any way. Moving across the globe is hard enough, right!

What would I do different next time…nothing probably except the stated above. We did not drug her although we did bring some meds just in case because she was breaking teeth 5 and 6.

Now…getting her on the new time zone was actually easy because she was so tired by the time it was all said and done! It only took 2 days to get her on track…much better than I can say for her parents. The key was keeping her busy.
…like taking her to Target perhaps ;), giving her lots of water and fresh air, lots of walking, tons of new toy time and even more new experiences!

If you are traveling with baby, give them some credit, they do better than we do! Just look at little bug’s first trip to Starbucks in Target, doesn’t she look caffeine addicted already!?

Good luck with your traveling baby! If you have any questions let me know or any other tips, please share them!!

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First run and first impressions

We are here! The Waby’s have invaded the USA for good. Mwaahaahaahaa.
 Little bug survived 24 hours of travel like a pro. I hardly survived though! Soon, very soon I’ll write a post about long-haul flights with a baby.

Ok, first impressions of being in the US after 4 years away.
1. I forgot how nice everyone is
2. All food in SUPER SUPER-sized. I went into a coffee shop and 1 single brownie could easily last me a week!
3. Target only got better 🙂
(Her outfit reminds me of something my MIL would wear…right Deb?)
4. There are WAY too many stops lights where we are at…and everyone here actually drives the speed limit! What a travesty!
5. People bend over backwards for those with a baby. We were treated like royalty in all the airport lines.
6. My mother has enough food in the house to last another depression
(I tried the pumpkin flax granola with homemade PB and a whipped greek yogurt!)
7.  Nothing beats carpet or American grass…

8. Except a crisp early morning run!

My first run USA style was not what I expected. It was HEAVY. As in the air. Where I used to lived may have been in the mountains but “sea level” was only a few miles away.  I was huffing and puffing within 15 minutes here which I think is about 5000 ft above SL. Darn it! I’ll have to take it easy till I adjust.

I was rather excited about NEW running shoes and socks! Kid in a candy store is all I’m going to say 🙂

Here are my new views.

I’m not complaining. I saw 4 dog walkers and everyone said hello to me with a great big smile. I heart Americans! P.S. did I mention that we were up at 4am. This was morning 2 in the US. I was out the door by 5:15am and I could have easily been out at 4:45 if I wanted to. NOT used to the sunrise time difference at all. Need thicker curtains.

But the worst of the jet-leg is over. And thankgoodnessforthat. I had a really bad day on Wednesday. I was tired. I was over-caffinated. I was missing Spain. But lucky for me, I had a surprise visitor that night from one of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. Life back in the US is starting to come together nicely!

On a random note…I’m so utterly glad and ecstatic that my mom saved all my toys from when I was little! Here are a few gems that I found in the toy box.

Nothing, I mean NOTHING beats a toy from the 80s. Am I right or am I right!

More to come on my adventures back in the heartland! You would be amazed at what amazes me!


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Travel Nook: Adios Espana

It was the last of everything today. The last sunrise, the last bath in my giant tub, the last Spanish coffee, the last sunset and the last supper.

The Waby fam headed to the beach restaurant Cafeteria Mediterraneo, a hotspot for this family for over 10 years! It’s a very special place to all of us and it was only suitable to have our last supper here!

The food is cheap and excellent…and the beer is cheaper!

That my friends is a club sandwich like no other in the world! Chicken salad that no chef could compete with (I think the secret is the mayo), bacon, onion, lettuce and a sunny-side egg as the crown. I did well today, I’d say I finished about 65% of it!

This spot has hosted “people watching” marathons for years and it’s sad that I can’t bring it with me!

I’m to the point now where I’m so tired that it’s taking over the sadness of the situation but as I was looking through photos of the past 4 years, I realized that I shouldn’t be sad. I’ve reached higher, dreamed bigger and experienced more here than I ever had before. In 2007 when I up and left my job (well-paying job at that), ended my previous engagement, and abandoned my friends and family and everything I’d ever knew, I did not have total and complete support for my decision. But, I had (and still have) a few friends who did believe in me and my decision and one of those friends gave me a journal with my all-time favorite quote on the front cover.

Go in the direction of your dreams…live the life you imagine. Henry David Thoreau

(Funnily she had no idea that this was my favorite quote…she just knew me well enough)

And you know what…over these past 4 years, I did just that. I went in the direction of my dreams. I did live the life I imagined!

That’s me in 2007 in my 2004 Cutlas Supreme on my way to Kenosha, WI. I stayed with another bestie of mine and flew out of Chicago to Spain! Little did I know that amazing events that would start to unfold…

I fell in love again, but during that, visited amazing cities like Barcelona, London and Dublin…

I even ran a marathon there (Dublin)!

I was welcomed with open arms into the wonderful Waby family. It felt like I was always part of their family.

I got to complete my 3rd marathon in Barcelona as well!

And how could I forget getting engaged!

Spain made me a better and stronger runner with it’s insane mountains! This 1/2 marathon, I was ankle deep in water for many miles and almost blown over many times by the hurricane winds!

And I not only got 1 wedding…but 2 weddings in Europe. The civil one was in Gibraltar and the traditional ceremony in England!

I went on my dream honeymoon in the Maldives!

Then…we had a baby.

That changed everything. EVERYTHING.

OUR dreams changed.

Now, together, the three of us…WE are going in the direction of our dreams. WE are living the life WE imagined.

All packed up and ready to go, it’s time for the next chapter. These few pics don’t even come to describe the amazing memories and life I had here in Spain…and the people. Unfortunately I have 10 minutes to finish this before I changed little bug into her plane gear so I must say goodbye to Spain.

Thank you for 4 incredible, indescribable, soul-searching years!


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Our Last Weekend in Spain

It’s Monday morning. I cannot believe that it’s MONDAY MORNING. Where did the weekend go? Where did the last week go? Where did my sanity go?!

Today is our last full day in Spain; we’ll be saying “adios” to quite a few family members, buying last minute keepsakes, taking in those last few Spanish moments and running around packing yet ANOTHER box! It’s mindbogglingly I must say. The weekend was busy, memorable, sad, fun, and tiring.

Here’s a quick rundown of the craziness I experienced:
Friday: Meal out with inlaws on Friday Night to our favorite place
Saturday: 3 mile run, threw a surprise baby shower for the brother-in-law and wife, afternoon at the park, snack and game night with inlaws
Sunday: 7.5 mile run up the mt to Mijas, day at the lakes by El Chorro, farewell drinks with friends, final pack-up

I’m hallucinating or in a bit of a trance right now from all the events plus packing, and cleaning and the HEAT is crazy which doesn’t help. Here are a few pic highlights from the weekend. I really didn’t capture too many of the memories but here are a few!

A perfect weekend! A tiring weekend, but a perfect weekend.

I’m outta here though, I refuse to spend my last day on the computer for more than necessary!


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Runners Nook: A Pastry at the Finish Line

It’s only Tuesday and the Waby trio have already set a schedule for this insane week:
Early mornings are for me
Late mornings are for family time
Afternoons are for cleaning
Late afternoons are for family time
Night times are for others

We said our first goodbyes last night…but first…a surprise from baby and hubs!

Ahh, he really knows how to cheer a lady up! After cleaning and sweating most of the afternoon these were a perfect start to a fun night with our friends.
Not an impressive Margarita but it’ll do! At least the company was good = My good friend Ashton and her partner Jeff (sorry Jeff, I forgot to get a pic of you)!

The wine was going down rather nicely which is more that I can say about my tough-as-nails Duck fillet! This was our easiest goodbye as we know we’ll see them in the US later this year. If Europe had a USA fan club, they would be the presidents of it, that is how much these two friends love the United States! They were so excited for us which was a nice change from the buckets of tears that were shed on Saturday night.

An early 6am start for me to get some little bits and pieces done before the fam rolled out of bed. It was a titch cloudy this morning which kept it 80 degrees instead of 95, a great excuse to have a family run!
It was a crappy 3 mile run though. For some reason, my abs were really sore. I was running a slow jog and the whole time I felt as if I had side stiches! No fun but I at least had something to look forward to!

In efforts to complete my Wishlist with style it was due time for some pastry action! This great little Danish bakery didn’t have a large selection today but when I heard that there was a maple pastry, my heart was set. It was sweet, flaky and still warm and the perfect size. I give it a 7 out of 10…it hit the spot but it was nothing I’d gush over and buy again. And the coffee I’ll be generous and give it a 3 out of 10. It was severely short in the “coffee” department, too much milk – blek! Oh well, I still have a few days and a lot more pastelerias to hit up!

Little bug sort of kept quite with a German fashion mag, she was a bit antsy for some slash time in the sea!

Today was the first time that she didn’t freak out when the water touched her feet. A good 10 minutes was spend running in and out of the sea!

The afternoon baby naptime was productive as we packed our last 3 boxes!!!!! 10 boxes in total will be waiting for us when we land next week. How in the heck did we accumulate THAT much stuff I don’t know!

Hubby, the packing professional!

It’s a solo night for me as hubs is out with his dad and brothers so I took the opportunity to make Dana’s Vegetarian Enchiladas for one!
They are quick and simple just like her recipe says! I followed most of her instructions to the letter except I added some rice in with it.
Delish and my tummy is mega full! The best part is that it tasted like I spent and hour making them AND the cleanup only took a few minutes! Thanks Dana! Now it’s time to continue soaking up the views…tick, tock, tick, tock 6 days left.

What’s your favorite quick meal?

What’s better packing or unpacking?

Are you a beach person or a mountain person?


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Something Spanish, Something English is Something Special

Ever have one of those days when you look in the fridge and everything looks pretty dang good? Thursday was that day. Most days my virgo-ness is on full-blast when it comes to planning out my meals, and my lunch was simply going to be a Green Monster. Then I saw my beloved Beet Root! Oh how I forgot I bought you. Then I saw the pepperoni for the salad I was making for San Juan. Mmm, salty-greasy-unhealthy pepperoni and all I could think about was the Old Chicago sandwich Italian Melt (my favorite sandwich to date).

The decision was really getting to me. I felt all sweaty and clammy that I would make the wrong choice! I couldn’t let go of any of them…so I had a bit of it all.

1/3 of my GM shake, 1/2 beet root, and 1/2 Italian melt sandwich…which turned into an open-face sandwich. That’s my person mind trick. If I have an open-faced sandwich, I feel like I’m eating more than if it was a 1/2 sandwich!

Delicious, simple and totally satisfied!

After an insane sweat session at Zumba (I swear it was 100 degrees in there), and a much-needed hair washing session…I was pumped and geared up for SAN JUAN!!!!! I love San Juan. It’s one of my favorite summer fun things in southern Spain.

Here’s the DL on San Juan. (source)

San Juan is June 24th and it’s all about changes. It is about night to day; it is about fire to water. Fire purifies and water recuperates, refreshes, and rejuvenates.

In Andalucia (this is my part of Spain), San Juan is celebrated on the night of June 23rd . June 24th has the shortest night of the year, and bonfires are the theme of the night. Men and women, young people and children, all spend time to build these bonfires.

According to tradition, if people jump over a bonfire three times on San Juan’s night at midnight, they will be cleansed and purified, and their problems burned away. It is ritual that rules at San Juan. People then wash their faces and feet in the sea three times in order to be granted three wishes and for a happy twelve months thereafter. Bathing at this time is also said to be beneficial for skin complaints.

We camped out as close to the sea as possible without getting washed away! The weather was a pooper though=foggy and humid but we didn’t let that spoil the fun.

Sorry for the lame quality photos. Darkness + my camera=crap photos.

Sand and babies are not fun either.

Everyone on the beach also brings drinks and little portable grills for some summertime goodies! My pleasures of choice: San Miguel

and a Cumberland sausage with dried onions to top! Crunchy, salty, fatty goodness 🙂 My tummy was dancing with happiness.

 The English make a mean sausage I tell you!

Hubby’s proud bonfire!

Unfortunately we could not partake in the midnight fire jumping wish making extravaganza! We had a little girl who needed her bed.

Friday brought on a big family meal with hubby’s aunts and uncle. We tried out a new place that served…wait for it…FISH N CHIPS!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I haven’t had Fish n Chips since BEFORE pregnancy and I’ve been dying to have it! You see, this lovely English meal usually leaves me feeling slightly ill so I avoided it all during pregnancy. I’ve not avoiding it now though!

I did what any sensible crazy fitness freak would do…I ran to the restaurant! I needed to run 5 miles anyways so why not! My family loves me enough to put up with my smell! Of course it was just my MIL and daughter sitting by me!

I celebrated this Fish N Chip occasion in style!
I lead a good example, huh.

Pardon the bad photos again…

It was Fish N Chip and Surf N Turf craziness going on at this table!

This is exactly what I wanted!

Crunchy, yummy, greasy goodness again and again with each bite!
Totally worth every calorie! The chips (fries) were not homemade which was a big downer, but a good thing for my tummy as I was feeling a bit ill afterwards. (still worth it though)

Again, little bug needed her beauty sleep so it was a short night for this little family!

Have a great weekend everyone! This weekend, we are celebrating a friend’s birthday at an Asian restruant and doing a car boot sale to get rid of stuff. (p.s. I didn’t know what this was until a few years back…a car boot sale is like a giant rummage sale with tons of cars selling stuff out of their boot, aka trunk) Wish us luck! Hopefully we get rid some things!

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