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Nutrition Nook: “healthy” cookies and other new favorites

Working, mothering, wife-ing and well — just being me is a fun balancing act, who’s with me on this feeling?  There will be no such thing as equal balance but I am finally putting some ideas into place to help me for more sane.


Just a quick note, I’m so glad to have the carrier back in action. I’m amazed I didn’t wear the straps out with little bug…(April 2011)

One goal is incorporating some new meal staples to make healthy eating more manageable and realistic. Since hubby and I are never together for lunches or suppers except for 2 days a week, it means that I juggle the 2 when preparing supper. This can equal me feeling very rushed and frantic and eating healthy is a lot harder with a toddler — especially is you don’t want to eat the same 3 foods. I stick with our (read her) favorites and one newer dish every week. I don’t have battles with little bug, thank goodness but we do still bribe her a couple times a week with “treats” to eat all her vegetables or to try new foods. Healthy treats became my goal when I saw a chocolate chip cookie recipe on Facebook which involved using chickpeas. I just had to try it! This also meant a great little afternoon activity for little bug and I! Win – Win here!


Chickpeas…the staple in hummus was to be the “body” of the cookie. I was also intrigued that no white or brown sugar was involved, in fact, the ingredient list was super small. No eggs touch this batter — read edible batter here!




The dough was quite nice…with all the PB and honey though, it should be.




The verdict: I was really, like really surprised. They tasted like, well, cookies! The texture is different and these don’t “set” like regular cookies but they are definitely good enough to make again. I’d rate them about a 7 but the important point to make is that little bug likes them. “Healthy” treat conquered!


*Note: I had to make them differently than the recipe calls for. My food processor isn’t large enough for a batch of cookies so I did the PB, chickpeas and vanilla in the food processor and then moved it to the mixer.

Other new and fun food items added include:

Coffee concentrate = perfect for an iced coffee in the morning and it the flavor is just like a proper coffee shop! I use this method.

Garden fresh veggies= my mom has created an awesome garden in our new backyard. I’m reaping the benefits and enjoying zucchini, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers so far. If I can’t use them in time, I juice!



Chocolate overnight oats= overnight oats with 1 tsp of dark cocoa powder and 1T PB. This sort of tastes like No Bake Cookies, which is why I love it.

Peanut butter yogurt chocolate chip “parfait”= 1/2 c greek yog, 1 heaping tsp PB stirred together and topped with fruit, something crunchy (I used Quaker Oat Squares) and 1 T chocolate chips. YUMMY! I’ve been bringing these last two as work breakfasts since I don’t get a chance at home to eat.


Have a great week, hopefully you got a few ideas for new food combos to try on you or your loved ones!



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Nutrition Nook: What I Ate Wednesday

HELLO sleep-in Wednesday! Little bug is at the grandparents on Tuesday nights so the 3 of us slept-in till 8:15! After baby C’s brekkie, he joined me for mine.

Breakfast: Cookie-dough cereal found here! LOVE this so much I could easily make a cup instead of the 1/3 I used.

DSCN44511/3 c old-fashioned oats + salt + cinnamon + PB + honey + vanilla= smash all together with fork till it’s clumpy and top with milk and desired toppings (1/2 banana today). I let the milk soak for a bit before devouring down. Try it, it’s life-changing I tell ya.  Regular coffee accompanied this as well as at least 1 additional spoonful of PB while preparing…like I could actually not eat while making breakfast.

Lunch: wrap with sauteed onions, bit of shredded cheddar and over-easy egg in a wrap! I’ve been going nuts about having my not-fully cooked eyes now that pregnancy is over! Sides included a few carrot sticks, pickled zucchini and a small slice of watermelon. The runny yoke served as the “sauce” for the wrap. OMG why have I not done this sooner!


Supper: open-face baked ham sandwich with cheese, horseradish spread and dijon mustard; sides included pickled zucchini again (from the garden last year) and 1/2 sweet potato. We made a huge ham a few weeks back and froze a few bags worth for sandwiches on lazy night such as this! I’m not a deli ham kinda-girl because the flavor sucks but slow-cooked ham is a whole other story! Packed full of juiciness and salty goodness!

DSCN4456I had my little girl back for additional company!


Late night snack: 3oz vanilla yogurt with 1/4 c pumpkin flax granola and 1/2 banana

Wednesday’s Workout: I got my lungs handed to me during my 30 minutes of working out today.

DSCN4454I split this into 3 10 minute segments:
1-10: 10 min Insanity warm-up
11-20: stretching
21-30:  core and pelvic floor work as follows done slowly and repeated twice: (kegals=25, hip raises with squeeze at top= 25, pelvic tilts=25, single leg hip raise with leg lift= 15/side, plank= 40 seconds)

I’m excited for the soreness to start!

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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 38

May 8-14th, 2013

Welcome to Week 38…any day now right?

Labor Signs:
Baby has dropped and there is a lots of pressure. LOTS of pressure. I feel like the baby is going to burst out of my crotch when this happens. It’s not painful at all, just a TON of pressure. The pinching kind of contractions are happening when I’m active and on my feet, especially during runs. My stomach looks like a giant purple spiderweb as my tummy veins are so bright and purple it’s almost alien-like! My body is getting weak and tired much quicker than normal 😦 boo hoo!

Baby still moves like it’s on a constant caffeine high, heartburn is still terrible. I thought the heartburn was supposed to lessen as the baby dropped, whatever.

Nutrition Nook:
I’ve been craving smoothies and fruit all week. I cracked open the juicer as well as made large batches of strawberry/pineapple and Green Monster smoothies. Another big comeback has been cottage cheese! I love it with pineapple or used as a salad topping instead of dressing!

Baby Prep:
Hubby and I worked together to make a few batches of food to freeze (oatmeal muffins and Sheppard’s pie) and we are stocked up on various meats like whole chicken, local beef, natural chicken-dogs and a giant ham! I double checked the hospital bags and so the only bag needing packed with be little bug’s overnight bag for the grandparents.

I’m still listening to Pregtastic almost every morning while getting ready for work. I never get bored with listening to the labor stories!

I’ve been attempting to rest more and take more baths to relax at night. I usually go all-out one night with projects and then take it easy the next night with 1 small project.

Names are officially picked out. Hubby changed his up slightly in regards to the middle name but the baby will have a name right away. (Again, I pick out the girl’s and he picks the boy’s name)!

Week 38 Workouts:
Because of the pressure, running hasn’t been the most comfortable activity but it’s not painful yet.
Wed: 40 min run/walk, 5 min stretch
Thu: AM= 10 min walk and 10 min stretch; PM= 3 mile lunch run with bit of walking
Sat: 30 min power walk; 10 min stretch
Sun: 20 min hike and 20 min walk
Mon: 40 run with a bit of walking; 10 min stretch

Week 38 Highlights:
-My boss and his wife had their first baby…a boy (it was a surprise for them). Needless to say, now they are antsy to find out what we are having!

-Mother’s Day! Hubby and little one got me a massage! Because hubby had to work all day, it was a mommy-daughter day and a wonderful outdoor day at that which included hiking, a picnic and playtime followed by a BBQ at my parents.




Tuesday was a great date night with hubby. We crossed off many to-do items and then celebrated by going out to eat!


Could this perhaps be our last date night for a while…hopefully the next date night will include a giant glass of wine for me!

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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 37

May 1-7, 2013

Baby’s coming soon and I feel ready. Bags are packed, car is clean, house coming together well and front yard is almost done with the very good start to the back.

Week 37 Lows: getting little bug’s cold 😦
Night time potty breaks have gone from once a night to about 5 times
Real contractions but short length (yes I do call this a low as I didn’t get any pre-term contractions with the 1st)

Week 37 Highlights: taking little bug to her first circus! I forgot how amazing American circuses are!
Still being able to run!
Finally getting to go out for our anniversary which was over 2 months ago!
Every single extra day with little bug before she becomes a big sis

DSCN4225Size-wise: I still don’t wear “maternity” clothing except for what’s been handed down in larger sizes or given to me. I have come to love my layers tanks from the GAP which transform most outfits from unusable to tolerable. With all the amazing dresses I was given in Spain, as well as the versatile stretchy skinny jeans there’s been no need to buy extra. I don’t even remember the last new item of clothing I bought. If I need anything it’s actually a new pair of running shoes as mine are shot!


Week 37 Workouts: Yay for still working out. I gave up doing burpees as I could visualize baby getting pissed off with me when I performed them. I wish I’d have more time to do weight training but between carrying a toddler and all the yard work, my arms are anything but lazy!
Wed: 48 min Insanity workout
Thu: Run/walk 3.5 miles
Fri: ?
Mon: 30 min power walk
Tue: 4.2 mile run

37 Week Belly Pic

37WeeksWeek 37 Stats
Gain: 25 pounds (doctor’s scale)
Stretch marks: none
Most consumed food: chips and salad (usually together so it feels like I’m eating nachoes)
Most Interesting Craving: Horseradish sauce on anything
Best meal: Steak
What I want most days: any other liquid besides water

As I finish up this post and starting Week 39 in a couple of days, I wonder if I’ll get another blog in? 🙂  We shall see!

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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 35 & 36

Week 35: April 17-23
Week 36: April 24-30

Ravenous appetite, amplified heartburn, late nights, landscaping progress…I’m STILL enjoying pregnancy and loving home ownership  Around this time is when I feel most are just “done” being pregnant; not this gal. This baby needs to keep on cookin and getting cute and fat. I still have plenty of room and don’t really feel stretched yet. I think I’m one of those people who’s built for pregnancy, it’s sad to think that this will be our last.

All spare time — whatever that means — is spent decorating the new house and now working on the front and back yards. Hubby is now an expert and getting stumps out!


Little bug LOVES being outside helping…aka getting super dirty!


Excited about…
-finishing the kitchen! Glass panels and final shelving came Friday; all that’s left is a new over-range micro wave!
-finishing the baby room:  rug and a very other decor items are all that’s needed

Baby Nook:
-Baby’s decides to stick it’s heel out anytime I’m on the phone at work…which is a lot of my day. Silly billy.
-Hospital bags are packed
-Birth plan has been revised
-Head is down and heartrates remain in the high 120s and 130s
-I am so excited for labor because of my doctor; she’s excellent and we are completely on the same page in regards to labor progress and procedures

I’m feeling…
– so fortunate that I’m sleeping so well. I’ve had 2 awful nights of sleep this entire pregnancy! I usually need only one bathroom break (compared to 4-5 with little bug)
– not ready. I’m not ready mentally or emotionally. I am snuggling with, carrying and holding my little girl as much as possible. We are pals and I’m scarred of MY reaction to the new baby. Little bug’s so excited and SHE is ready for a new little buddy to play with. (She goes on and on about how she’s going to teach it to jump on the bed and play snap!)
-amazing. I love being pregnant, that’s all there is to say (except the heartburn)

Workouts Week 35:
Wed: 35 min run/walk and stretch
Thu: 10 min Insanity warm-up and 10 min prenatal yoga
Fri: 30 min run/walk and stretch
Mon: 35 min run/walk and stretch
Tue: 20 min Insanity Cardio power workout

Workouts Week 36:
Wed: 30 min Insanity Cardio power workout, 2.5 mile lunch run/walk and stretch
Thu: 5 min warm-up, 5 min stretch, 4 mile run/walk, 10 min misc standing pilates exercises
Fri: 4.2 mile run to work (Run to Work Day)
Sat: 6+ hours heavy yard work
Sun: 2+ hours light yard work
Mon: 45 min walk and stretch

Week 35 Belly Pic:

Week 36 Belly Pic: it’s all about the angles

Time’s a tick-in as I start week 38 tomorrow; I think to myself it could be any day now but I’ll take each day as it comes. The preparation is completely different from baby 1. I’m already a Mom so I’m not anxious, nervous or full of anticipation; I’m not rushing to get the baby out or doing all the so-called tricks to make the baby come out. The baby is probably a Type A like myself and has it’s own agenda…I’m just excited to find out if it’s a little boy or girl!

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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 34

April 10-16, 2013

So close, yet so far away.

Thoughts and stuff…
After sleeping-in 3 days, checking my alarm clock was a smart choice. It was turned off; this resulted in minimal workouts and being very stiff and a bit cranky on a few days. Not good especially with carrying the extra weight.

I feel like my growing belly could really start to hamper on projects around the house and with a yard that needs a huge makeover, I’m not thrilled with the snow. If it was just a few degrees warmer it’d be rain 😦

I have a feeling this baby will come early. Please stay in there baby until at least 39 1/2 weeks!!!

Week 34 Highlights:
-Getting the baby’s room ready. Ironing the tiny clothes is so fun! Little bug is talking about the baby more each day. We try to have a little discussion each night at story time.

-Starting my freezer meals! I prepped one last week “World’s Best Chicken” and this week plan on prepping an additional as well as making a turkey and dividing the meat up for the endless possibilities that come with turkey leftovers!!

-Using my new kitchen more! In one night we made homemade bread, juiced, prepared a full supper, made homemade applesauce and baked oatmeal muffins! Even though the kitchen not quite finished, I’m feeling back to my normal cooking self! My little helper loves all the changes too!


-Girls night out! I had the BEST meal I’ve had since our last weekend in Spain, (Zoi Zois, July 2011). Good food and good conversation does wonders for the soul!


Week 34 Low:
We JUST realized that with my nephew’s graduation on the weekend of May 17-19th (6 1/2 hours away), my parents may not be in town for the birth (due date is the 22nd). Back-up overnight care for our girl has been taken care of, but to potentially not have my mom around really bums me out. I just have this feeling that baby is coming on the 17th or 18th. I’m not going to stress out about it, but I’m still allowed to be bummed.

Week 34 Workouts:
Wed: None
Thu: Lazy Bum
Fri: Likes to Sleep
Sat: Getting lazier
Sun: 30 min Jillian Michael’s workout (Cardio 2 Phase 2)
Mon: AM=5 min warm-up, 10 min prenatal yoga; 30 min lunch walk
Tue: 30 min treadmill lunch walk, 15 min stretch

Nutrition Nook:
I’m a bit obsessed with getting my veggies in, preferably spinach. I can go through the big tubs on my own in about 8-9 days. The lazy method is to just throw some in Tupperware with other random leftovers and have it as a big salad for lunch. Other, more planned out uses are either in a Green Monster smoothie or to whip up some creamed spinach (yum) with cream cheese and cheese.

Cravings for this week would be in the Nacho category. If there is a way for me to have nachos, I will find that way.

I’m upping my protein intake because my body is telling me I need the extra calories and since the veggie and fruit category are topped off pretty well, protein is my best bet for what my body really needs right now. I’m getting about 1 full serving or 1 1/2 servings a day now.  I love the fulfilling effect animal protein has but I just don’t care for it unless it’s in the form of taco meat or a burger. Laziness, simple and pure laziness.

Belly Pics: none to report of, sorry. With sleeping in, pics took a backseat! This is a little peak from last night…this shirt does wonders!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be spending mine enjoying my little bug and hopefully accomplishing many, many indoor decorating and organizing projects!

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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 33

April 3-9, 2013

As I see the endless white fluffy snow on the ground and everywhere, I can’t believe that I was running outside last week during Week 33! 33Weeks_runMy bump and appetite may be growing rapidly but my ambition and motivation has also exceeded my expectations for this 3rd trimester. Energy levels continue to INCREASE, I feel this is due to the excitement of home improvements and progress as well as the lovely weather that was brought during this time.

We are pretty much gutting our back yard with the help of my parents. The good old fashion hard work and dirty sweat have been literally a breath of fresh air!

Week 33 Highlights:
All day Saturday (race and spending quality time with my little girl)
Snow day on Tuesday. I’m so glad we finally got some moisture, not only for our lawn but more importantly for the farmers.

Week 33 Lows: NONE, it was a great week!

Week 33 Symptoms: heartburn, increase in braxton hicks

Week 33 Cravings: cookies (now that Lent is over) and either lemony desserts or desserts in general. A good trick though is that your body is actually craving protein when you think you want sweets; therefore, I’ve been having a few spoonfuls of greek yogurt when I think I’m craving cookies

Nutrition Nook: With a 100% functional kitchen, I’ve been working on getting used to cooking again! Let me tell you, we definitely got into a groove of eating the same few meals that involved little preparation and then one day I thought, what am I thinking, our kitchen is pretty much complete and ready to use (pics to come as soon as we get the last few bits)! I’ve been reading up on all the “cook ahead” pins and freezer meals that I want to start getting prepared but we have one little problem…or should I say 2 little problems.

Yup, that’s 2 turkeys! They were free and they have been hanging out with us for 5 months now. I think it’s time I cook my first turkey, what do you think?

Here’s a rundown of my typical nutrition this week:
Breakfast: greek yogurt with berries or overnight oats
Snack: apples, cuties or bananas
Lunch: “Nacho” salad made with spinach, spicy cheese, crushed up chips and salsa
Snack: PB, milk, more fruit and something crunchy like cereal
Supper: kid friendly foods lately like eggs, chicken crockpot meals, carrots, sweet potatoes

Week 33 Workouts:
I was more than excited about my increased running and getting used to working out at the new house. Because I’m lighter and “empty” in the morning, I prefer to exercise in the morning. After little bug heads to bed my tummy feels like it’s going to explode and the thought of fast movements or burpees is not appealing to me or my lovely heartburn. But here is what I did accomplish this week in the workout world.

Wed: 30 min morning workout
Thu: 20 min run with 5 min warm-up and cool-down; outside work in the yard for 40 minutes
Fri: AM: 20 min workout (insanity warm-up, weights and stretching); 30 min run “runch”
Sat: 4 mile race + 2 additional miles walking
Tue: 10 min insanity warm-up, Burpee Challenge (I started at 5 instead of 10), Trouble Area Workout (1 time through but I jogged in place for 20 seconds between each exercise), prenatal yoga stretch= total time about 40 minutes

721c1110fe76ca3328d9136d888921f6 985ae67a51fb51985e92652ef2aa6f8c

Work Belly Bumps: 29 and 33 weeks (both 2nd pregnancies). Having 2 pregnant co-workers has been so enjoyable. From moods, cravings and symptoms…it’s wonderful having someone to talk with daily who literally knows exactly how you are feeling and thinking!

33Weeks_workWeek 33 Belly Pics


Additional thoughts:
Boy or Girl? No clue, time will tell. I’m leaning towards girl (today); I just don’t know. The kicks are movments are similiar to little bug’s but stronger.

I know that once this baby is born my whole world will center around a fun summer of maternity leave with the kids (the Black Hills in the summer is pure awesomeness), but I really do hope I can document my journey back to “getting the pre-baby body back.” As a fitness nerd I do find it fascinating and inspiring to see “real” people get back into pre-pregnancy shape and I hope to be one of those people. I would have liked to document this pregnancy better but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. We bought a house, which was not expected, and I’d much rather make sure I have a home to bring this baby to come May. We shall see though. I would love to do the Crazy Horse 1/2 Marathon in October but I don’t know how nursing and long distance training would work into the schedule.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging along with the endless to-do lists and savoring every moment as a mommy of 1! Check out the senior picture pose here!


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Pregnancy Nook: Week 30 Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2

Moving, remodeling, living with parents temporarily again, working, working out, being mommy, being wife, being ME, oh yeah and being 30 weeks pregnant…let’s talk about stress shall we!

Pregnancy 2 at 30 weeks has kicked my ass. I’m not going to lie and pretend and b.s all of you and say it’s hunky-dory. It’s stressful, it’s exhausting and it’s starting to turn me into someone I don’t recognize. If we weren’t moving and remodeling, this would be another perfect pregnancy but WOW…all the cleaning, clutter, dust, endless trips to Menards, extra driving from my parents, living out of a suitcase, existing on coffee, late nights and early mornings are catching up this week.

My days seems to be a “catch-22.” I “could” get extra sleep if I skipped working out. But working out has positive benefits now more than ever. I’m having a lot of back problems, luckily I can stretch out the pain but I have to at least do 10 minutes of light cardio to do those stretches properly. Also, working out is a great mood-booster and really helps me wake up and be peppy straight away, talk about a big stress-reliever for me!

I “could” skip doing the laundry for a week or so but that would mean bringing over more clothes from the other house which I feel just creates more work in the long run.

I “could” skip cleaning daily at the new house, but have you ever remodeled? This is my first and I had no idea how much dusts it creates…and we are only doing 1 room. Then that dust gets trampled all over the house each day and it’s gross and not safe for little bug, myself & baby or anyone for that matter. Because I can’t do any painting at the house, cleaning is really the only thing I can do until we move in properly.

I’ve skipped social media, what little I did do like keeping up with FB and blogging (obviously), and TV — none of these are a sacrifice. I hope to be “back to normal” in a few weeks but until then it’s 2 coffees a day and about 2 hours less sleep 😦 The amazing pride and outcome will surpass this bump of exhaustion that’s happening right now!

General Health: P1 and P2 are presenting lots of heartburn. The second the tums enter my mouth, it’s instant relief! A case of the sleepys re-enters both pregnancies. I laugh as I read through my P1 journals…at that time, I had no idea was being tired really meant way back then!

Mood and Thoughts: P2 mood and thoughts I pretty much pointed out in my opening rant. I’m exhausted, you get it.

P1 hubby and I were going through a major change in our jobs as he started working for his parents which meant we were not working together anymore. I went through a lot of emotions because I didn’t see him all during the day.

Baby Movement:
entries reported that baby was a crazy mover and shaker and I still remember how amazed I was at the strong movements a baby could do. “I can feel limbs grazing me.”
P2: my tummy is almost always in a rock hard state if the baby is not moving. I rarely go more than a few minutes without some sort of “hello” from baby. I’m experiencing lots of braxton hicks contractions with this one. None with P1. Some are very uncomfortable but I’m appreciating these little reminders and flashbacks to actual labor pain. Baby has started moving during workouts which is crazy-uncomfortable! I feel that this baby’s movements are much stronger; it kicked me so hard in the ribs the other night that I actually burst into tears from the pain! OUCH.

Journal Entries:

I’m still impressed that I actually wrote proper paragraphs most day! I’m so glad I did this, it’s a great flashback into daily habits and what kind of a person I was back then, back before I became “mommy.” I talked a lot about my job and what was happening at work. I worked for my sister’s radio show and we were busy working on a bit advertising push at that time.

I could tell that work was stressing me out because I was eating a lot more sugary foods and wrote about these frustrations.

March 31, 2010
I’m frustrated about my eating from yesterday. I had what felt like a million biscuits (little cookies) and too many tablespoons of Nutella and don’t even get me started on my horrendous nighttime eating. I’m just utterly annoyed that I let my stress get the best of me.

April 5, 2010
The last 6 days nutritionally have been really, really bad. I’m having major sugar pushes. I’m getting in my healthy meals but it’s being over-taken now by all the unhealthy stuff that I’m snacking on later in the day. It makes me crabby and unmotivated.

One great thing was getting a huge start on the nursery. Alec did a fantastic job of painting and I’ve cleaned the furniture and started on the laundry with all the boxes of things Laura (my sister) gave us. I had no idea there was so much to wash.

Back up to 2 coffees to help with increased tiredness.  It’s also getting harder to get in and out of bed, no fun there.

Pregnancy 2 entries: what journal entries? I haven’t given myself any spare time to journal. Eek! If I do journal, it’s usually just workouts and nutrition. The beginning paragraphs of this blog pretty much describes what I would have jotted down!

Pregnancy 1 Nutrition: During this time, I was having some issues with controlling my cravings and wants, I must have been too pissed off to even pop everything onto paper. I stuck to the same time-frame of eating most days. Now just to give you a little background, days in Spain ran very differently. My working hours were 11-8 or 9 so my eating times were much different.

Typical Day…
10:15am: Egg sandwich (1 egg with 2 slices whole wheat toast and butter)

Noon: coffee

2:00pm: smoothie (1 scoop Herbalife powder, milk, yogurt, frozen berries)

4:00pm: 1/2 baguette, bowl of homemade soup

6:00pm: toast with hummus

7:30pm: coffee

10:00pm: lentil stirfry with veggies

Pregnancy 2 Nutrition: Being at the parents house over the last 2 1/2 weeks has been GLORIOUS! We all eat supper together and it’s nice to have a different menu…oh and their fully stocked pantry helps with snacks! Although healthy eating is my thing, I don’t hesitate to indulge because my mom carries my favorites. Here’s a very typical day lately…

7:00am: Fage greek yogurt with berries topped with 1 T PB, coconut flakes, walnuts. Coffee

10:00am (snack 1): fruit, crackers, sugarsnap peas

12:00pm (lunch): supper leftovers or a spinach salad with homemade veggie burger

3:30pm (snack 2): same as snack 1 or if anyone in the office has goodies. Coffee if needed

6:30pm (supper): protein, salad (always), starchy carb, veggie. My mom cooks like she did on the farm, all meals are very balanced

10:00pm (fun food): this time is saved for whatever treat I want…usually a 7-Layer bar, ice cream, OJ, or chips.


Pregnancy 1 Workouts: I now had access to a sweet treadmill anytime! I ran A LOT now. Yoga was also on the daily schedule. Treadmill runs ranged between 20 minutes-60 minutes with one day off: walking 1/3 and running 2/3 of the workout. I rotated strength and pilates as well so I was really working out for at least 90 minutes most days. Strength consisted mostly of dips, walking lunches, pushups and squats.

Pregnancy 2 Workouts: Longer morning workouts have returned, clocking in 40-45 minutes each morning, usually a combination of stuff I’ve pinned and workout combos I’ve always enjoyed. The first 5 minutes are painful but once I get going, the day gets better and better. I’m squeezing in 3-4 runs still and incorporating the same 1/3 walk, 2/3 run system. I want to run more but it’s a bathroom issue that holds me back from longer sessions if I attempt to run outside. Luckily the park restrooms are slowly opening as the weather gets warmer. The difference I’ve noticed most in workouts is that I can do burpees in the morning but barely in the evening. Heartburn usually sets in immediately in the case. Barf. Stretching is heaven and I try to get 5-10 minutes in the morning and 15+ minutes at night.

Pregnancy 2 Appearance
Clothing: decided it was time to bring out my few maternity or maternity type pieces so that I get some good wear out of them
Stretch Marks: No but I have patchy red skin from using a different detergent which causes me to itch more.
Other: I hate the tight feeling right around my belly button…almost like the baby is going to burst out at any moment.
Pounds Gained: 19. I did have belly pics taken, but when editing, I deleted one of them.



Pregnancy 1 Appearance
Clothing: enjoying playing around with fashion
Stretch Marks: No (didn’t get them at all)
Pounds Gained: 18

Happy to report that weight gain is about the same although I’ve really popped now this time around. I feel like I’m carrying this one in the same position as little bug, so does that mean it’s a girl? I’m pretty sure that if this baby is in fact a boy (which I’m still debating my guess), I’ll explode any day now.

Say Cheeeese!



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Ch-ch-ch Changes

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Life’s handed us an incredible second pregnancy and we’ve decided to buy our first house. It’s official  we’re big kids. Big kids who in a few short months will parent 2 kids. When did we grow up? I still feel like I’m 25 jumping on a plane to live in Spain on a whim…and now we are homeowners. AHHHHH!

This is why I’ve been MIA for a while now and will probably continue to be over the next few weeks as we are remodeling the kitchen. Here are a few pics and such from the past few weeks.

Week 26: February 13-19


Week 27: February 20-26th

Little bug: a potty pro, a chatterbox, an entertainer. I’m so excited for her new big girl room. We are hoping the carpet is in on Friday!

Baby: CONSTANT mover like mamma. As I type this, there a little boxing and/or kicking sessions taking place on my right side. The only time this baby is still is when I AM working out. There are times when I’m in a lot of pain though because of an odd position. My last doctors apt my uterus measured 3 weeks behind but the doctor is not concerned as she thinks baby was hiding that day. If baby still measures small at the 30 week apt, I’ll simply get another ultrasound to confirm growth.

Baby shower date is set for the end of March! My long time friend on the east side of SD wants to throw me a baby shower after baby is born as well! I’m thrilled! I really, really wanted a US baby shower since I didn’t get one the first time around.

Nutrition Nook: I continue to each extremely healthy about 85-90% of the time saving treats and fun stuff for work or after supper snacks. Overnight oats is my favorite meal; raw veggies with cream cheese is my choice of work snack; lunch is usually leftovers or premade meals and suppers contain my only meat of the day and always a salad and veggies.

I feel like a splurge a lot but when I look at my food journal I know I’m actually not. I think this is because normally I never have these foods…cupcakes, donuts, ice cream  chips (you know the fun stuff). So when I do eat these foods, I actually feel very weird and I do feel slightly guilty because I just don’t eat them. We still don’t buy junk food into our house but having a pregnant co-worker who buys all the fun new snacks is heavenly! She is a much better sharer than I am 😉

Fitness and Fun: I’m sleeping in more and therefore not getting a morning workout which is annoying and disappointing but I’m still getting in at least 30-60 minutes in 6 days a week, running 3 of those days. We’ll be staying at my parents this first week of getting the new house (while THEY paint walls and stain wood floods!), so I’ll be taking full advantage of the treadmill and workout space! Speaking of sleep…some women have issues catching their zzz’s during pregnancy, I am quite the opposite. I do have the 1 to 2 bathroom trips but I know the second my head revisits the pillow, I’m out. Thank goodness!

Week 28: February 27-March 5 (taken on moving day, March 1)

The fact that baby is due in 60+ days is scary. I have the mindset ready but nothing else. Luckily all that baby needs at first is a blanket and my chest, oh and I suppose a few diapers would be good too.

I can’t believe Wednesday marks 30 Weeks!


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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 25

February 6-12, 2013

Another week, another pair of work pants being moved to the back of the closet. These are high waisted so I shouldn’t be surprised, it you look at my bellybutton area, you can see that on of the clasps isn’t done up. 2 pairs down, 4 to go.


Pregnancy, for me at least, is awesome and extremely enjoyable and I am going to give credit to 3 areas: genes, nutrition and being active. Thank you to my parents who gave me great genes. Being 5’8 with a longish torso makes a lot of difference with how I show as compared with someone of 5’2. Nutrition makes a difference in bodily functions (all you preggies know what I mean), energy level and overall feeling. Being active has made the most visible difference in pregnancy. I have no aches and no pains. I’m also sleeping better than a newborn and have high energy levels for my 19 hour days. Running up the set of stairs at work (which is where the bathroom is located) is effortless and running 8 miles last night was easier than I expected.  There are so many reasons to be and stay healthy throughout your life but I feel you REALLY see these benefits during pregnancy…and postpartum for that matter.

Week 25 Prep:
Still listening to Pregtastic episodes. Pretty sure between the two pregnancies that I’ve heard most shows 3 times. I’m going through all the breastfeeding episodes for a little refresher. I you are preggers or plan to be, I 100% recommend listening to these podcasts. It’s real women giving it to you straight and most episodes have renowned experts on selected topics. My favorites are the birth stories.

I bought a snugglie blanket. Yup, that’s it, a blanket. I do know that there are many items coming from Spain that I’ll get to see tomorrow when they return!!!

Week 25 Low:
No surprise here is that having my family gone has been very hard. I used my time wisely: I took lots of hour long baths, have ran almost 30 miles, worked out every day, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, watched a couple of movies and enjoyed browsing as long as I want at the stores. But this isn’t my life, I miss my hubby and baby and want nothing more than to snuggle in our big bed together and read her stories!

Highlight of Week 25:
I went antiquing in Spearfish with my parents on Saturday. It was so much fun looking for unique items and potential pieces for makeovers.

This clock with timer was one of my favs as well as this red antique table that screams for a little TLC!

I have enjoyed the extra time with my parents. Being the baby of the family, I get pretty spoiled but I’ve been getting special attention this week!

Baby Nook:
Baby is rockin’ and rollin’ in the belly. On Saturday after antiquing I decided to rest on the couch and the baby decided it was time to be poking around and I could feel it’s bony limbs for the first time! Heals, fists, feet and all sorts were poppin’ out. I was enjoying playing poking games back! I started feeling stronger braxton hicks contractions which  occur once a day usually. I never experienced these with little bug so this is a whole new feeling.

Nutrition Nook:
Cleaning out the fridge and cupboards was a huge success! I finally broke down and grocery shopped on Sunday for milk and sugar as I couldn’t even make coffee. No coffee…no good!

Breakfast most days were leftover pancakes:


Now these here are how you do a pancake. Melt butter in the pan and sear a banana until it’s a bit crispy, then plop on the ‘cake with PB and you have a party in your mouth. These are topped with chia seeds for a little crunch!


Suppers were usually loaded potatoes or sweet potatoes with beans for the protein source. YUM! Anything that can resemble nachos is always a winner in my book!


My favorite craving continues to be anchovies. I can’t help to obsession, it’s just so dang good especially when paired with cheese.  The dip for carrots is just cream cheese with Franks wing sauce. Franks with cream cheese will make anything delicious!


Fat Tuesday was awesome. I celebrated with a frosted cinnamon roll from Great Harvest and pizza for supper from Godfathers and many cookies. I did manage the stomach room for veggies and fruit during the day. Those Great Harvest cinnamon rolls are so big and delicious, I felt I wouldn’t eat after that. I decided to give up cookies for Lent. This is not an easy task as it’s pretty much the only really unhealthy item I enjoy. I eat at least 2 every time I visit my parents.

Week 25 Workouts:
I love to workout, I’m sure that’s no surprise to you but I really do. If I’m tired, a workout energizes me. If I’m sad, a workout elevates my spirits. If I feel lazy, a workout not only energizes me but motivates me to get stuff done. If I’m cold, it warms me up. No medicine will give me the feeling that a workout gives. I’m truly a fitness nerd!

Wed- Lunch walk: 1.3 miles; PM run: 1.72 miles
Thu- AM: Insanity Core Cardio Balance for 15 min; PM: 6 mile treadmill run 🙂
Fri- 30 minutes of misc workouts (5-4-3-2-1 workout, weights and stretching)
Sat- Strength and cardio workout (2x), Insanity Core Cardio & Balance
ddd1d01c1e059d41e4be348d6c33ddad Sun- Jillian Michael workout: Cardio 2 Phase 2; 6.5 mile treadmill run 🙂 🙂
Mon- Active Rest 20 min Yoga
Tue- AM: 5 min Insanity warm-up; PM: 8 mile treadmill run 🙂 🙂 🙂

Week 25: Work Wear
Maxi skirts are my favorite but I’m trying to get the use out of work pants as much as possible.


Week 25: Weekend Wear
Weekend gear is always stretchy skinny jeans with layers and a hat. I refuse to style my hair on Saturdays. Week25_weekend2


Week 25 Belly Pics



Pop goes the belly button!


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