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Chase’s Birth Story

As I look at my 2 month old swaddled in my right arm and I type with my left, I still can’t believe that we brought this little guy into the world. It’s been a great  couple of months with lots of events and visitors but it’s also been great because of my short recovery time due to a great VBAC birth story. (This is a LONG post so I won’t be offended if you skip this)

My doctor was extremely optimistic for our attempted VBAC and so was I (see former post here to catch up)! I could, yet couldn’t wait for the whole labor process to begin. May 17th at about 8:30am, regular contractions started — lasting about 30 seconds and occuring every 8 minutes. I also had a doctor’s appointment at 9:30. I was opting to not get “checked” by the doctor in prior appointments as I didn’t want to be disappointed OR get excited too quickly; we continued with this trend at this appointment. My doctors said that if regular contractions were beginning, I’d probably have the baby that weekend (it was Friday).

Work was fine. I was training my temp and I simply carried on but knew that this would be my last day for the summer. The pain was mostly in my back, this is how I knew my body was progressing as I had horrendous back labor for baby 1. After work, Little bug and I continued with our regular Friday night Movie Night ritual. Hubby’s work told him to go home at 9. All I thought was, “you really didn’t have to you know.”

11pm into bed. Contractions were every 6 minutes but totally bareable.

11:30pm: Contractions made a 180 turn. Extremely painful and about 3 to 4 minutes apart…JUST LIKE THAT!

I didn’t wake hubby up until about 12:15am when I told him we better start properly timing these. Just as I thought — 3 to 4 minutes. I was standing up during contractions now and leaning over our chest of drawers trying to find some sort of breathing technique that would relax me. Before I knew it, I was in so much pain that I was on the bed in between contractions so I could rest. Tub-time started at about 1:30 and hubby called our doctor. I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS, but because of my c-section, I would need extra monitoring. My doc was at the hospital anyway and wanted me to check-in. We called my dad to come and watch little bug. I ate some oatmeal muffins and we were in the car for the 15 minute drive to the hospital. Contractions in the car SUCK, especially railroad tracks!

Slippers on, no makeup, no hair done, in PJ/workout clothes we entered the ER and about 4 awful contractions later I was finally  in “my” room. Speaking of checking in, why does it take ages and why are the check-in people so boring? No customers service skills on that shift.

My biggest fear was that I would be 1cm dialated. I was extremely tense when the nursed entered to check me.

The verdict, 3cm, thank god. Normally I needed to be 4cm to be admitted but they heard how “real” my contractions were and got me a room.

For the next couple of hours I went through excruciating contractions, coping through them by holding on to hubby’s waist while a swayed my hips back and forth. Inbetween contractions I would rest in bed. the nursing staff was very respectful of my wishes and never asked me about pain medications. Their encouragement was wonderful. Hubby stayed quiet and calming which is exactly what I needed. Eventually around 5:30am I was able to be in the shower for 30 minutes, but ONLY 30 minutes as I needed to go back on the monitor. I also want to note that I had very, very low blood pressure and they wanted to keep an eye on this. The shower was GLORIOUS and 30 minutes felt like 5. I was so sad what it ended.

Around 7am…STILL 3 cm. What the heck!

My doctor examined me and looked at me with the most caring eyes and asked if I would consider being put on the drug fentanyl to relax me a bit. I would still feel everything but in a chilled out version. I instantly was in tears. I was seeing my natural childbirth go down the drain already; in my mind, they were already telling me that I was going to have a C-section. I knew this could be the start of what I dreaded could happen. But…I had been in painful labor for a while and the pain was only going to get worse. I caved.

Fentanyl sucks people, SUCKS! Sure, it relaxes you a tiny bit but the terrible back labor was worse because I HAD to stay in bed so there was no more using hubby to get me through the contractions. The first round of Fentanyl I was “ok” but the second round, I was fed up. I was in more pain than ever. I needed to find a way to cope while being stuck in bed. I experimented with different breathing techniques and what ended up getting me through the contraction was doing deep breathing while saying the work “relax” very slowly — relaaaaax, relaaaax — and this made jackhammer-in-the-back contractions more bearable.

Of course at this time, the nurse walks in to examine me. I’m bawling the whole time expecting 3cm still.

5cm! Progress but I could not and would not continue on Fentanyl. The doctor came and I was more than thrilled to get the dreaded epidural. Again, I was hysterical. HERE entered the next intervention. That was one step closer to surgery, I was sad and angry. Waiting for the epidural sucks and luckily needles don’t bother me so I couldn’t even feel it when they administed it…of course it was right during a contraction but I just did my coping breathing and didn’t flinch once! I was pumped I had finally gotten the breathing down so I was feeling like a bit of a failure for caving…what if I could have kept it up? But, when the epidural kicked in (around 9:30am) I was so happy to finally sleep.

The next couple of hours I was only on the epidural (no pitocin) and was in and out of sleep. Time went by at a snails pace. My blood pressure and baby’s heart rate stayed good. Of course when the nurse checked me around 11:30, no progress…here came the pitocin. Lovely, just what I wanted, barf! I knew the pitocin would be coming at some point, so I was not surprised.

Luckily I was still able to go in and out of sleep but that clock did not move, I swear. I remember one time thinking I had slept for an hour and only 10 minutes went by. Nothing on the I-pad was helping. I chilled as much as possible and just kept checking the baby’s heartrate, please don’t go down or up too much.

I remember hitting 8cm around 2pm and I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I was progressing. I also knew it was getting serious as the pressure was really increasing. I could still feel each contraction this entire time of having the epidural but now they were becoming painful and I was starting to do some breathing techniques again. I was delighted when the nurse told me that she was taking me off pitocin because my body had taken over and was doing the work! Sweet!

Over the next 2 hours I watched Friends and breathed through contractions as they got more painful with each one. Friends was a perfect distraction.  At 4pm the nurse said that I would need to go about 1 more hour and then I could start pushing! We were almost there.

45 minutes later we buzzed the nurse who got the doctor and we were ready to get the pushing started. The nursing staff was amazing at coaching me how to push. If I was doing it wrong, they would instruct on how to correct. The encouragement was awesome! This was my moment, I felt so strong in my core. I felt that all those burpees, planks, pilates and yoga sessions during pregnancy were coming into play and paying off. This is what I had worked hard to get to. What felt like 5 minutes was actually 45 minutes of pushing. Right before the final 2 pushes my doctor informed the staff that the sex was unknown and that hubby was going to call out the sex. Two crazy pushes later at 5:18, at the same time I opened my eyes, hubby called out, “it’s a boy.”


I couldn’t believe it — 1.) that it was a boy and 2.) that we had done it, I had gotten my VBAC!

What my Spanish doctor said (three years ago) I would never be able to do — I did! Even after delivery my doctor commented said that she didn’t know if we’d be able to make it happen. My tilted cervix made it so that Chase have to “turn a corner” which is what led to my intense back-labor and a little more hands-on work from the doc.  She said, “I never met anyone who wanted a VBAC so much!”

After 18 hard hours and a lot of tears we had our baby boy and our family was complete. I was on a high and felt amazing.


I didn’t look amazing but you know what, pretty hair and makeup would not show the real story of my labor. I’m proud of how crappy I look; I earned the right to look this terrible 😉

There, that’s better!


I’m very happy with my birth story. No, it was not the natural hippie granola childbirth I dreamed of, but every decision that happened was my choice and I was in control of each step. I was thrilled that in the end my body worked for me and I felt more than I expected I would with an epidural. And no matter what, you just can’t beat the end result; a healthy and happy baby!




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Before, after, after: 2 months postpartum

The ability of the human body is amazing, especially one’s skin. 2 months ago I was stretchy and vein-y (39 weeks).

Week 39_aAfter 4 weeks, I was at my “set” weight. I say set weight because this is the weight I could easily maintain without really working out and eating a SAD (standard American diet).

2WeeksPostTwo months postpartum and I’m still pretty much at the same weight, give or take a couple of pounds either way.

DSCN4748The difference now is that I’m firming up which is slightly more evident from the front.

2WeeksPost_bI was a sweaty betty in these photos but I had a moment. Those moments don’t come very often these days!

DSCN4749Squeezing a workout in has been extremely more difficult this time. At night I’m exhausted (I have to do the bedtime routine solo); and now that I’m back at work part-time, I prefer to sleep in until baby wakes me…well after a 5am feed, burp and pump, it’s basically time to get ready for work, then little bug’s brekkie, pump again on both sides (I have a manual pump for now) and it’s out the door AND I’m still late for work. Whew, I’m tired just thinking of the morning. I TOTALLY get it now when friends have said, “you really become a parent when you have two.” I get it, I get it.


It’s so much fun though! Never a dull moment, never a completely clean house or face 😉


DSCN4743When I do get the time to workout, it’s either an Insanity workout or run; Saturday through Tuesday are the best days for me. Here are the workouts from the past week.

Sat: 30 min run
Sun: 2 mile run
Mon: Insanity Workout – Pure Cardio and 25 min walk
Tue: Inanity Workout – Cardio Recovery
Wed: 15 min hilly run
Thu: off
Fri: off

I bitch and moan like my world is going to end because I can’t sweat it out most days but it’s MY me time. I NEED this. But you know what, it’s not the end of the world. I DO have better things to do!




Above is a rare occasion where we were all together at night and I could get a pic with my babies. I have tired eyes, greasy hair, probably smelly clothes but luckily the kiddos don’t say anything…yet! I love a good snuggle 🙂 xoxo

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Favorite Thing of the Moment

Being the one who always takes the photos means I’m never in them…any good ones that is.


BUT, I do get to capture my favorite thing at the moment.








Nothing warms my heart more than seeing hubby with our kids, especially for a good ol’ nap!


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Lately…Top 8

Top 10 is so cliché’ don’t ya think? Top 8 is the “new top 10.” In no particular order, here’s a few highlights of life as of lately.

1. Little bug turned the big 0-3. Princess insanity


2. Baby C got baptized


3. I started back at work part-time…you know what this means…I’m ACTUALLY having to shower daily! (Moms, I know you totally get me there). I smell like flowers now instead of spoiled milk.

4. Workouts are occurring almost daily!!! Yes, I’m finding time for me.


…And if I can’t find time for myself, I don’t mind having my workout buddy with me!


5. My in-laws visit was awesome, but all too short. I was in mommy heaven: helpers, adults to talk with all day and extra naps for me!


6. My 3-year-old is turning sassy! 2 was nothing… sassy sucks!


7. Baby C is growing too fast 😦 7 weeks has flown by.

DSCN4602 (2)


8. Breastfeeding with a toddler is not easy. Baby 1 wants my attention so bad, but everything couple of hours she has to hear “in a bit, I have to feed Chase first.” She knows the drill: feed, burp, pump THEN play. We are becoming quite the three-some though I must say! I am a pro at getting everyone cleaned up out of the house on time!

DSCN4577Life is crazy with two, I can’t believe people have more…and then I see these two being all cute and adorable and I remember why!


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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 37

May 1-7, 2013

Baby’s coming soon and I feel ready. Bags are packed, car is clean, house coming together well and front yard is almost done with the very good start to the back.

Week 37 Lows: getting little bug’s cold 😦
Night time potty breaks have gone from once a night to about 5 times
Real contractions but short length (yes I do call this a low as I didn’t get any pre-term contractions with the 1st)

Week 37 Highlights: taking little bug to her first circus! I forgot how amazing American circuses are!
Still being able to run!
Finally getting to go out for our anniversary which was over 2 months ago!
Every single extra day with little bug before she becomes a big sis

DSCN4225Size-wise: I still don’t wear “maternity” clothing except for what’s been handed down in larger sizes or given to me. I have come to love my layers tanks from the GAP which transform most outfits from unusable to tolerable. With all the amazing dresses I was given in Spain, as well as the versatile stretchy skinny jeans there’s been no need to buy extra. I don’t even remember the last new item of clothing I bought. If I need anything it’s actually a new pair of running shoes as mine are shot!


Week 37 Workouts: Yay for still working out. I gave up doing burpees as I could visualize baby getting pissed off with me when I performed them. I wish I’d have more time to do weight training but between carrying a toddler and all the yard work, my arms are anything but lazy!
Wed: 48 min Insanity workout
Thu: Run/walk 3.5 miles
Fri: ?
Mon: 30 min power walk
Tue: 4.2 mile run

37 Week Belly Pic

37WeeksWeek 37 Stats
Gain: 25 pounds (doctor’s scale)
Stretch marks: none
Most consumed food: chips and salad (usually together so it feels like I’m eating nachoes)
Most Interesting Craving: Horseradish sauce on anything
Best meal: Steak
What I want most days: any other liquid besides water

As I finish up this post and starting Week 39 in a couple of days, I wonder if I’ll get another blog in? 🙂  We shall see!

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Bits + Pieces


This weekend was filled with lots of shopping for the house on Saturday and then staying home to work on projects on Sunday. BUT somewhere in middle I squeezed in something I’ve been wanting to do with little bug for ages…take her to a fancy restaurant for dessert! With Care Bear playing cards in hand we set on a very special mommy daughter outing to the Wine Cellar. I can’t believe in about a month this will all change.








I love the “place” our little family is in right now — we have a great routine that seems to work, little bug is so happy and truly a good little girl, hubby and I somehow keep the flame sparked even with our lack of seeing each other and every day is really an adventure (or comedy)…mostly due to the a certain toddler. But as I look at my belly, I’m baffled that this pregnancy is almost over and we’ll be starting again. Sharing love is hard enough between the two, how does one share even more!

I’m so excited for every day right now. The house is getting more and more finished, I’m getting bigger and bigger and the baby is getting closer and closer to being here!!DSCN4164[1]


And if there is a dull moment, lame stuff like this happens 🙂 Hubby is sure making up for never having to shovel before!DSCN4168[1]

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Pregnancy Nook: VBAC or No VBAC – that is the question

When someone tells you you cannot have chocolate…you want chocolate. When someone says, “don’t look at the sun,” you look at the sun. When my OB in Spain told me I would never be able to have children naturally (vaginally)…my thoughts…TO HELL YOU SAY!

Having a child naturally – the granola way – was always my intention. If my mom was able to do it 5 times, I surely could too, right…RIGHT! WRONG! All the preparation in the world didn’t prepare me for the birth of our first. After about 17 hours of labor, I was tired and I wanted my baby. To cut the birthing story short, my doctor’s words were, “You can either do the C-section now or wait 2 hours and do the C-section then, either way you will have a C-section.” This from the words of a mother and doctor who herself had elective C-sections with her children. After the operation, she informed me that I would never be able to have children naturally. (source)


At that time I just left it; afterall, we knew baby number 2 would be born in the US, perhaps things would be different? Or would they? Fast forward 3 years later and I had my choice of dozens of doctors and after selecting the perfect old fashioned hippie doctor, she informed me that she would need to review my operational notes to decide if I would be a safe candidate for a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean).

Crap, this is what I feared. Getting something “as simple” as hospital notes in Spain is not as easy as it sounds, but between my mother-in-law (who speaks pretty fluent Spanish) and sister-in-law (who is Spanish), I knew I had a good team to get my information. On my own though, I finally found my medical records, here is the translation:

Labor started spontaneously and finished in c-section as it was suspected the baby´s head was too large for the pelvis. (Dilation of 5cm over 4 hours without changes on the cervix).”

After reading this translation, I was in tears. 5 cm in 4 hours is GOOD people. The average is 1 cm an hour. I was pissed off. And the crap that the head was too big for my pelvis is a bunch of b.s. I’m a medium build, not that that should even matter but my little one was an average size of 7.5 lbs and her head was not big whatsoever. BUT I was excited…as this would mean I was a good candidate for a VBAC. I couldn’t wait to tell my doctor!

Not so fast. Don’t get out the breathing techniques and meditation CDs quite yet! Doctor said that SO FAR I was a good candidate; I would need to know one more very vital piece of information: how and where was my internal incision?  (Not the incision you see from the outside, the cut that was done through my muscles) Poop, my records did not show this. This and this alone would determine my birthing method fate. If the incision was high it was a no-go and I would have a schedule c-section. If it was low, I would get my shot of natural (or at least a vaginal) childbirth experience!!!!! (source)


With hubby going to Spain, the timing was perfect for him to visit the doctors office and get some answers. With the MIL sweet-talking the nice receptionist and telling her our story, the receptionist simply dialed up my former doctor on the spot!

“In Spain, we always do a low cut.”

WOO HOO!!!!!!! I was so happy when hubby told me, I was almost in tears…again! I still have a choice, I still have my chance!

Although my chances of having a repeat C-section are still high, at least the option hasn’t been completely taken away from me! Who knew one could be so excited about the possibility of all that pain! (source)

62353ff12a19c419deb94508426418e7Coming Up: Healthy Smoothie combos
Working On: Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2 at 25 Weeks


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Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 22

January 16-22, 2013

I will refer to this week as the beginning of pregnancy. So much happened to me and my body this week that it’s almost as if I’m making it up, unfortunately mostly negative; BUT the positives are VERY positive!

Negatives: I came down with the worst chest cold I’ve encountered in a long time. My back decided to go out on me twice. Out of nowhere came a permanent baby bump and I’m like whattheheck. Morning headaches are becoming as normal as bushing my teeth. The cold and a few other life issues are causing me to be very tired again. The plus side to this is I’ve been getting more sleep, at least 1 more hour each night.

The extra shut-eye has also caused me to sleep in a few days in a row and either skip a quick morning workout or only complete a 5 minute warm-up. This is a real bummer for me as my AM workouts help set the day up. I need to relish the sleep though.

The last negative is my appetite. I’m rarely hungry except in the mornings, but my appetite for food is out of control. This and this alone is causing my mom and I to change our prediction back to boy. On Tuesday, I think “food” was on the brain 99% of the day. I wanted salty, sweet, yummy junk all day. I contemplated a dozen different foods I wanted and how to get my hands on them. I wanted to eat. That was all there was to it!

So what did I do…whined a lot (not the drink, the complaining kind of whined), drank lots of water and hot tea and ran 5 miles. I still want the food but luckily I’m super cheap when it comes to splurging on anything for myself and that right there was my savior. After my 5 miles, I went home, enjoyed steak and salad for supper and had a few fun items like graham crackers and a few leftover M&Ms. I felt much better about myself at the end of the day. But today is another day, I still want junk, just not as bad as yesterday!

Ok, ENOUGH on the negative, let’s keep this on the UP!

I’m excited about…oh, wait a minute we’re not telling anyone yet! But we are going through some exciting things that I’ll share soon enough!

Week 22 Baby Prep: washing past maternity clothes. I only have a few shirts that friends gave me but they are now clean and at the very back of the closet in our spare room where I hope they stay for a month of so! Can you tell I’m not looking forward to that moment!

Prepping the newborn box:

Hubby grabbed little bug’s 0-3 month boxes of gear and clothes and I took out all the newborn shoes, socks, hats and clothes — then stuffed them in a separate box to store away. What helped this go smoothly was that we did not hoard any of little bug’s clothing; if we didn’t love it, it went on a rummage sale.

We also stayed very organized with our sorting so this little project took no time! It would have been a 15 minute project but I had to “ahh” and “ohh” at most items.


I divided clothes into brand new, newborn neutral (literally out of the womb newborn), girl newborn, and 0-3 neutral.
This is new from Christmas! Hubby is a big Manchester United fan and this will be perfect, I know it’s more masculine but you’d be amazed what some girl leggings and head-gear can do.
DSCN3566 Baby 1 was born in Europe so the clothing sizes are a bit different from our US clothing. I know that newborn, also called “tiny baby” fits for about the first month and since we aren’t finding out the sex, I find it extremely pointless to wash more than what is necessary. We kept so little the first time around that everything can be washed in one small load! If baby 2 is a boy, everything (except our favs) is being given away to one of my co-worker’s (who we just found out is having a girl) or is being thrown on a rummage sale anyways! All newborn clothes now fit nicely into one box and all we’ll have to do it wash everything in a few months!

Another reason for the newborn box was to figure out what to register for!! Yup, I’m that second-time-around mom having a baby shower. Judge me, I don’t really care. We borrowed almost everything from my sister while in Spain. I have 1 baby bottle, like 5 bibs, a bumbo, a bouncer and clothes…that’s about it. Plus, I didn’t get a baby shower or a wedding shower in the states and would really like to have one! We’re going with a typical Target registry and Amazon wish the list. Most items are quite boring, but with the second time around, one knows what is REALLY useful: extra fitted cribs sheets, diapers, diaper cream, extra changing pad covers…fun stuff I know!

Nutrition Nook: I’m going to be posting more individual posts on the nutrition aspect during of this pregnancy. As a mom already, someone who works fulltime and a bit of a tight-wad, I think that some of the tricks I use can really help out anyone who feels overwhelmed and lost in regards to simple healthy meals and snacks.

Week 22 Pregnancy Workouts: *days with chest cold
*Wed: Quick morning cardio, 1 mile walk at lunch
*Thu: 1 room cardio (10 min), stretching (5 min)
*Fri: 25 min pregnancy yoga
Sat: 3.3 mile walk/run, 30 min weights mix with cardio (while watching Revenge on Netflix!)
Mon: AM=7 min Insanity warm-up. PM= 3.5 mile treadmill lunch run
Tue: 5 mile treadmill run

Week 22 Belly Pics: so sorry for 2 weeks of laziness, they’ll be back in action next week. I just took Week 23 pics on Wednsday morning. I snapped a couple pics in my work wear and running gear during Week 22.

Have a happy Friday!


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Big Girl Room Makeover: Upcyled Chest

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure…especially when the price tag is $5!

Having a little girl means there will always be a lot of STUFF and with that thought we knew eventually we’d need a chest for little bug since baby will use her current chest of drawers. Besides, can you ever have too much storage?

Yay to my mother who thinks outside the box…and is always on the search for a bargain!


Enter the hideous $5 makeover project.


It was worse in person, trust me. I completely forgot to take photos when it was all together but the doors also had daisies!! Large ones at that.


Thick, dark and not-so my style; but what great potential!

The inside has 3 shelves, bottom with 2 drawers. Simplicity was the goal here so I could change it up if needed.

3 coats of primer/base in white and 4 new handles and viola!


Functional and simple. I’m so happy with all the space it provides! I already have the top shelved sanctioned off for the “playing with parent only” toys…aka toys with lot of teeny tiny bits and pieces.


I’m definitely going to line the back with patterned fabric and I would like to add legs perhaps or even put some decals on it, but for now I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s really going to help brighten up her big girl room!



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Pregnancy Nook: Week 20 Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2

Every baby is different AND every pregnancy is different. How does pregnancy 1 compare to pregnancy 2 you ask? Here’s a quick a fun little compare and contrast for your reading pleasure!

General Health: Although I never experienced morning sickness with either pregnancy, I did notice that P2 (pregnancy 2) included more sick, nauseating feelings. Heartburn came on early and strong during P2. Having a toddler made a massive difference to my health as well. I’ve experienced 2 colds, 1 flu and 1 quick 24-hour bug this time around. P1 at week 20 only presented 1 case of food poisoning (expired yogurt) and 1 cold.

Mood and Thoughts: I’m not sure hubby would agree with me here but with P1, I was a cool as a cucumber. No drama…just living day-to-day. No breakdowns, no freaking out.

P2 the baby’s taken over a bit more. I haven’t gone off the deep-end yet but between work, little bug and other stresses I’ve had 2 minor breakdowns. One of them was after the big school shooting on the east coast and the other was just last week. Shit happens right. Luckily I haven’t actually yelled or blown up at hubby during either pregnancy. When I do feel my blood boil, I always, always, always put into perspective his stress level and his insane working schedule. Once I do that, I’m reminded not to sweat the small stuff!

Baby Movement:
P1: felt first movements at Week 17 and saw movements at Week 20, this is also the week when hubby felt her as well
P2: first flutters around Week 14, hubby could feel at Week 17 and see baby move at Week 19

As I read through my pregnancy journals from 2010, I can’t help but laugh. Laugh at the detail! Wow, did I ever have time on my hands. It’s almost as if I had nothing to do

January 15, 2010: …got a massage at La Cala Spa and celebrated our 1/2 way mark by going out to Avatar which was fantastic. Today was a productive day.

January 17: Could see baby move today, almost like one of those alien-type movies, very comical. 

January 19: Ate 2 massive bowls of broccoli soup for lunch and a mini carrot loaf from the Danish bakery. YUM! Ordered tons of stuff from Target. Took an hour long bath tonight and some great homemade soup, what a fab day. We have some baby names picked out: Liliana Scott for a girl and Cobie Alec for a boy. (side note: both of which  never made the final cut!)

January 20: Didn’t workout today, felt like a lazy cow but coming down with a nasty cold. Yuck.

Pregnancy 2 entries: they are very short, sweet and very little detail. Mmm, need to work on that.
January 2, 2013: It’s 1am…why am I up on Pintrest still. WAY too energized.

January 3: So tired, why the heck did I stay up so late last night. Pumped how now that Xmas is over, my cravings for cookies has gone away!

January 4: Got too much sleep last night, it’s having a reverse effect.

January 5: Super energized, wanting to get stuff crossed off my to-do list. Bought tons of veggies for my juicer, very excited

I’m seeing a slight obsession about sleep and energy during P2.

Pregnancy 1 Nutrition: I stuck to very much the same foods; smoothies and oatmeal in the morning; homemade soup and fresh bread for lunch; meat and veg at night. We were so good about making a different type of meat each night. We always ate out once a week but other than that cooked at home with 1 or 2 fun meals with no regards to nutritional value. I was a strong advocate of Herbalife protein to add to my smoothie and oatmeal to give a vitamin boost. I really enjoyed going to the fresh fruit and veg market in town “fruit man” as I called him and my favorite splurge was going to the Danish bakery for fresh goodies. I drank 2 coffees a day.

Cravings: chili cheese fries or chili cheese nachos.

Pregnancy 2 Nutrition: My meals vary quite a bit more but night meals are very sporadic. Mornings consist of oatmeal or fruit, yog and granola parfaits. Lunches are so random — sometimes I’ll have soup, other times sardines or anchovies, sometimes just a ton of fruit and yogurt but it is always fresh, homemade and minimally processed. Supper is mostly a salad with whatever I’m feeding the little one — lots of homemade pizza, sweet potatoes and eggs. Meat is a big issue as I don’t eat a lot to begin with. I really have to plan and force myself to get this incorporated. I prefer to have sardines, anchovies, eggs, beans, PB, nuts and greek yogurt for my protein sources but always make sure to eat red meat (iron source) once a week. I drink 1 coffee a day and sometimes an additional 1/2.

Cravings: PB & J

Pregnancy 1 Workouts: We had a gym membership during this time and typically went 3 to 5 times a week. Treadmill runs ranged between 2-4 miles followed by machine weight training, lots of lunges and planks. Walking lunges and a series of different planks were a pretty big staple throughout this pregnancy. Since we lived very close to the beach, I also did lots of running and walking here. The workouts really helped the first trimester fatigue. Lunch time usually involved walking as well to help fight the afternoon sleepiness!

Pregnancy 2 Workouts: I track my workouts much better this time around. When the weather was nice I would get 5-6 runs in a week and 3-4 with not-so-great weather. Instead of weighted workouts, I do more HIIT and body weight exercises and it really shows. I started out this pregnancy firmer, stronger, faster with more endurance.  I’ve slowed down slightly but can still do everything at almost the same intensity. Although I don’t put in as much time working out, I am working out smarter and more efficient!

Pregnancy 2 Appearance
Clothing: still in normal clothes
Stretch Marks: No
Other: I feel like my chest is full size and ready for breastfeeding already. It’s vainy and gross and try to avoid looking in the mirror with a shirt off. Belly button is half popped already!
Pounds Gained: 8


Pregnancy 1 Appearance
Clothing: “had to retire a few items but other than that, everything fits well”
Stretch Marks: No (didn’t get them at all)
Pounds Gained: 8
17065_1340089624760_454949_nAn OBVIOUS difference with the two but with the exact same weight gain which I was extremely surprised. For the record, I started out 5 pounds lighter with P1 (I’m very ok with that, it was an unhealthy weight). With P1, I didn’t gain any weight until Week 17 which was around the holidays as well. P2 I started gaining at Week 15.

Life: I’m very much a home-body now. I prefer to stay at the house to play and cook with my little one. Unless we’re heading to the park, going out shopping seems very unappealing as I feel it’s wasting my very little quality time with little bug. The first trimester really tested my temper with her as well. I lost it twice really bad with her and yelled and then cried for about 30 minutes after putting her to bed. It was awful. Hormones are a terrible thing when they spin out of control.When I was exhausted during that first trimester, there wasn’t a nap option. I had to stay awake for my little girl, play tea party, cook supper, bathe her, read and sing to her….it was a nightly battle to keep my eyes open until 9. But this has all taught me a lot about myself as a mother too. I don’t read any pregnancy books I’m just listening to my body. I’m starting to relax and let myself not be so controlling. I’m letting the house get a bit untidy. I’m enjoying each minute I get to be hubby and baby. I’m ok with not shopping or keeping up with the Jones. At the end of the day, it really isn’t what your child has but WHO your child has that counts!

Note: As I pour some of these random thoughts out, I still can’t believe I was that person who never wanted children at one time! Craziness there!!

Next in line: Little bug’s upcycled chest makeover, Week 20 highlights

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