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Before, after, after: 2 months postpartum

The ability of the human body is amazing, especially one’s skin. 2 months ago I was stretchy and vein-y (39 weeks).

Week 39_aAfter 4 weeks, I was at my “set” weight. I say set weight because this is the weight I could easily maintain without really working out and eating a SAD (standard American diet).

2WeeksPostTwo months postpartum and I’m still pretty much at the same weight, give or take a couple of pounds either way.

DSCN4748The difference now is that I’m firming up which is slightly more evident from the front.

2WeeksPost_bI was a sweaty betty in these photos but I had a moment. Those moments don’t come very often these days!

DSCN4749Squeezing a workout in has been extremely more difficult this time. At night I’m exhausted (I have to do the bedtime routine solo); and now that I’m back at work part-time, I prefer to sleep in until baby wakes me…well after a 5am feed, burp and pump, it’s basically time to get ready for work, then little bug’s brekkie, pump again on both sides (I have a manual pump for now) and it’s out the door AND I’m still late for work. Whew, I’m tired just thinking of the morning. I TOTALLY get it now when friends have said, “you really become a parent when you have two.” I get it, I get it.


It’s so much fun though! Never a dull moment, never a completely clean house or face 😉


DSCN4743When I do get the time to workout, it’s either an Insanity workout or run; Saturday through Tuesday are the best days for me. Here are the workouts from the past week.

Sat: 30 min run
Sun: 2 mile run
Mon: Insanity Workout – Pure Cardio and 25 min walk
Tue: Inanity Workout – Cardio Recovery
Wed: 15 min hilly run
Thu: off
Fri: off

I bitch and moan like my world is going to end because I can’t sweat it out most days but it’s MY me time. I NEED this. But you know what, it’s not the end of the world. I DO have better things to do!




Above is a rare occasion where we were all together at night and I could get a pic with my babies. I have tired eyes, greasy hair, probably smelly clothes but luckily the kiddos don’t say anything…yet! I love a good snuggle 🙂 xoxo


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Tuesday’s Simple Pleasures

I may not make 6 figures (or even remotely close), I may not own my own house, I may not shop for new clothes very ofter (by choice), I don’t eat out more than a few times a month, the last movie I went to was Breaking Dawn last year, my husband and I don’t even own 2 cars yet…but I can honestly 100% say that I lived a very fulfilled and ridiculously happy and rich life through simple daily pleasures.

I recently read (at an astoundingly quick pace for me) Lessons from Madame Chic: The Top 20 Things I learned while living in Paris and although she writes about life in Paris, I have very similar view points that I learned from my 4 years in Spain.

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in daily life is one Lesson both the author and I share. It could be the ritual of making your special coffee, the meticulous way you clean and organize, your after-supper routine with your family, a simple morning walk or your excruciating sweaty workout…no matter what the simple pleasure is, I hope you have one or 2 or 10.

Here are my Tuesday’s Simple Pleasures:

I was out the door 15 minutes earlier so I could get in a little Body Rocking after my run to work. I discovered that my “trainer” is back from vacation in Spain (go figure, right). She’s not MY trainer, but she does what I expect any trailer to do: motivate and push me harder than I could on my own. On a sidenote, she’s also from the same part of England that hubby’s from.

I love the other trainers at BRT, but Lisa’s energy and drive cannot be matched. I’m still on an endorphin high from today’s workout! That HIGH…is one of my Simple Daily Pleasures! It’s even better than my special cup of coffee.That’s a pretty bold statement for me!

My other simple pleasures from the day include:
– a major coloring session with little bug
– watching her listen to her Pinkalicious book on CD and flipping through the book (she does this on the kitchen floor while I cooked supper)

– getting a bit of food prepped for the 12 day visit from the in-laws and then getting the kitchen put back together!!!

What is your simple daily pleasure?

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Bringing out the Fitness Nerd

Today’s workouts were epic. Epic in the fact that I crammed in a whole lotta stuff.

Here are my fav ways to workout these days:

Today, I somehow managed to do them all! As a fitness nerd, this was a great day of working out. Between the 2 coffees from Seattle’s Best and mini workouts all day, it was like pixie sticks and Red Bull were fed to me through IV!

AM workout:
5 minute warm-up from the Insanity series
12 minute BodyRock TV workout here
5 minute Zumba cooldown here

PM workout 1:
Stroller/buddy run with little bug and Molly: 4 miles when all said and done!

Totally bummed this photo op didn’t turn out. We were both actually looking! The little one was awesome on the run and rewarded greatly with some time at the park!

PM workout 2:
Zumba warmup
BodyRock TV workout here (the second video)

If you are rolling your eyes and gagging, this probably means you are not as fitness-nerdy as you think you are 😉

This weekend marks a 4-day Easter weekend extravaganza! Lil’ bug and I are heading to the Sioux Falls and Vermillion area to see one of my besties and her NEW BABY BOY and then to Vermillion to stay with my brother and his family!!! I’m thrilled to get away for a mini-break, but not so thrilled that hubby will be absent from the trip 😦

Tonight, I’m prepping for the 5+ hour car ride.
1. Pack clothes and personal items

2. Prepare snacks, drinks and meals

I save a fortune packing meals and snacks for these types of trips. I would LOVE to go out to all my favorite places but I’m pretty sure my tummy, hubby and bank account wouldn’t be as impressed! Here are some of the things I pack for us.

Wraps, homemade hummus, sweet potato, prepared sweet potato, prepared butternut squash, oatmeal, yogurt, milk for 2 tastebuds, graham crackers, whole wheat saltines, apples, bananas, cereal, organic bunnies, Herbalife shake mix (for momma), cheese cubes, raspberries

3. Pack travel toys/entertainment and bedtime supplies which does include a DVD player that comes out 4 hours into the trip which is at Mitchell. I figure, she’s earned it by then. Other items include magna-doodle, beads, basket with little bits and pieces, books and more books. Musical entertainment is 72 of Raffi’s greatest hits and a new Mickey Mouse CD.

4. Lay out travel clothes (I’m very excited about a new comfy maxi skirt)

5. Relax. Smash. Wine. Hunger Games. Done.

Happy Long Weekend!

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I worked out for 15 minutes so now I’m fit!

5:15 – home from work

8:30 (sometimes 9pm if I’m being selfish) – tuck little bug into bed

That leaves just over 3 hours for cuddles, playtime, story reading, and all-things-fun with my little one…not to mention supper at some point.

Because I sit all day…8 hours of “chair-butt”…I SO look forward to working out. In the perfect-weather world — 75, sunny with a slight breeze — I would get in a stroller run to and around the park so I’m not cutting into mommy-daughter time. Unfortunately South Dakota weather doesn’t accomodate my needs and by the time 8:30 hits…I have a mountain of laundry/dishes/cleaning/blah/blah/blah/yada/yada/yada that needs attention as well has the hubby, but yet I want to workout and blog and surf pintrest and this and that.

Sound familiar to anyone? If I am lucky, which I’m usually not these days, I get in about 45 minutes of hardcore working out through my Insanity workouts (more on them some other time). Lately though it’s been 15 minutes here or even 5 minutes there (which was the case this morning at 6:30).

For crazy days like this, I highly recommend BodyRockTV.

Since about Christmas time, I’ve been a major fan of their hard, sweaty quick workouts. I said QUICK, not quick and easy. You earn every bead of sweat that accumulates. First off, the instructor lady is like “CRAZY- you make me jealous of you abs -FIT;”

…second, she has a British accent…ok, in case you didn’t know, my hubby is British so I’m all for the accent and third, the workouts usually take about 12 minutes (with little or no equipment). I add a 5 minute warm-up and a good stretch at the end as well. There are days when I do just half the workout so I’m getting at least something in.

If you are looking for quick workouts that are motivating and effective, definitely visit this site here!

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with some British dictionary education. Did you know…

The term “fit” in England is not quite the same as “fit” in the US.

USA, “I need to workout, I’m so un-fit.” “He’s fit as a fiddle.” — Translation: In shape

England, “Check her out mate, she’s well fit.”  — Translation: Hot, good looking.

There’s your international food for thought today!

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5 Minute Workout: A Quickie at the Playground + baby food fun

Tuesday is rest day number 2 after my 17.5-miler on Sunday. I’m eager and ready to run but I follow the plan and use today as an active rest day. Morning time with the family is great…that is if I can get hubby out of bed to join in the fun! This morning I did 🙂 It’s funny how the simplest task…like my husband getting out of bed early and going for a nice family walk can make my morning bright and sunny. I was also getting antsy about putting up a park workout!

We are very, very fortunate to be located 1 block from the neighborhood park! It doesn’t get much better than that unless I had my own park. If I can feed and dress little bug and out the door before it’s too hot, the park will be our main stop! After a quick 20 minute walk with the fam it was playtime for all. Hubs played some bball, bugs took to the rocks and stairs and I headed for ledges and benches to squeeze in a few minutes of working out! Here is a few of the exercises I did. As always I did them one after another.

Push-ups: 2 sets of 15 but I perform them slowly to really work the arms!

Step-ups: 2 sets of 10 per leg.

Dips: 2 sets of 25 or more
 Pull-ups: 2 sets of 12 or until I couldn’t do them anymore
 Notice how I’m closing my eyes…that sun was a killer this morning! So…you are probably wondering…how does she look so gorgeous in the morning? It’s simple really: 1.) Don’t look in the mirror until right before you leave. 2.) Put you hair in a ponytail. 3.) Find an accessory for your hair that covers most of your head. 4.) Use a million bobbypins to tuck away the stragglers. 5.) Put on random clothes you haven’t worn in ages!

It’s that simple!

What I’m trying to get at with this park workout is that you really do not need fancy workouts every single day. Even just 5 minutes here and there doing basic exercises can make all the difference!

I’ve had a few friends facebook me about healthy food ideas for baby/1-year-olds and thought I’d share a staple in my little girl’s healthy meal plan. Lunch time usually means a sandwich with fruit and veg on the side. Today’s delicacy was a spread of avocado (fruit),tuna (protein),cheese (dairy/protein), and cottage cheese (dairy/protein).
To make the spread I mashed up 1/3 avocado, 2 T tuna, a bit of grated cheddar and about 2 T of cottage cheese. The cottage cheese keeps it from being too dry. Simply mash all the ingredients with a fork and spread on your carb of choice.

I am in love with these thin style buns! Even when refrigerated they still stay soft enough for little bug to chew through! I love them for myself because then the sandwich is less “bunny” and I can actually taste all the goods I slap between the slices.

And they are thin! Baby’s side dishes included 1/3 of a banana and then some mashed broccoli and potato which I made last week and froze into cubes. I still find it easier and more convenient to make and freeze a lot of her veggies.

This is a great spread for adults too…obviously! It tastes nice with some crackers or a pita. I’ll share more baby food ideas when I can get the pics in before the baby goes crazy demanding her eats!

Ok, I’m out. Have a great Tuesday!

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5 Minute Workout: Standing Abs

I love Mondays! A new week. A new to-do list that needs checking off. A new set of expectations to meet. But with packing up boxes, selling off belongings, cleaning and recleaning furniture and all the other fun that comes with a big move, all the days have seem to mush together lately. Not Monday though. Monday you get to start fresh. I usually get more done on Mondays than any other day because I’m so motivated! 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love lists. I love checking things off that list. I love completing a list. And, I love making the next list!

Here were Monday’s items of importance:
Book store
Baby blog post
5 minute workout
Ab Ripper workout
Enchilada prep
Little bug: swim
Skype mom and dad
I had the car which doesn’t happen on Mondays so took advantage of my 18 euros in store credit and snagged these treasures!

I’m very pleased to have my own copy of Twilight but even more excited to have more books to add to little bugs “Big Girl” collection!

After my PX90 Ab Ripper workout (via YouTube), I decided that I needed some loosening up. I had a GREAT 7.5 miler on Sunday -9:15 per mile- which is a bad-ass fast for me but it’s left my back feeling less that great so I turned to my Standing Abs 5 minute workout to help!

I do this 1-2 times a week. It’s great for when I don’t feel like getting dirty on the ground and doing while baby is playing. If you are heavily pregnant, eliminate the ball.

This doesn’t look like much, but the next day, you should feel this!


Move from one exercise to the next without rest.
1. Side bends with the ball (10-15 per side)
2. Standing rotations with the ball (15 per side)
3. Single-leg standing side crunch (15-20 per side)
4. Repeat 1-3 again to reach 5 minutes

1. Side bends with the ball (10-15 per side)

  • keep knees and elbow soft
  • inhale when bending, exhale and use those abs when coming back up
  • make sure you aren’t moving your arms, use only your abs to do the work

2. Standing rotations with the ball (15 per side)

  • knees and elbows soft again
  • concentrate in the twisting using just your abs and avoid going to fast
  • pause in the center before twisting to the other side

3. Single-leg standing side crunch (15-20 per side)

  • balance on one leg
  • squeeze as you bring your elbow and knee together
  • switch sides

Modification if you don’t want to balance

 4. Repeat 1-3 for 5 minutes!

I hope you like this one! It’s easy yet you’re getting a nice little ab work in. Did you notice my little workout buddy in there? 🙂

And guess who was back doing The 100 Pushups Challenge ?
Yay, hubby! I think he’s getting nervous about meeting the rest of my family and  friends! I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to look and feel their best when meeting their wife’s fam/friends?

There’s nothing like unwinding for the day with a bit of pool time!

The day ended with some gooey, slightly spicy, perfect enchiladas by your’s truly! I heart Mexican/American food!

What’s your favorite food style?

Used books or new books, what’s your pref?

What’s your favorite summer activity?

Have a great Tuesday!


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5 Minute Workout: Full Body Tone-up

I’ve been a bit busy.
Cutie pie neice & little bug vs. blogging on a gorgeous weekend. Sorry, but the cuties win every time!

Also, in preparation of a certain little girl’s birthday coming up, I have been baking my proud momma heart out trying to find a moist fluffy chocolate cake recipe and a healthy white or yellow cupcake recipe. So far, 3 recipes in 7 days and I’m caked out! I have found my chocolate cake recipe though 🙂 I’ve had to send about 1/2 the cake with hubby to work ’cause I just can’t look at it without feeling slightly ill.

Plus, I’ve been experimenting with cold salads for our upcoming going away party on July 9th, which we are making an American 4th of July type BBQ! Yay, so much fun.

With all the extra extra cooking craziness I’ve still managed (barely) to squeeze in all my runs! I’ll admit with all the extra taste-testing happening in the kitchen I’ve actually been working out MORE. Guilty tummy syndrome I guess! Little bug is infatuated with playing outside so I’m taking full advantage. Here is the 5 Minute Workout I did 3 times last week. It’s the perfect amount of heart-thumpin’ and muscle pumpin’!


Move from one to the other without resting
1. Continuus Ball Wall Squats combined with…
>Lateral raises (10-15 reps)
>Bicep curls (10-15 reps)
>Shoulder press (10-15 reps)

2. Jump Squat Thrust Pushup (10-15)
3. Repeat again for 5 minutes o’ fun!

1. Continuous Ball Wall Squats combined with…lateral raise – 10-15 reps
I forgot how much I love wall ball squats, but they are rather boring so I like to add exercises and multi-task a bit!  1.) find wall 2.) dust the weights off and grab the ball. 3.) Place ball against wall so that it comes to the middle of your back while trying to hold the weights. 4.) Try not to fall over while doing that! These were my inner thoughts!

Ok, back to the task. The pics explain it well enough. If you are new to working out, keep a slight bend in the elbows and raise them only to shoulder height. When squatting, make sure your knees don’t go past your toes and as you come back into starting position, press through your heels! After 10-15 reps…KEEP SQUATTING AND MOVE RIGHT INTO…

Bicep Curls – 10-15 reps
Hopefully if your legs are whimpy like mine, you will start to feel it after 10-15 reps of this, but oh no don’t you think about quitting or resting, KEEP SQUATTING AND MOVE INTO…

Shoulder Press – 10-15 reps

If you are pregnant or postpartum, rest 30 seconds to a minute and repeat a few more times. Do not do this next exercise.

2.) Jump Squat Thrust Pushup (10-15)
This is one continuous movement. Perform a jump squat then go into a  plank and pushup and back into a jump squat.

Hopefully that all made sense! I love these, they are a killer! Now do 10-15 of those and go back to Ball Wall Squat sequence and repeat again for 5 minutes! After 5 minutes of this I feel a bit more rejuvenated on those really “off” days.

And speaking of pushups…in the pushup world…still waiting for hubby’s wrist to recover but he’s a goalkeeper on two leagues here and it seems it’s re-injured every weekend! Me sad 😦 The pushups are so much better with a partner! I need someone to shout me on while I’m almost crying on the last set! But I have been kicking butt. After taking these photos, I did 28, 30, 25, 25, 30 (138 total) with 1 minute rest in-between sets! Not to shabby.

The weather has been absolutely stunning and I can’t get enough of it. The weeks ahead are going to be INSANE. INSANE I TELL YOU! 7 weeks from today I fly the friendly skies back to the US. 7 weeks!!!! I’ve got to get crackin’ on the family time and cramming in as much European experiences as I can!! Here are a few events coming up:

Mijas Blues Festival
Trip to “the lakes” for canoeing and paddle boating
Mijas International Food Festival
Gibraltar day trip
Portugal family holiday

Hopefully I can report on all of this. But,  it really is an important 7 weeks for me to spend as much time with hubby’s family and my sister’s family as I’m able to but I’ll try to post as much nutritional/baby/workout info as possible!

Happy Tuesday!

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Nutrition Nook: Just Beet It!

After 5 days of family fun, my life is slowly getting back into the usual routine…if you call moving across the globe, planning little bug’s birthday party and our going away party routine. It is t-minus 2 months and 1 day till we leave Spain and with all the sorting, throwing, selling, packing as well as spending time with family, day-to-day responsibilities, marathon training, blogging and “Wishlist of things to do before leaving Spain,” I’m surprised we (I) haven’t gone a bit loco!

Today was the first full day of getting back to normal and I tried going at it full-force with my push-ups and 5 minute workout. Today it was 5 sets (23, 20, 22, 20, 25) with 1 minute rests in-between. I must have a chat with that hubby of mine about when we are getting back to our 100 pushup challenge?!

My 5 minute workout I had to do with little bug playing on her activity table while I watch a horrendous program special called Fast Food Babies. It’s about babies and toddlers who only eat fast food. Appalling, disgusting and sad is all I can say about that! Don’t even get me started about fast food and the politics behind it. Anyways, here is what went down during my 5 minute workout:

Deep Plie Squats*: 15-20 (I did a few Plie Jump Squats in there as well)
Pilates Bicycle: 50
Ball exchange (minus the ball): 25
Plank with leg lift*: 10 lifts per leg
I got through this about 2 1/2 times in 5 minutes

*If you are pregnant, I highly recommend deep plie squats. They are great for opening up the pelvis and strengthening the muscles down there. Do them slowly and hold at the bottom for a few seconds. Plank with leg lifts are also safe during pregnancy as long as it doesn’t cause pain or discomfort. They are great for keeping your core area tight.

Today’s juice for this momma was carrot, orange, ginger and pear! Yummy and very energizing. The vitamin A and C overload is exactly what my body needed after all the crap (aka too much beer and spirits) I took in over the last week. Little bug had many sips and gave a giddy approval.
Notice that crappy weather? Where is summer?!!!! Grrrr.

Little bug had a milk shake (formula) mixed with 3 strawberries and 1/4 pear.
A guzzle champ this kid is with her smoothie. I’m so proud that she’s taking it out of a glass since she isn’t a big fan of the sippy cup. I was having problems getting her to take her afternoon formula from anything except a bottle, but once I switched to fresh juice with cooled formula/water mixture, she started drinking from a glass like a pro!

So for the last 3 weeks, I’ve been getting my “beet on.” Beet Root that is! I tried juicing it, but realized in about 10 seconds that this was not ideal or possible for that matter, so out came the Magic Bullet for a little smoothie action.

Beet root, I feel, is an acquired taste but don’t be a wimp and shy away, just keep trying it and learn to love it! Here’s the DL on beet root (per 3.5 ounce serving):
Protein: 8g
Fat: 3g
Carbs: 23g
Dietary Fiber: 6g
Calories: 175
Summary: Although it’ll stain most things it touches, this is a perfect little piece of food. Decent in the protein and fiber and just the right amount of calories to sustain the tummy for a while!

Here’s a bit more love that the BR gives.
-Reduces cholesterol
-Aides in liver production: FYI on this, when the liver is functioning properly, fats are broken down efficiently, aiding weight loss, and preventing fatigue and nausea (that last part is great for pre and post pregnancy).
-Aides in healthy nails, skin, ligament, tendons and bones
-Boosts stamina
Natures Viagra: One of the earliest known benefits of beetroot is its use as an aphrodisiac during the Roman times.
-Fights Cancer
-For women, it improves menstrual problems as well as cures anemia

Beet root as also been coined as a new “super food” for it’s detoxifying qualities and drastically reducing high blood pressure!

Drink it up baby! I usually blend with a few strawberries and a bit of yogurt and water. But today I also cut it up with celery, cucumber, grapes then mixed with a bit of Greek yogurt to make a salad!

Suck it up and give it a go. With all the health benefits, it’s worth the time to get used to it. Studies say it takes a baby 16 “tries” to get used to a food…so…if after 16 “tries” and you still don’t like beet root…then…try it again!

Happy Hump Day!


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Confessions of a Cookie Addict

Confession numero uno: Five cookies worth of dough and four freshly baked cookies yesterday has me making today dubbed Training Tuesday! Damn that Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe, you are EVIL and should be destroyed!!!

Ok, not really. Did I ever mention my weakness for cookies? Forget sweets, candy, chips (crisps), cakes and even most chocolate…the cookie…let me be more specific…the American-style cookies are my true food weakness. One bite, one spoonful of dough and it’s a done deal. I will be dipping in and out of sugar rushes all day long always wanting another cookie fix, I’ll be searching high and low for something equally as good, I’ll promise myself over and over “only one more.” Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone?

I did pretty good to only have 4 fresh ones though, so that’s something right? So when the sun peaked it’s little head through my curtains at 6:30am (that’s like 4am for me), it was shoes on, water in hand, tunes in ears and up the mountain for today’s 3 mile run in preparation for the Run Crazy Horse marathon.
I almost made it all the way up before needing a walk break. I was so tired and I’m amazed and so proud I almost ran up, up, up that crazy mt! Yay me! I was in slow-mo though and all I could think about was on Friends when Chandler and Joey would watch Baywatch! Once in town it was an easy 2 kilometers of flatness before returning downhill.

I wasn’t satisfied though.

Did I mention I ate five cookies worth of dough and four freshly baked cookies? That run would not suffice! It’s Push-ups time!

Confession numero dos: Hubby and I haven’t been doing the pushup challenge for about 9 days now! Slap me in the face, I know! How could I commit to a fitness challenge and NOT carry through with it? Who does such a thing?

HAVE NO FEAR, an excuse is HERE! When hubby went to Madrid for his US paperwork medical exam, he was on the bad end of a needle and came home with 2 shots, one of them being a tetanus shot. A sore-armed hubby, then Paris, and now a sunburned hubby…it’s been put on the back-burner till further notice. I’ve done the pushups on my own a few times but I prefer a cheering section! But, I am going to maintain my pushups until we start up again. Today I did 5 sets (keeping with the 100 pushup challenge style): 20, 20, 21, 22, 25. That’s pretty swell in my book! During the 1 minute rests I combined running my little “field,” doing jumping jacks and standing side crunches for a little mini-obstacle course. And I did have one very loud and needy cheerleader!

Confession numero tres: Little bug and I have not done our Mommy & Baby workouts for about 2 weeks. What kind of a fitness role model am I 😉 Feeling a little better about the whole cookie incident but not completely satisfied, I incorporated Mommy & Baby move (Ball Bridge) into a 5 Minute Ab Workout! Here’s what it looked like on paper/screen.

1. Ball bridge with Baby and added press ups: 20 each
2. Ball crunches: 25
3. Ball planks: hold for 10-15 seconds
4. Ball knee tucks: 10
Repeated a few times until I was needed

I do not encourage self-pics during a baby ball bridge!

I do encourage recycled objects like yogurt containers, empty water bottles and big rocks (as long as they know to keep them out of their mouths) as outdoor toys for distraction during other exercises! P.S. she prefers this over most her other toys! Eat that Fisher Price 🙂 (I still love you though, don’t worry)

Nap time for babes and a shower for momma and I finally felt alright about the unmentionable item consumed in large quantities yesterday.

On the positive side, I’m still taking in lots of decaf teas and freshly squeezed juices!
That one is kiwi and strawberry! Little bug also takes a bit mixed in with her formula. She’s hates formula out of her sippy cup. Who could blame her though, that stuff smells vile…but mixed with a few strawberries and it’s chug, chug, chug for her!

Here’s my week of running (Marathon training Week 3):

Hopefully I can keep my hands out of the cookie jar and cookie mixing bowl for that matter!

I hope all you mommy’s had a great Mother’s Day! I know I did 🙂

Here’s something to make you smile:

I feel I can relate any story to Friends, Sex and the City or Seinfeld!

Coming Tomorrow: The American Runner in Paris (part duex)…it involves food!!!!!


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A Mommy-Runner’s Delightful Day

Hubby’s out of town and Paris is just 4 days away (!)…but this lady STILL had a totally crazy, absolutely fun, very rewarding, terribly sad, but yet exciting  Tiring Tuesday.

Today marks day 1 of marathon training for Run Crazy Horse! For some reason, every time I type that, I want to put “Run Crazy Horse RUN,” like Forest Gump! With hubby in Madrid doing US paperwork mumbo jumbo (medical examination, X-rays, and immunizations) and 501 to-do items, getting OUT OF THE HOUSE became my MUST DO to-do item…after little bug’s long nap of course!

I’m ringing in training season in full-blown style by really taking a magnifying glass to my nutrition (except when in Paris) and getting in little 5 minute workouts a few times per day. I’m an “all or nothing” person when I start a project: good, yes…bad, yes! Here’s recap of today’s 5 minute quickie.

Jump Lunges- 10 per leg
Walking Lunges – 10 per leg
Jumping Jacks – 50
Shuffle drill – 30 seconds
Repeat until sweat is dripping down the forehead!

Now, what better way to spend the afternoon than at the park with my little girl!
Paloma Park (Dove Park) is just 1 block away from the sea, yet feel like you are in the Midwest. Chickens, roosters, rabbits, peacocks, ostriches, doves, ducks…the list goes on and it’s all surrounded by beautifully landscaped ponds, trees, walking trails and play areas!

A little walk in the baby carrier before we were off on our run.

I ran here on mile 6 on Sunday. It’s definitely much better with a bit of company!

Little bug and I headed to the coastline for our 3 miles! It was blazing HOT and packed full of Easter holiday-makers. I would never run with the stroller in this area again. I don’t use a running stroller, just our Graco and it became quite heavy to maneuver in between onlookers.

Many drink breaks later (for the both of us) and it was snack time back at the park and then another circle of the park. I’m so gutted, I had loads of cool pics to share but the new computer and I are having words today and I’m unable to upload them 😦

Although I’m incredibly sad and lonely without hubby, I didn’t let that lead me to the couch with the remainder of my Easter candy, although the cleanup would have been easier! A healthy salad and oven-roasted carrots did me well. I’m getting a bit delirious now as I realize how many words are spelled incorrectly so I better call it a day!

Happy 1st Day of Marathon training to me (make sure you are singing this like Happy Birthday to You)!! This is what the rest of my week looks like:

!Au Revoir! Did I mention I’m heading to Paris in 4 days!!!!!!!!


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