Nutrition Nook: “healthy” cookies and other new favorites

Working, mothering, wife-ing and well — just being me is a fun balancing act, who’s with me on this feeling?  There will be no such thing as equal balance but I am finally putting some ideas into place to help me for more sane.


Just a quick note, I’m so glad to have the carrier back in action. I’m amazed I didn’t wear the straps out with little bug…(April 2011)

One goal is incorporating some new meal staples to make healthy eating more manageable and realistic. Since hubby and I are never together for lunches or suppers except for 2 days a week, it means that I juggle the 2 when preparing supper. This can equal me feeling very rushed and frantic and eating healthy is a lot harder with a toddler — especially is you don’t want to eat the same 3 foods. I stick with our (read her) favorites and one newer dish every week. I don’t have battles with little bug, thank goodness but we do still bribe her a couple times a week with “treats” to eat all her vegetables or to try new foods. Healthy treats became my goal when I saw a chocolate chip cookie recipe on Facebook which involved using chickpeas. I just had to try it! This also meant a great little afternoon activity for little bug and I! Win – Win here!


Chickpeas…the staple in hummus was to be the “body” of the cookie. I was also intrigued that no white or brown sugar was involved, in fact, the ingredient list was super small. No eggs touch this batter — read edible batter here!




The dough was quite nice…with all the PB and honey though, it should be.




The verdict: I was really, like really surprised. They tasted like, well, cookies! The texture is different and these don’t “set” like regular cookies but they are definitely good enough to make again. I’d rate them about a 7 but the important point to make is that little bug likes them. “Healthy” treat conquered!


*Note: I had to make them differently than the recipe calls for. My food processor isn’t large enough for a batch of cookies so I did the PB, chickpeas and vanilla in the food processor and then moved it to the mixer.

Other new and fun food items added include:

Coffee concentrate = perfect for an iced coffee in the morning and it the flavor is just like a proper coffee shop! I use this method.

Garden fresh veggies= my mom has created an awesome garden in our new backyard. I’m reaping the benefits and enjoying zucchini, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers so far. If I can’t use them in time, I juice!



Chocolate overnight oats= overnight oats with 1 tsp of dark cocoa powder and 1T PB. This sort of tastes like No Bake Cookies, which is why I love it.

Peanut butter yogurt chocolate chip “parfait”= 1/2 c greek yog, 1 heaping tsp PB stirred together and topped with fruit, something crunchy (I used Quaker Oat Squares) and 1 T chocolate chips. YUMMY! I’ve been bringing these last two as work breakfasts since I don’t get a chance at home to eat.


Have a great week, hopefully you got a few ideas for new food combos to try on you or your loved ones!



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