Lately…Top 8

Top 10 is so cliché’ don’t ya think? Top 8 is the “new top 10.” In no particular order, here’s a few highlights of life as of lately.

1. Little bug turned the big 0-3. Princess insanity


2. Baby C got baptized


3. I started back at work part-time…you know what this means…I’m ACTUALLY having to shower daily! (Moms, I know you totally get me there). I smell like flowers now instead of spoiled milk.

4. Workouts are occurring almost daily!!! Yes, I’m finding time for me.


…And if I can’t find time for myself, I don’t mind having my workout buddy with me!


5. My in-laws visit was awesome, but all too short. I was in mommy heaven: helpers, adults to talk with all day and extra naps for me!


6. My 3-year-old is turning sassy! 2 was nothing… sassy sucks!


7. Baby C is growing too fast 😦 7 weeks has flown by.

DSCN4602 (2)


8. Breastfeeding with a toddler is not easy. Baby 1 wants my attention so bad, but everything couple of hours she has to hear “in a bit, I have to feed Chase first.” She knows the drill: feed, burp, pump THEN play. We are becoming quite the three-some though I must say! I am a pro at getting everyone cleaned up out of the house on time!

DSCN4577Life is crazy with two, I can’t believe people have more…and then I see these two being all cute and adorable and I remember why!



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