Nutrition Nook: What I Ate Wednesday

HELLO sleep-in Wednesday! Little bug is at the grandparents on Tuesday nights so the 3 of us slept-in till 8:15! After baby C’s brekkie, he joined me for mine.

Breakfast: Cookie-dough cereal found here! LOVE this so much I could easily make a cup instead of the 1/3 I used.

DSCN44511/3 c old-fashioned oats + salt + cinnamon + PB + honey + vanilla= smash all together with fork till it’s clumpy and top with milk and desired toppings (1/2 banana today). I let the milk soak for a bit before devouring down. Try it, it’s life-changing I tell ya.  Regular coffee accompanied this as well as at least 1 additional spoonful of PB while preparing…like I could actually not eat while making breakfast.

Lunch: wrap with sauteed onions, bit of shredded cheddar and over-easy egg in a wrap! I’ve been going nuts about having my not-fully cooked eyes now that pregnancy is over! Sides included a few carrot sticks, pickled zucchini and a small slice of watermelon. The runny yoke served as the “sauce” for the wrap. OMG why have I not done this sooner!


Supper: open-face baked ham sandwich with cheese, horseradish spread and dijon mustard; sides included pickled zucchini again (from the garden last year) and 1/2 sweet potato. We made a huge ham a few weeks back and froze a few bags worth for sandwiches on lazy night such as this! I’m not a deli ham kinda-girl because the flavor sucks but slow-cooked ham is a whole other story! Packed full of juiciness and salty goodness!

DSCN4456I had my little girl back for additional company!


Late night snack: 3oz vanilla yogurt with 1/4 c pumpkin flax granola and 1/2 banana

Wednesday’s Workout: I got my lungs handed to me during my 30 minutes of working out today.

DSCN4454I split this into 3 10 minute segments:
1-10: 10 min Insanity warm-up
11-20: stretching
21-30:  core and pelvic floor work as follows done slowly and repeated twice: (kegals=25, hip raises with squeeze at top= 25, pelvic tilts=25, single leg hip raise with leg lift= 15/side, plank= 40 seconds)

I’m excited for the soreness to start!


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