Bits + Pieces


This weekend was filled with lots of shopping for the house on Saturday and then staying home to work on projects on Sunday. BUT somewhere in middle I squeezed in something I’ve been wanting to do with little bug for ages…take her to a fancy restaurant for dessert! With Care Bear playing cards in hand we set on a very special mommy daughter outing to the Wine Cellar. I can’t believe in about a month this will all change.








I love the “place” our little family is in right now — we have a great routine that seems to work, little bug is so happy and truly a good little girl, hubby and I somehow keep the flame sparked even with our lack of seeing each other and every day is really an adventure (or comedy)…mostly due to the a certain toddler. But as I look at my belly, I’m baffled that this pregnancy is almost over and we’ll be starting again. Sharing love is hard enough between the two, how does one share even more!

I’m so excited for every day right now. The house is getting more and more finished, I’m getting bigger and bigger and the baby is getting closer and closer to being here!!DSCN4164[1]


And if there is a dull moment, lame stuff like this happens 🙂 Hubby is sure making up for never having to shovel before!DSCN4168[1]


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