Runners Nook: Great Race, Great Day

Someone was very excited about Mommy/Daughter Day!

It was a busy and exciting day for this duo. I finally ran my first race of the year, the April Fools 4-Miler!

The little one was still a bit too little to participate in the kids 1K but she tagged along for a few minutes until her gas ran out. She wanted to run so bad, my heart melted.



DSCN4039The 4 mile race went much better than expected. I aimed for 55 minutes which were to include potty and walk breaks but ended up finishing at about 41:30 with only 1 bathroom break and walking for 1 minute! No complaints here 🙂 Baby was very cooperative too. My back ached afterwards but I took full advantage of the free chiropractic massage post-race.

DSCN4041The reminder of the day focused on taking little bug to the YFS Kids Fair…exhausting but well worth it! Between all the walking and running before the morning race and the bouncy castles and activities at the fair, this was one warn out little girl.




DSCN4051After much needed naps by both parties we continued enjoying the weather with a trip to the park and working in the backyard cleaning her little house.

DSCN4058What a great day!







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