Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 32

March 27-April 2, 2013

A 99% finished kitchen; living, sleeping, eating in our home finally; reduced stress; seeing my brother and his family; flying kites; holding baby twins; sharing sleeping space with a 2 year-old bed-hog; Easter…32 week mark of this pregnancy was a goodie.


The Easter holiday took little bug and I east river to Sioux Falls and Vermillion to see friends and family. This was our last trip and just her and I. From here on out any trip east river will involve baby, toddler and definitely one more adult. Traveling with my girl was SO easy! We only needed to pack 1 small bag for clothes, cooler for food, and small bag for entertainment items (books, DVD players, movies, colors, Ipad, Elmo, Minnie). She was a potty pro! We only stopped twice on the way there and 3 times on the way back (6-7 hour trip to Vermillion).


How I’m Feeling:
My heartburn is getting worse but I’m also bending more due to activities due to moving and sorting our home out. I’m sleeping amazingly with only 1 potty break around 4:30am. No swelling, no aches and pain and no stretch marks. Braxton hicks contractions are hit and miss but are starting to get stronger.

Latest Doctors Apt:
Doctors appointments are every 2 weeks…I can’t believe that point in here! Although I’m still measuring small, it’s minimal and nothing to worry about. No weight gain supposedly but it’s probably because I’m not wearing tall boots any longer. I really brought out the questions in regards to C-section procedures here just incase it does come to that again.  I was so pleased the this area is so much more mommy-baby friendly than my first experience! If I do have to get a dreaded c-section I will get skin-to-skin right away, recovery will be spent with baby and hubby, hubby can be with baby the entire time and most importantly my hubby will be with me through the whole surgery…these were all things that we not allowed in Spain during little bug’s birth! (crazy huh)

Nutrition, and working out:
I now have my own little “mommy cave”…aka laundry area, storage room and workout space! It’s a long way  from finished but it is functional. Workouts during week 32 were short 20-40 minutes morning sessions with an insanity warm-up, a pintrest workout and then a big stretch at the end. With all the excitement of being in our house, I haven’t really devoted additional workout time.

Nutrition was pretty basic. Our kitchen sink and counter tops just went in last Friday so the goal was simple, quick and no-fuss meals. Even our breakfast oatmeal and coffee was a 15 minute ordeal to prepare. For suppers I even went with some microwave meals on 2 nights just so I wouldn’t have to do dishes. Lunches and snacks were raw carrots, anchovies/sardines, salads, and raw fruits.

Concerned about…
Although my stress levels have decreased (probably due to the kitchen being almost done), with less than 50 days until the due date and a completely undecorated, unfurnished home, not to mention the jungle of a backyard it’s easy to worry more than necessary. Little by little. Little by little it is getting done and it will get done. I just need to remember to enjoy this time with little bug and hubby.


32 Week Belly Pics: my house is a mess and I haven’t found a good spot to take then yet, so this will have to do.DSCN3969[1]


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