Kitchen Progress II

Am I cooking up a store in my new kitchen? Uhhh no, but I see the light as we’re almost done! A week ago, we were here…

DSCN3776 DSCN3775 DSCN3773 DSCN3772

After painting, installation and flooring we are here!


Surprised? Since living overseas, I’ve wanted a white kitchen and now I’m going to have it! Bright, airy and happy!

This area will be devoted to dishes, glasses, silverware, 1 “junk” drawer and quick tupperware storeage.




My cooking station! Pots, pans, mixing stuff, cooks books, coffee area are right here!




This wall is going to be my pride and joy of the kitchen. Let’s look at what it was when we initially started…


Nothing was in proportion and this entire wall was wasted space. It now looks like this…


My food and appliance pantry area as well as a shelf display area for special items! I’m going to have about quadruple the amount of space than I’ve ever had. In fact, I will have empty cupboards!

Here is a comparison of the floor as well! It’s gray but there are bits of tan and light blue (same as the blue on the walls) marbled in.


Counter tops are in the process of being cut and once they are fitted, the rest will be completed (lighting, hardware, appliance placement).

We started sleeping here on Saturday with little bug moving to her new twin bed on Monday! She loves it, especially jumping on it. I will say that seeing her in such a high bed was frightening for the first few hours, but hubby came to the rescue with a bed rail. We are (very) far from complete, but it’s starting to feel like more every day!





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  1. I love the colors! Hope you’re feeling well- you’re getting so close!

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