Pregnancy Nook: Week 30 Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2

Moving, remodeling, living with parents temporarily again, working, working out, being mommy, being wife, being ME, oh yeah and being 30 weeks pregnant…let’s talk about stress shall we!

Pregnancy 2 at 30 weeks has kicked my ass. I’m not going to lie and pretend and b.s all of you and say it’s hunky-dory. It’s stressful, it’s exhausting and it’s starting to turn me into someone I don’t recognize. If we weren’t moving and remodeling, this would be another perfect pregnancy but WOW…all the cleaning, clutter, dust, endless trips to Menards, extra driving from my parents, living out of a suitcase, existing on coffee, late nights and early mornings are catching up this week.

My days seems to be a “catch-22.” I “could” get extra sleep if I skipped working out. But working out has positive benefits now more than ever. I’m having a lot of back problems, luckily I can stretch out the pain but I have to at least do 10 minutes of light cardio to do those stretches properly. Also, working out is a great mood-booster and really helps me wake up and be peppy straight away, talk about a big stress-reliever for me!

I “could” skip doing the laundry for a week or so but that would mean bringing over more clothes from the other house which I feel just creates more work in the long run.

I “could” skip cleaning daily at the new house, but have you ever remodeled? This is my first and I had no idea how much dusts it creates…and we are only doing 1 room. Then that dust gets trampled all over the house each day and it’s gross and not safe for little bug, myself & baby or anyone for that matter. Because I can’t do any painting at the house, cleaning is really the only thing I can do until we move in properly.

I’ve skipped social media, what little I did do like keeping up with FB and blogging (obviously), and TV — none of these are a sacrifice. I hope to be “back to normal” in a few weeks but until then it’s 2 coffees a day and about 2 hours less sleep 😦 The amazing pride and outcome will surpass this bump of exhaustion that’s happening right now!

General Health: P1 and P2 are presenting lots of heartburn. The second the tums enter my mouth, it’s instant relief! A case of the sleepys re-enters both pregnancies. I laugh as I read through my P1 journals…at that time, I had no idea was being tired really meant way back then!

Mood and Thoughts: P2 mood and thoughts I pretty much pointed out in my opening rant. I’m exhausted, you get it.

P1 hubby and I were going through a major change in our jobs as he started working for his parents which meant we were not working together anymore. I went through a lot of emotions because I didn’t see him all during the day.

Baby Movement:
entries reported that baby was a crazy mover and shaker and I still remember how amazed I was at the strong movements a baby could do. “I can feel limbs grazing me.”
P2: my tummy is almost always in a rock hard state if the baby is not moving. I rarely go more than a few minutes without some sort of “hello” from baby. I’m experiencing lots of braxton hicks contractions with this one. None with P1. Some are very uncomfortable but I’m appreciating these little reminders and flashbacks to actual labor pain. Baby has started moving during workouts which is crazy-uncomfortable! I feel that this baby’s movements are much stronger; it kicked me so hard in the ribs the other night that I actually burst into tears from the pain! OUCH.

Journal Entries:

I’m still impressed that I actually wrote proper paragraphs most day! I’m so glad I did this, it’s a great flashback into daily habits and what kind of a person I was back then, back before I became “mommy.” I talked a lot about my job and what was happening at work. I worked for my sister’s radio show and we were busy working on a bit advertising push at that time.

I could tell that work was stressing me out because I was eating a lot more sugary foods and wrote about these frustrations.

March 31, 2010
I’m frustrated about my eating from yesterday. I had what felt like a million biscuits (little cookies) and too many tablespoons of Nutella and don’t even get me started on my horrendous nighttime eating. I’m just utterly annoyed that I let my stress get the best of me.

April 5, 2010
The last 6 days nutritionally have been really, really bad. I’m having major sugar pushes. I’m getting in my healthy meals but it’s being over-taken now by all the unhealthy stuff that I’m snacking on later in the day. It makes me crabby and unmotivated.

One great thing was getting a huge start on the nursery. Alec did a fantastic job of painting and I’ve cleaned the furniture and started on the laundry with all the boxes of things Laura (my sister) gave us. I had no idea there was so much to wash.

Back up to 2 coffees to help with increased tiredness.  It’s also getting harder to get in and out of bed, no fun there.

Pregnancy 2 entries: what journal entries? I haven’t given myself any spare time to journal. Eek! If I do journal, it’s usually just workouts and nutrition. The beginning paragraphs of this blog pretty much describes what I would have jotted down!

Pregnancy 1 Nutrition: During this time, I was having some issues with controlling my cravings and wants, I must have been too pissed off to even pop everything onto paper. I stuck to the same time-frame of eating most days. Now just to give you a little background, days in Spain ran very differently. My working hours were 11-8 or 9 so my eating times were much different.

Typical Day…
10:15am: Egg sandwich (1 egg with 2 slices whole wheat toast and butter)

Noon: coffee

2:00pm: smoothie (1 scoop Herbalife powder, milk, yogurt, frozen berries)

4:00pm: 1/2 baguette, bowl of homemade soup

6:00pm: toast with hummus

7:30pm: coffee

10:00pm: lentil stirfry with veggies

Pregnancy 2 Nutrition: Being at the parents house over the last 2 1/2 weeks has been GLORIOUS! We all eat supper together and it’s nice to have a different menu…oh and their fully stocked pantry helps with snacks! Although healthy eating is my thing, I don’t hesitate to indulge because my mom carries my favorites. Here’s a very typical day lately…

7:00am: Fage greek yogurt with berries topped with 1 T PB, coconut flakes, walnuts. Coffee

10:00am (snack 1): fruit, crackers, sugarsnap peas

12:00pm (lunch): supper leftovers or a spinach salad with homemade veggie burger

3:30pm (snack 2): same as snack 1 or if anyone in the office has goodies. Coffee if needed

6:30pm (supper): protein, salad (always), starchy carb, veggie. My mom cooks like she did on the farm, all meals are very balanced

10:00pm (fun food): this time is saved for whatever treat I want…usually a 7-Layer bar, ice cream, OJ, or chips.


Pregnancy 1 Workouts: I now had access to a sweet treadmill anytime! I ran A LOT now. Yoga was also on the daily schedule. Treadmill runs ranged between 20 minutes-60 minutes with one day off: walking 1/3 and running 2/3 of the workout. I rotated strength and pilates as well so I was really working out for at least 90 minutes most days. Strength consisted mostly of dips, walking lunches, pushups and squats.

Pregnancy 2 Workouts: Longer morning workouts have returned, clocking in 40-45 minutes each morning, usually a combination of stuff I’ve pinned and workout combos I’ve always enjoyed. The first 5 minutes are painful but once I get going, the day gets better and better. I’m squeezing in 3-4 runs still and incorporating the same 1/3 walk, 2/3 run system. I want to run more but it’s a bathroom issue that holds me back from longer sessions if I attempt to run outside. Luckily the park restrooms are slowly opening as the weather gets warmer. The difference I’ve noticed most in workouts is that I can do burpees in the morning but barely in the evening. Heartburn usually sets in immediately in the case. Barf. Stretching is heaven and I try to get 5-10 minutes in the morning and 15+ minutes at night.

Pregnancy 2 Appearance
Clothing: decided it was time to bring out my few maternity or maternity type pieces so that I get some good wear out of them
Stretch Marks: No but I have patchy red skin from using a different detergent which causes me to itch more.
Other: I hate the tight feeling right around my belly button…almost like the baby is going to burst out at any moment.
Pounds Gained: 19. I did have belly pics taken, but when editing, I deleted one of them.



Pregnancy 1 Appearance
Clothing: enjoying playing around with fashion
Stretch Marks: No (didn’t get them at all)
Pounds Gained: 18

Happy to report that weight gain is about the same although I’ve really popped now this time around. I feel like I’m carrying this one in the same position as little bug, so does that mean it’s a girl? I’m pretty sure that if this baby is in fact a boy (which I’m still debating my guess), I’ll explode any day now.

Say Cheeeese!




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