Ch-ch-ch Changes

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Life’s handed us an incredible second pregnancy and we’ve decided to buy our first house. It’s official  we’re big kids. Big kids who in a few short months will parent 2 kids. When did we grow up? I still feel like I’m 25 jumping on a plane to live in Spain on a whim…and now we are homeowners. AHHHHH!

This is why I’ve been MIA for a while now and will probably continue to be over the next few weeks as we are remodeling the kitchen. Here are a few pics and such from the past few weeks.

Week 26: February 13-19


Week 27: February 20-26th

Little bug: a potty pro, a chatterbox, an entertainer. I’m so excited for her new big girl room. We are hoping the carpet is in on Friday!

Baby: CONSTANT mover like mamma. As I type this, there a little boxing and/or kicking sessions taking place on my right side. The only time this baby is still is when I AM working out. There are times when I’m in a lot of pain though because of an odd position. My last doctors apt my uterus measured 3 weeks behind but the doctor is not concerned as she thinks baby was hiding that day. If baby still measures small at the 30 week apt, I’ll simply get another ultrasound to confirm growth.

Baby shower date is set for the end of March! My long time friend on the east side of SD wants to throw me a baby shower after baby is born as well! I’m thrilled! I really, really wanted a US baby shower since I didn’t get one the first time around.

Nutrition Nook: I continue to each extremely healthy about 85-90% of the time saving treats and fun stuff for work or after supper snacks. Overnight oats is my favorite meal; raw veggies with cream cheese is my choice of work snack; lunch is usually leftovers or premade meals and suppers contain my only meat of the day and always a salad and veggies.

I feel like a splurge a lot but when I look at my food journal I know I’m actually not. I think this is because normally I never have these foods…cupcakes, donuts, ice cream  chips (you know the fun stuff). So when I do eat these foods, I actually feel very weird and I do feel slightly guilty because I just don’t eat them. We still don’t buy junk food into our house but having a pregnant co-worker who buys all the fun new snacks is heavenly! She is a much better sharer than I am 😉

Fitness and Fun: I’m sleeping in more and therefore not getting a morning workout which is annoying and disappointing but I’m still getting in at least 30-60 minutes in 6 days a week, running 3 of those days. We’ll be staying at my parents this first week of getting the new house (while THEY paint walls and stain wood floods!), so I’ll be taking full advantage of the treadmill and workout space! Speaking of sleep…some women have issues catching their zzz’s during pregnancy, I am quite the opposite. I do have the 1 to 2 bathroom trips but I know the second my head revisits the pillow, I’m out. Thank goodness!

Week 28: February 27-March 5 (taken on moving day, March 1)

The fact that baby is due in 60+ days is scary. I have the mindset ready but nothing else. Luckily all that baby needs at first is a blanket and my chest, oh and I suppose a few diapers would be good too.

I can’t believe Wednesday marks 30 Weeks!



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2 responses to “Ch-ch-ch Changes

  1. Sounds like some crazy fun. Hope everything continues to go well. =)
    Also, we still need to go for a run together sometime!

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