Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 25

February 6-12, 2013

Another week, another pair of work pants being moved to the back of the closet. These are high waisted so I shouldn’t be surprised, it you look at my bellybutton area, you can see that on of the clasps isn’t done up. 2 pairs down, 4 to go.


Pregnancy, for me at least, is awesome and extremely enjoyable and I am going to give credit to 3 areas: genes, nutrition and being active. Thank you to my parents who gave me great genes. Being 5’8 with a longish torso makes a lot of difference with how I show as compared with someone of 5’2. Nutrition makes a difference in bodily functions (all you preggies know what I mean), energy level and overall feeling. Being active has made the most visible difference in pregnancy. I have no aches and no pains. I’m also sleeping better than a newborn and have high energy levels for my 19 hour days. Running up the set of stairs at work (which is where the bathroom is located) is effortless and running 8 miles last night was easier than I expected.  There are so many reasons to be and stay healthy throughout your life but I feel you REALLY see these benefits during pregnancy…and postpartum for that matter.

Week 25 Prep:
Still listening to Pregtastic episodes. Pretty sure between the two pregnancies that I’ve heard most shows 3 times. I’m going through all the breastfeeding episodes for a little refresher. I you are preggers or plan to be, I 100% recommend listening to these podcasts. It’s real women giving it to you straight and most episodes have renowned experts on selected topics. My favorites are the birth stories.

I bought a snugglie blanket. Yup, that’s it, a blanket. I do know that there are many items coming from Spain that I’ll get to see tomorrow when they return!!!

Week 25 Low:
No surprise here is that having my family gone has been very hard. I used my time wisely: I took lots of hour long baths, have ran almost 30 miles, worked out every day, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, watched a couple of movies and enjoyed browsing as long as I want at the stores. But this isn’t my life, I miss my hubby and baby and want nothing more than to snuggle in our big bed together and read her stories!

Highlight of Week 25:
I went antiquing in Spearfish with my parents on Saturday. It was so much fun looking for unique items and potential pieces for makeovers.

This clock with timer was one of my favs as well as this red antique table that screams for a little TLC!

I have enjoyed the extra time with my parents. Being the baby of the family, I get pretty spoiled but I’ve been getting special attention this week!

Baby Nook:
Baby is rockin’ and rollin’ in the belly. On Saturday after antiquing I decided to rest on the couch and the baby decided it was time to be poking around and I could feel it’s bony limbs for the first time! Heals, fists, feet and all sorts were poppin’ out. I was enjoying playing poking games back! I started feeling stronger braxton hicks contractions which  occur once a day usually. I never experienced these with little bug so this is a whole new feeling.

Nutrition Nook:
Cleaning out the fridge and cupboards was a huge success! I finally broke down and grocery shopped on Sunday for milk and sugar as I couldn’t even make coffee. No coffee…no good!

Breakfast most days were leftover pancakes:


Now these here are how you do a pancake. Melt butter in the pan and sear a banana until it’s a bit crispy, then plop on the ‘cake with PB and you have a party in your mouth. These are topped with chia seeds for a little crunch!


Suppers were usually loaded potatoes or sweet potatoes with beans for the protein source. YUM! Anything that can resemble nachos is always a winner in my book!


My favorite craving continues to be anchovies. I can’t help to obsession, it’s just so dang good especially when paired with cheese.  The dip for carrots is just cream cheese with Franks wing sauce. Franks with cream cheese will make anything delicious!


Fat Tuesday was awesome. I celebrated with a frosted cinnamon roll from Great Harvest and pizza for supper from Godfathers and many cookies. I did manage the stomach room for veggies and fruit during the day. Those Great Harvest cinnamon rolls are so big and delicious, I felt I wouldn’t eat after that. I decided to give up cookies for Lent. This is not an easy task as it’s pretty much the only really unhealthy item I enjoy. I eat at least 2 every time I visit my parents.

Week 25 Workouts:
I love to workout, I’m sure that’s no surprise to you but I really do. If I’m tired, a workout energizes me. If I’m sad, a workout elevates my spirits. If I feel lazy, a workout not only energizes me but motivates me to get stuff done. If I’m cold, it warms me up. No medicine will give me the feeling that a workout gives. I’m truly a fitness nerd!

Wed- Lunch walk: 1.3 miles; PM run: 1.72 miles
Thu- AM: Insanity Core Cardio Balance for 15 min; PM: 6 mile treadmill run 🙂
Fri- 30 minutes of misc workouts (5-4-3-2-1 workout, weights and stretching)
Sat- Strength and cardio workout (2x), Insanity Core Cardio & Balance
ddd1d01c1e059d41e4be348d6c33ddad Sun- Jillian Michael workout: Cardio 2 Phase 2; 6.5 mile treadmill run 🙂 🙂
Mon- Active Rest 20 min Yoga
Tue- AM: 5 min Insanity warm-up; PM: 8 mile treadmill run 🙂 🙂 🙂

Week 25: Work Wear
Maxi skirts are my favorite but I’m trying to get the use out of work pants as much as possible.


Week 25: Weekend Wear
Weekend gear is always stretchy skinny jeans with layers and a hat. I refuse to style my hair on Saturdays. Week25_weekend2


Week 25 Belly Pics



Pop goes the belly button!



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  1. Glad to hear you’ve kept busy and that your family will be home soon- YAY!

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