Nutrition Nook: Sweet Tooth Smoothies

Hubby and little bug are having a blast in Spain (where it’s warm and sunny) and surprisingly I am surviving on my own…barely. I haven’t gone bonkers and bought in a bunch of junk food or sat my preggie butt in the chair for hours on end watching House reruns; my life has actually been quite the opposite.

Cleaning and working out have consumed the past 8 days.
I am taking advantage of being able to run whenever without a time-cap. On the food front, I’m trying to clear out the fridge and cupboards before buying in more food. This is NOT an easy task because we keep minimum food in the house.

But around 9pm there becomes a problem…a pregnant problem 😉

When pregnant, cravings can get OUT OF CONTROL! It’s not hunger I’m speaking of, it’s cravings — very different terms here. One minute I want chocolate, then I want salty, then crunchy, the a donut, then pie, then nachoes, then cake, then crackers and then all hell breaks loose because we have NONE of this! But I’ve found a remedy! It’s not the same as French Chocolate Silk Pie from Perkins but this semi-chocolately smoothie seems to cure me from ransaking the cupboards of all carbs and cereal! It’s not super crazy flavorful but there is just enough to take the edge off. Wow, I sound like I’m going through a 12-step program.

Low-calorie Dark Chocolate Banana Smoothie

1/2 c. milk
1/2 banana
1 tsp dark cocoa powder
1 c. ice

Blend and enjoy this chocolatey delight! Add more of any ingredient to suit your taste buds!

This smoothie yields approximately 110 calories depending on the type of milk. The dark cocoa powder has numerous health benefits, but my favorite is that it’s loaded with iron — very important especially during pregnancy AND someone who doesn’t eat much meat.

Speaking of which, I haven’t had meat in over a week, totally by accident. I’ve been relying on beans, legumes, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and anchovies for my protein boosts.

Smoothie number 2 was inspired by a the infamous DQ Orange Julius…and a sick co-worker. (I have such a strong memory of the Sioux Falls mall and Orange Julius’s with friends!) Anywho…I needed a Vitamin C boost asap but with a natural twist as compared to the artificial sugar induced DQ favorite. Here was my take:

3 cuties pealed
1/2 banana (I would reduce to 1/4 next time)
1/4 c. oats (optional but add more bulk and fill-up power)
1 T flax (optional)

Blend and guzzle! This is ultra refreshing in the morning or right after a workout!!
I didn’t measure the milk or yog but kept adding until I found a consistency that worked. I also did add water at the very end because it was too  milky.

The great aspect of these two smoothies is that chances are I always have these ingredients on hand. I hate when I see a new smoothie recipe (or any recipe) and have to buy in most of the ingredients.

If you make these in advance, I totally suggest popping them in the freezer for an icecream effect!

Have a happy week!


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