Pregnancy Nook: VBAC or No VBAC – that is the question

When someone tells you you cannot have chocolate…you want chocolate. When someone says, “don’t look at the sun,” you look at the sun. When my OB in Spain told me I would never be able to have children naturally (vaginally)…my thoughts…TO HELL YOU SAY!

Having a child naturally – the granola way – was always my intention. If my mom was able to do it 5 times, I surely could too, right…RIGHT! WRONG! All the preparation in the world didn’t prepare me for the birth of our first. After about 17 hours of labor, I was tired and I wanted my baby. To cut the birthing story short, my doctor’s words were, “You can either do the C-section now or wait 2 hours and do the C-section then, either way you will have a C-section.” This from the words of a mother and doctor who herself had elective C-sections with her children. After the operation, she informed me that I would never be able to have children naturally. (source)


At that time I just left it; afterall, we knew baby number 2 would be born in the US, perhaps things would be different? Or would they? Fast forward 3 years later and I had my choice of dozens of doctors and after selecting the perfect old fashioned hippie doctor, she informed me that she would need to review my operational notes to decide if I would be a safe candidate for a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean).

Crap, this is what I feared. Getting something “as simple” as hospital notes in Spain is not as easy as it sounds, but between my mother-in-law (who speaks pretty fluent Spanish) and sister-in-law (who is Spanish), I knew I had a good team to get my information. On my own though, I finally found my medical records, here is the translation:

Labor started spontaneously and finished in c-section as it was suspected the baby´s head was too large for the pelvis. (Dilation of 5cm over 4 hours without changes on the cervix).”

After reading this translation, I was in tears. 5 cm in 4 hours is GOOD people. The average is 1 cm an hour. I was pissed off. And the crap that the head was too big for my pelvis is a bunch of b.s. I’m a medium build, not that that should even matter but my little one was an average size of 7.5 lbs and her head was not big whatsoever. BUT I was excited…as this would mean I was a good candidate for a VBAC. I couldn’t wait to tell my doctor!

Not so fast. Don’t get out the breathing techniques and meditation CDs quite yet! Doctor said that SO FAR I was a good candidate; I would need to know one more very vital piece of information: how and where was my internal incision?  (Not the incision you see from the outside, the cut that was done through my muscles) Poop, my records did not show this. This and this alone would determine my birthing method fate. If the incision was high it was a no-go and I would have a schedule c-section. If it was low, I would get my shot of natural (or at least a vaginal) childbirth experience!!!!! (source)


With hubby going to Spain, the timing was perfect for him to visit the doctors office and get some answers. With the MIL sweet-talking the nice receptionist and telling her our story, the receptionist simply dialed up my former doctor on the spot!

“In Spain, we always do a low cut.”

WOO HOO!!!!!!! I was so happy when hubby told me, I was almost in tears…again! I still have a choice, I still have my chance!

Although my chances of having a repeat C-section are still high, at least the option hasn’t been completely taken away from me! Who knew one could be so excited about the possibility of all that pain! (source)

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3 responses to “Pregnancy Nook: VBAC or No VBAC – that is the question

  1. Aww, sweetie! I really hope that you get to birth naturally, the way that you want. I initially intended this too, but am actually okay with having had 2 c-sections. I just told myself that it didn’t matter- my kids both arrived safely and that is what matters. I’ll be praying for you to have the experience you want- good luck!

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