Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 24

January 30-February 5, 2013

The day has come. I retired my first pair of work pants.


The legs and bum have some spare room but the waist was done. I could use a rubber-band or one of little bug’s ponytail holders to create a loop but I have about 6 pairs of work pants that I’m hoping to fit into until week 30.

On another down, my family left me for Spain until Valentines Day. Sniff, sniff. I don’t want to comment too much on this topic yet. I will say that I’m getting a lot of cleaning accomplished and taking advantage of being noisy in the mornings and evenings. These are not “ups”…there are no “ups” to them being gone 😦


Sad talk done…let’s chat about the fun stuff!!

Baby movements: This baby is getting B.I.G.  If you asked me to keep track, I would lose count in a minute. No kidding. I love this! Baby 1 was a mover and shaker but this baby is bigger and feels longer. On Tuesday I was watching the Smash premiere (finally good TV!) and spent the entire two hours with both of my arms over my stomach feeling the never-ending movements! This baby loves it’s exercise just like momma.

Gender Predictions: 90% convinced it’s a boy. No reasoning, just a feeling.

Baby Names: we’ve had our girl name picked out since about Week 10, the boy name (which hubby gets to decide) is down to 2 very strong choices! But with little bug, she was destined to be a Lilliana or Ramsey and we both changed our minds during the last two weeks. One never knows! As decider of the girl name, I’m 100% positive on mine…even though this has got to be a boy!

Nutrition Nook:

My favorite breakfast for week 24 was a 1/2 smash banana with smashed raspberries on homemade bread with a glass of fresh juice.

I continue to make fresh juices once a week in a big batch. This combo in particular was simply using up veggies that were on their last leg: beet root, carrots, kale, collard greens, fresh ginger, cuties and apples.


Sweet potatoes are making an appearance almost once a day whether it’s through the lentil casserole I made in bulk for my lunches or prepping a loaded sweet potato at night, I fail to become exhausted from this lovely filling veg!
This in particular was one small sweet potato topped with jalapenos, banana peppers, black olives, black beans, red onion, salsa and cheese! As HUGE and filling as this was, the nutritional value sky-rockets in this meal!

Week 24 Workouts:
Last week was about running, this week was about the home workouts using Insanity videos. I’m still amazed as to how well I’m still performing the exercises. Rest breaks are more often, but I’m still getting in almost all the moves. I feel  very strong but I know that I need to work more on my flexibility.

Wed: AM= 5 min misc cardio, 10 min yoga. PM= 45 min Insanity Cardio Interval
Thu: 5 min various cardio, 15 min Insanity Max Cardio Interval cardio workout
Fri: 20 min Insanity Core Balance Recovery workout, 5 min misc cardio
Sat: 47 min Insanity Max Interval Cardio workout
Mon: 68 min workout consisting of strength, plyometrics, cardio and stretching
Tue:  AM=10 min Insanity workout, Waist trimmer workout; Lunch walk= just over a mile. PM= 5 mile treadmill run
tumblr_m9hyeloy9A1ql2uvyo1_1280 (1)

Week 24 Belly Pics:


Coming Next: Will I get my chance to VBAC? Did my Spanish OBGYN destroy my hopes of natural child birth?


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