Nutrition Nook: Breakfast for 3

Sh*t, I overslept.

Crap, this doesn’t go together…need new outfit.

I can’t find any change. I’m not going to make the bus.

4 out of 5 days, these are my thoughts at 7:03 as I need to be out of the door in 2 minutes to catch the bus.

Breakfast — my favorite meal, the most important meal of the day, yet if I plan wrong, it can mess up my whole day.

3 peeps in the house — 3 different breakfast needs. Here are my tips how to make it work and be out the door on time!

Now if I had a teenager this would be completely different. They could get their own bacon-nutella filled toaster strudle waffle with redbull laced cheese frosting!

1. Limit your options:
One thing I learned while living overseas — less mean more — more sanity. Less choice = less stress and less to think about. Weekdays little bug has 2 to 3 choices for brekkie.

Oatmeal with fruit and yogurt= heat 1/4 c oats with 1/4 c. milk, 1/2 c. water and smashed up fruit (I prefer berries of some sort or 1/2 banana). I also mix in cinnamon and chia seeds at this time for extra flavor. Heat for about 3 minutes until liquid is absorbed. Now stir in yogurt of your choice. I’m guessing I use about 3T. I always do a taste-test. If there’s not enough yogurt, she won’t touch it. (her’s shown on right)

Yogurt and fruit with Oatmeal Muffin
Yogurt with fruit and crunchies (granola)


Hubby has one choice if he wants me to make his breakfast: a smoothie

Mommy choices: smoothies, oatmeal mix like the little one or fruit and yogurt, overnight oats with extra fruit


Less choice makes for easier shopping as well! If we are craving something different we choose to save it for the weekend (i.e pancakes ) when we can all eat together!

2. Know before you go…to sleep that is:
This is the prep stage. Before getting your zzzz’s know what you are making the next morning. If there anything you can make now to save time later. Smoothies, overnight oats, yogurt with smashed fruit mixed in. (overnight oats prep shown)

This also goes for clothing. Pick it out, set it out! No fuss, no muss!

3. Lay it out:
Set the table, pull out the dry ingredients, prep bowls, drag the silverware out…it’s amazing how doing little details like this the night before can save a few minutes in the morning!
DSCN3422 For all you type-A personalities out there (ie ME) this may be a hard step because your kitchen will have “stuff” scattered about but it’s an awesome feeling in the morning when you are THAT behind because you forget to pick out jewlery or shoes. Breathe all you Type-A’s out there, it’s ok; no one sees the “stuff” while you’re sleeping!

4. Prioritize:
If all plans fail, feed baby first. The means to always have back-up. My brekkie-on-the-go is a banana and PB to eat once I get to work.

5. Sleep, wake and up for the day
Hopefully you have the same luck as I do. I love a good plan of attack even for something as simple as breakfast . “If you fail to plan you plan to fail,” mumbo-jumbo is definitely my thought on this one.

If you have any go-to breakfasts for the family or quick tricks, let me know! I hope some of what I wrote gives you some ideas too!



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2 responses to “Nutrition Nook: Breakfast for 3

  1. Great tips! Plus, I give you total kudos for being a working Mom. I work, but have the luxury of doing it from home, so eliminate that whole ‘need to go at a certain time’ (and who am I kidding, ‘get dressed in real clothes by 8am’) part.
    I have always been an avid night-before planner. You’re right- it’s quicker, easier and much less stressful!

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