Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 23

January 23-29, 2013

Now you see it…


…now you don’t! Well barely.

Week23_clothescA master of disguise, a clever magician…no, just a long torso. On this, Week 23 I can still fit into all my tops and bottoms; but on the downside, my heartburn is that of being 40 weeks and my back consistently goes out about every other night depending on my workout. “Just don’t workout.” Well that’s no fun I say. I sit all day long; so moving at night feels great, well, until about 11 and then it’s game-over. Anyways…

Favorite Moment: getting to spend proper play time outside with little bug! 1 hour at the park on Saturday was delightful and needed in so many ways. The park was packed! She ran and ran and ran until her cheeks were red! Even though it’s only the end of January, I’m already dreaming of spring and summer days and nights: shorts, lots of daylight, living outside, stroller runs…but then I remember that it was 10 degrees today (1/31/13) and we have a long way to go!


Nutrition Nook:
My favorite breakfast has been overnight oats (it’s been a LONG time coming) and homemade applesauce. I warm the sauce before plopping it on the cold oats and it is truly dessert for breakfast! For my overnight oats I use 1/4 c. oats, 1/4 c. greek yogurt, 1/4 c. milk with cinnamon and chia seeds.


My new favorite weekend tradition: homemade pancakes! I’m still experimenting with different types of flour and recipes but I’m getting close to a simple, fluffy cake. What I love about pancakes, besides the fact that pancakes are awesome, is that they keep in the fridge and freezer for ages! Little bug loves them which makes for an easy snack or “brek brek.”


My other big accomplishment last weekend was that I prepped work lunches for the next few weeks! As part of my New Years Resolution, I wanted to make more freezer meals. I went with a newbie and an oldie. Both vegetarian but packed with protein and lots of natural goodness!

Maple Baked Lentils with Sweet Potatoes



The Perfect Veggie Burger


17 lunches between the 2 recipes, both from Angela of Oh, She Glows! Check out the recipes, her photography is delish!

Week 23 Workouts
Wed: 2.6 mile treadmill lunch walk, PM= Quick cardio routine,
Tank Top ArmsThe Core Challenge (modified for pregnancy)

Thu: AM= HIIT workout (1x),
205195326743567994_YAIYLVQO_c (1)
The Daily Hiit (Hey Ho HiitBody #5) , 10 min pregnancy yoga. Lunch= 3.2 mile hard run!
Fri: 10 min Insanity warm-up with 8 minutes of stretching. 3 mile treadmill walk/run
Sat: 4.1 mile OUTSIDE run, 1 mile walk to park with little miss


Sun: 30 minutes of cardio mixed with resistance and plyometrics (pushups, lat rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, burpees, squat kicks, lots of planks)
Tue: 37 min Insanity Recovery Cardio Core and Balance workout. Loved this workout, I was perfect for pregnancy and I only had to do 1 variation. Notice the nighttime belly difference!


During this video there were some awesome exercises that are perfect for preggies that concentrated on muscle stamina and breathing through pain.


Week 23 Belly Pics: face and belly people, it’s all face and belly! And just wait until week 25, I guarantee there’s going to be an explosion in the midsection!

Week23_aHappy Weekend! Stay warm!


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