Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 22

January 16-22, 2013

I will refer to this week as the beginning of pregnancy. So much happened to me and my body this week that it’s almost as if I’m making it up, unfortunately mostly negative; BUT the positives are VERY positive!

Negatives: I came down with the worst chest cold I’ve encountered in a long time. My back decided to go out on me twice. Out of nowhere came a permanent baby bump and I’m like whattheheck. Morning headaches are becoming as normal as bushing my teeth. The cold and a few other life issues are causing me to be very tired again. The plus side to this is I’ve been getting more sleep, at least 1 more hour each night.

The extra shut-eye has also caused me to sleep in a few days in a row and either skip a quick morning workout or only complete a 5 minute warm-up. This is a real bummer for me as my AM workouts help set the day up. I need to relish the sleep though.

The last negative is my appetite. I’m rarely hungry except in the mornings, but my appetite for food is out of control. This and this alone is causing my mom and I to change our prediction back to boy. On Tuesday, I think “food” was on the brain 99% of the day. I wanted salty, sweet, yummy junk all day. I contemplated a dozen different foods I wanted and how to get my hands on them. I wanted to eat. That was all there was to it!

So what did I do…whined a lot (not the drink, the complaining kind of whined), drank lots of water and hot tea and ran 5 miles. I still want the food but luckily I’m super cheap when it comes to splurging on anything for myself and that right there was my savior. After my 5 miles, I went home, enjoyed steak and salad for supper and had a few fun items like graham crackers and a few leftover M&Ms. I felt much better about myself at the end of the day. But today is another day, I still want junk, just not as bad as yesterday!

Ok, ENOUGH on the negative, let’s keep this on the UP!

I’m excited about…oh, wait a minute we’re not telling anyone yet! But we are going through some exciting things that I’ll share soon enough!

Week 22 Baby Prep: washing past maternity clothes. I only have a few shirts that friends gave me but they are now clean and at the very back of the closet in our spare room where I hope they stay for a month of so! Can you tell I’m not looking forward to that moment!

Prepping the newborn box:

Hubby grabbed little bug’s 0-3 month boxes of gear and clothes and I took out all the newborn shoes, socks, hats and clothes — then stuffed them in a separate box to store away. What helped this go smoothly was that we did not hoard any of little bug’s clothing; if we didn’t love it, it went on a rummage sale.

We also stayed very organized with our sorting so this little project took no time! It would have been a 15 minute project but I had to “ahh” and “ohh” at most items.


I divided clothes into brand new, newborn neutral (literally out of the womb newborn), girl newborn, and 0-3 neutral.
This is new from Christmas! Hubby is a big Manchester United fan and this will be perfect, I know it’s more masculine but you’d be amazed what some girl leggings and head-gear can do.
DSCN3566 Baby 1 was born in Europe so the clothing sizes are a bit different from our US clothing. I know that newborn, also called “tiny baby” fits for about the first month and since we aren’t finding out the sex, I find it extremely pointless to wash more than what is necessary. We kept so little the first time around that everything can be washed in one small load! If baby 2 is a boy, everything (except our favs) is being given away to one of my co-worker’s (who we just found out is having a girl) or is being thrown on a rummage sale anyways! All newborn clothes now fit nicely into one box and all we’ll have to do it wash everything in a few months!

Another reason for the newborn box was to figure out what to register for!! Yup, I’m that second-time-around mom having a baby shower. Judge me, I don’t really care. We borrowed almost everything from my sister while in Spain. I have 1 baby bottle, like 5 bibs, a bumbo, a bouncer and clothes…that’s about it. Plus, I didn’t get a baby shower or a wedding shower in the states and would really like to have one! We’re going with a typical Target registry and Amazon wish the list. Most items are quite boring, but with the second time around, one knows what is REALLY useful: extra fitted cribs sheets, diapers, diaper cream, extra changing pad covers…fun stuff I know!

Nutrition Nook: I’m going to be posting more individual posts on the nutrition aspect during of this pregnancy. As a mom already, someone who works fulltime and a bit of a tight-wad, I think that some of the tricks I use can really help out anyone who feels overwhelmed and lost in regards to simple healthy meals and snacks.

Week 22 Pregnancy Workouts: *days with chest cold
*Wed: Quick morning cardio, 1 mile walk at lunch
*Thu: 1 room cardio (10 min), stretching (5 min)
*Fri: 25 min pregnancy yoga
Sat: 3.3 mile walk/run, 30 min weights mix with cardio (while watching Revenge on Netflix!)
Mon: AM=7 min Insanity warm-up. PM= 3.5 mile treadmill lunch run
Tue: 5 mile treadmill run

Week 22 Belly Pics: so sorry for 2 weeks of laziness, they’ll be back in action next week. I just took Week 23 pics on Wednsday morning. I snapped a couple pics in my work wear and running gear during Week 22.

Have a happy Friday!



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2 responses to “Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 22

  1. I love the pic of you in your running gear- that teeny tiny bump is just SOOO cute! It makes me smile, remembering that time. I, too, went through bad junk cravings- I remember wanting Twizzlers licorice quite a bit! Hope that cold goes away very soon.

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