Nutrition Nook: Cooking School 101

As a master chef, here’s how you create healthy delicacies in a short amount of time. I call this kitchen sink cooking.

Step 1 is to give the little one something the will keep her out-of-the-way and very occupied.

Step 2: Take all fresh fruit and veggies out of the fridge.

Step 3: grab blender, juicer, storage containers, bowl, knives and cutting boards (NO measuring cups allowed or recipes)

Step 4: Mix and match the ingredients


BAM! Fresh juices for 4 days
Juice 1: collard green, beet root, green grapes, fresh ginger, kale, cutie
Juice 2: carrot, apple, ginger, cutie, leftovers from juice 1


BAM! Smoothie (this one for hubby): Yogurt, apple, banana, grapes, water

DSCN3557DOUBLE BAM! Supper for momma: Kale, romaine, grated beet root, sunflower seeds, broccoli, cheese with balsamic vinaigrette

All this was completed including clean-up in less than 20 minutes! I refuse to make excuses for not eating healthy.

These are the tales of a super master chef momma. Hope you enjoyed the lesson!


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