Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 21

January 9-15, 2013

This whole week was a blur; thank goodness for my journal and photos or I’d have no idea what day it is or what went on. Gosh knows what it’ll be like with another baby. I have no belly pics from this week but make up for it with food pics. I will apologize for the formatting of this blog, I am writing this on the fly tonight.

This is me this morning at 22 weeks, sans makeup, I can still pull off a “not pregnant” look for the first 1/2 day.

Favorite Moment of Week 21: snow! Lots of snow fell on Friday which resulted in 1/2 day off work.


The little one handled the snow and cold so well. We all enjoyed the fresh powder for about an hour. Unfortunately hubby and I have come down with a cold!

I’m feeling…
Incredible! I’m so lucky. I’m sleeping extremely well and other than heartburn (and the new cold), I am experiencing no pregnancy symptoms that can drag one down.

Nutrition Nook:
Between my new juicer, the comeback of the smoothie and utterly refusing to buy in junk food, my nutrition is spot on. Thank goodness those holidays are over! Here’s a few pics of my weekend meals
DSCN3413 Homemade lamb stew with carrots, leek, potato, celery and crushed tomatoes

DSCN3418 My little helper making pancakes

DSCN3426 Pancake 1: pb, 1 T maple syrup and pecans

DSCN3427 Pancake 2: fresh organic blueberries, cutie and maple syrup (P1 was better)

DSCN3487 Lunch dessert of 1/2 banana and grapes

DSCN3488 Lunch: homemade bread with smash avocado and cheese with leftover sweet potato

DSCN3489 Mommy snack: cutie, cheese, dried apricots

DSCN3490  Little bug snack: graham crackers, cheese, dried apricots

DSCN3492 Supper side of spinach with a bit of mac n cheese

DSCN3501 Oats with organic maple syrup, pecans, blueberries and yogurt with milk and coffee

DSCN3504 Detox Smoothie: spinach/kale, pineapple, banana, cutie, fresh ginger

DSCN3509 His-n-Her’s smoothies: His: 1/2 apple, 3/4 banana, yogurt, milk, oats. Hers: 1/2 apple, 3/4 banana, oats, flax, yogurt, pb and smidge of coffee grounds (this is for tomorrow morning!)

Week 21 Workouts: still working out pretty much every day in some way. I feel more complete lately if I squeeze in a little here and there. I’m happy to report that all the extra kegals I’ve been tallying up have paid off. I can go much longer while running before a bathroom break!

Wed: 5 min insanity warm-up, 45-50 min lunch walk
Thu: ? I think I rested
Fri: AM= 10 min Insanity workout; PM= 45 min Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning workout
Sat: 10 min Insanity warm-up, Tank Top Arms,
CrossFit – Get Those Glutes Workout. Both the above and below workouts are awesome! I’m so glad I’ve added them to my workout pins!

Sun: 5 mile treadmill run (happy to type that one out)
Mon: 10 min Insanity warm-up, Daily Hiit (formerly BodyRockTV) Day #2, Fat Blaster workout = total 35 min
Tue: 3.3 mile treadmill run

Have a happy and healthy week! Take care of yourself!

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