Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 20

January 2nd-8th, 2013

Say hello to this high energy, belly poppin’, workout fanatic, kitchen slave, 20 week pregnant lady! We have made and surpassed the halfway point! HELLO there!


Now say hello to baby.
WABY_KRISTEN_9Every week is getting better and better. Remember me writing this; come week 36 I might be singing a different tune!

Highlight #1: 3 nights…3 NIGHTS I spent with my hubby! This is record-breaking. Our May trip to Spain was the last time I remember spending so much time together. I’m so used to being alone at night that I don’t feel it has an effect on me…until this past Saturday night. I was a mess, I couldn’t stop crying, it was a pretty pathetic site. I don’t even know why I was crying; such a dramatic sado I was. Then bam, the next day hubby was informed that he needed to take 3 days off! (He only had 1 day off in December and worked a 26-hour shift on New Years Eve/day).

We ran bundled up in our cold gear and workout together; went on a little date meal and spent a couple hours a night either watching The Biggest Loser or movies. I was in married couple heaven!


Little bug enjoyed having daddy around! (The two working out to Insanity)


Hightlight #2: 20 week ultra sound was awesome. We are so thankful that everything is going well and pretty pumped to get a small video of the baby. We also brought our camera though to take video and pics!

Highlight #3: Little bug is having more potty success! She’s finally not holding it in so much.

Nutrition Nook:
Homemade applesauce, lots of juicing, homemade bread, and the introduction of smoothies again, this was a week of experimenting and bringing back some favorites.


I’ve never made homemade applesauce, I had no idea what I was missing; AND it’s terribly easy: cut up apples (ours were from a friend of my parents so they were fresh off the tree) and cinnamon. That’s it. To top this off, I made fresh whipped cream. WOW! No words to describe this.DSCN3396

Juicing has been a fun experiment! I’ve been juicing in large batches twice a week because I’m not a fan of cleaning the juicer. The red jar contains beet root, apple, carrot, cuties and ginger. The green “garden” drink consists of rainbow collard, celery and some cuties. This is such an easy option for an energy and vitamin boost. I typically enjoy this around 3pm when I get sleepy.DSCN3364This was my favorite brekkie this week: Oatmeal made with milk and water with 1T of pure organic maple syrup and a very small handful of pecans! I added smash banana a few times for extra bulk.

Week 20 Cravings: PB & J as well as anchovies with cheese. I could eat this every day.

Week 20 Workouts: If you asked me how many days I workout, I guess technically I MOVE every day, not necessarily workout. My little bitty morning workouts are more to warm me up and wake me up. Anything after this is just a bonus!

Wed: HIIT #2 (12 min) & 20 min Insanity warm-up and stretch

Thu: One Room Cardio workout (7 min) & 3 mile run/walk
Fri: Insanity Max Cardio workout (30 min)
Sat: One Room Cardio, a quick free weight workout and 10 + min yoga = 30 min total
Sun: 2 miles on treadmill at parents
Mon: 50 min lunch walk
Tue: 15 min of this morning workout and 5 min misc cardio exercises
PM: 2.5 mile run with hubby
205195326743567994_YAIYLVQO_c (1)

Week 20 Belly Pics: Week 5 & Week 20

Week5_a Week20_b

Week5_c Week20_a

Have a great weekend! I’ll be enjoying some hibernation at home and let others drive around in all this snow!


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