Big Girl Room Makeover: Upcyled Chest

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure…especially when the price tag is $5!

Having a little girl means there will always be a lot of STUFF and with that thought we knew eventually we’d need a chest for little bug since baby will use her current chest of drawers. Besides, can you ever have too much storage?

Yay to my mother who thinks outside the box…and is always on the search for a bargain!


Enter the hideous $5 makeover project.


It was worse in person, trust me. I completely forgot to take photos when it was all together but the doors also had daisies!! Large ones at that.


Thick, dark and not-so my style; but what great potential!

The inside has 3 shelves, bottom with 2 drawers. Simplicity was the goal here so I could change it up if needed.

3 coats of primer/base in white and 4 new handles and viola!


Functional and simple. I’m so happy with all the space it provides! I already have the top shelved sanctioned off for the “playing with parent only” toys…aka toys with lot of teeny tiny bits and pieces.


I’m definitely going to line the back with patterned fabric and I would like to add legs perhaps or even put some decals on it, but for now I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s really going to help brighten up her big girl room!




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2 responses to “Big Girl Room Makeover: Upcyled Chest

  1. Colleen Kingery

    Looks great!

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