Pregnancy Nook: Week 20 Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2

Every baby is different AND every pregnancy is different. How does pregnancy 1 compare to pregnancy 2 you ask? Here’s a quick a fun little compare and contrast for your reading pleasure!

General Health: Although I never experienced morning sickness with either pregnancy, I did notice that P2 (pregnancy 2) included more sick, nauseating feelings. Heartburn came on early and strong during P2. Having a toddler made a massive difference to my health as well. I’ve experienced 2 colds, 1 flu and 1 quick 24-hour bug this time around. P1 at week 20 only presented 1 case of food poisoning (expired yogurt) and 1 cold.

Mood and Thoughts: I’m not sure hubby would agree with me here but with P1, I was a cool as a cucumber. No drama…just living day-to-day. No breakdowns, no freaking out.

P2 the baby’s taken over a bit more. I haven’t gone off the deep-end yet but between work, little bug and other stresses I’ve had 2 minor breakdowns. One of them was after the big school shooting on the east coast and the other was just last week. Shit happens right. Luckily I haven’t actually yelled or blown up at hubby during either pregnancy. When I do feel my blood boil, I always, always, always put into perspective his stress level and his insane working schedule. Once I do that, I’m reminded not to sweat the small stuff!

Baby Movement:
P1: felt first movements at Week 17 and saw movements at Week 20, this is also the week when hubby felt her as well
P2: first flutters around Week 14, hubby could feel at Week 17 and see baby move at Week 19

As I read through my pregnancy journals from 2010, I can’t help but laugh. Laugh at the detail! Wow, did I ever have time on my hands. It’s almost as if I had nothing to do

January 15, 2010: …got a massage at La Cala Spa and celebrated our 1/2 way mark by going out to Avatar which was fantastic. Today was a productive day.

January 17: Could see baby move today, almost like one of those alien-type movies, very comical. 

January 19: Ate 2 massive bowls of broccoli soup for lunch and a mini carrot loaf from the Danish bakery. YUM! Ordered tons of stuff from Target. Took an hour long bath tonight and some great homemade soup, what a fab day. We have some baby names picked out: Liliana Scott for a girl and Cobie Alec for a boy. (side note: both of which  never made the final cut!)

January 20: Didn’t workout today, felt like a lazy cow but coming down with a nasty cold. Yuck.

Pregnancy 2 entries: they are very short, sweet and very little detail. Mmm, need to work on that.
January 2, 2013: It’s 1am…why am I up on Pintrest still. WAY too energized.

January 3: So tired, why the heck did I stay up so late last night. Pumped how now that Xmas is over, my cravings for cookies has gone away!

January 4: Got too much sleep last night, it’s having a reverse effect.

January 5: Super energized, wanting to get stuff crossed off my to-do list. Bought tons of veggies for my juicer, very excited

I’m seeing a slight obsession about sleep and energy during P2.

Pregnancy 1 Nutrition: I stuck to very much the same foods; smoothies and oatmeal in the morning; homemade soup and fresh bread for lunch; meat and veg at night. We were so good about making a different type of meat each night. We always ate out once a week but other than that cooked at home with 1 or 2 fun meals with no regards to nutritional value. I was a strong advocate of Herbalife protein to add to my smoothie and oatmeal to give a vitamin boost. I really enjoyed going to the fresh fruit and veg market in town “fruit man” as I called him and my favorite splurge was going to the Danish bakery for fresh goodies. I drank 2 coffees a day.

Cravings: chili cheese fries or chili cheese nachos.

Pregnancy 2 Nutrition: My meals vary quite a bit more but night meals are very sporadic. Mornings consist of oatmeal or fruit, yog and granola parfaits. Lunches are so random — sometimes I’ll have soup, other times sardines or anchovies, sometimes just a ton of fruit and yogurt but it is always fresh, homemade and minimally processed. Supper is mostly a salad with whatever I’m feeding the little one — lots of homemade pizza, sweet potatoes and eggs. Meat is a big issue as I don’t eat a lot to begin with. I really have to plan and force myself to get this incorporated. I prefer to have sardines, anchovies, eggs, beans, PB, nuts and greek yogurt for my protein sources but always make sure to eat red meat (iron source) once a week. I drink 1 coffee a day and sometimes an additional 1/2.

Cravings: PB & J

Pregnancy 1 Workouts: We had a gym membership during this time and typically went 3 to 5 times a week. Treadmill runs ranged between 2-4 miles followed by machine weight training, lots of lunges and planks. Walking lunges and a series of different planks were a pretty big staple throughout this pregnancy. Since we lived very close to the beach, I also did lots of running and walking here. The workouts really helped the first trimester fatigue. Lunch time usually involved walking as well to help fight the afternoon sleepiness!

Pregnancy 2 Workouts: I track my workouts much better this time around. When the weather was nice I would get 5-6 runs in a week and 3-4 with not-so-great weather. Instead of weighted workouts, I do more HIIT and body weight exercises and it really shows. I started out this pregnancy firmer, stronger, faster with more endurance.  I’ve slowed down slightly but can still do everything at almost the same intensity. Although I don’t put in as much time working out, I am working out smarter and more efficient!

Pregnancy 2 Appearance
Clothing: still in normal clothes
Stretch Marks: No
Other: I feel like my chest is full size and ready for breastfeeding already. It’s vainy and gross and try to avoid looking in the mirror with a shirt off. Belly button is half popped already!
Pounds Gained: 8


Pregnancy 1 Appearance
Clothing: “had to retire a few items but other than that, everything fits well”
Stretch Marks: No (didn’t get them at all)
Pounds Gained: 8
17065_1340089624760_454949_nAn OBVIOUS difference with the two but with the exact same weight gain which I was extremely surprised. For the record, I started out 5 pounds lighter with P1 (I’m very ok with that, it was an unhealthy weight). With P1, I didn’t gain any weight until Week 17 which was around the holidays as well. P2 I started gaining at Week 15.

Life: I’m very much a home-body now. I prefer to stay at the house to play and cook with my little one. Unless we’re heading to the park, going out shopping seems very unappealing as I feel it’s wasting my very little quality time with little bug. The first trimester really tested my temper with her as well. I lost it twice really bad with her and yelled and then cried for about 30 minutes after putting her to bed. It was awful. Hormones are a terrible thing when they spin out of control.When I was exhausted during that first trimester, there wasn’t a nap option. I had to stay awake for my little girl, play tea party, cook supper, bathe her, read and sing to her….it was a nightly battle to keep my eyes open until 9. But this has all taught me a lot about myself as a mother too. I don’t read any pregnancy books I’m just listening to my body. I’m starting to relax and let myself not be so controlling. I’m letting the house get a bit untidy. I’m enjoying each minute I get to be hubby and baby. I’m ok with not shopping or keeping up with the Jones. At the end of the day, it really isn’t what your child has but WHO your child has that counts!

Note: As I pour some of these random thoughts out, I still can’t believe I was that person who never wanted children at one time! Craziness there!!

Next in line: Little bug’s upcycled chest makeover, Week 20 highlights


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