Christmas Gifts for the Fitness and Nutrition Geeks

Santa has very good ears! Making this year’s Santa list was no easy feat; being preggers crossed clothes from the list and I’m in an abundance of shoes and boots thanks from my generous mom. So….I turned to running gear and kitchen appliances. Boring to most, exciting to me! Not only do I hint loudly but I take guess work out and make an Amazon list. Yes, I’m 31 and I’m still that demanding with pressies. I can’t help it there is so much I WANT. If I NEED something, I’ll break down and make the purchase, but when it comes to a WANT…forget about it. I’d rather save.

Here are my awesome gifts to satisfy my little passions in life. I know you all will hate me and be very jealous 😉

Yoga Mat. Not pictured, but I’ve been wanting my own yoga mat for about 10 years so I was pretty please that my hinting got across finally!
Knife Set. Totally in love. There’s a bread knife so my homemade bread finally gets the good cut it deserves!
New Journal. My current pregnancy journal is almost full!

Running hat and gloves….these are perfect for fall and spring when the weather is chilly but not cold enough for my winter hat.


Freezing temps are still an excuse but darkness is not. This light is awesome (Go Motion is the brand)! I picked out knuckle lights months ago but hubby did a much better job at finding the perfect running light.

An holy cow is it bright! There are many variations on clipping it which is great. I’ll probably use it on my running bag or water belt.

And last but not least…

DSCN3271Drum-roll please…the monster of home JUICERS! A juicer… my very own juicer!!!!! And you know what…it’s a huge, massive giant and I am in love. This baby makes me feel like I work in one of those juice chains…it’s that good.  (Breville is the make)

DSCN3366Even the little one enjoys it. Not so much the juice though 😦

This was a late gift from the in-laws and probably the newest MVP in my kitchen.

I’ve mostly stuck with what I know: carrot, apple, ginger, orange combos but I am experimenting more with beet root, rainbow chard, kale and celery.

Watch out fruits and veggies…your time is up!



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One response to “Christmas Gifts for the Fitness and Nutrition Geeks

  1. Colleen Kingery

    Looks like you got some great things! I’m looking into one of those lights for me. Thanks so the suggestion!

    Glad that I found your blog. I’m due 6/4/13 and it’s nice to see other momma’s keeping active! 🙂

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