Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 19

Happy New Year!



I’m not sure if anything can beat the great year of 2012 but I’m up for the challenge! What’s the saying, “you create your own destiny,” or was that on Back to the Future?



Week 18 was Christmas, Week 19 — New Year’s…what an exciting couple of weeks.


I’m excited about…
– our week 20 ultrasound on Friday
– experimenting with my fantastic Christmas gift (more on that another time)
– warm weather (it’s supposed to be lower 40s by the weekend)

I’m anxious about…
– hubby and the little one leaving for Spain next month for 11 DAYS!!! 11 days without my favorite people; I teared up the other day when reading a special book to her. It’s the book she’s bringing over to Spain for her Nana to read to her. Her response is, “Nana read to me, mommy go back to work.” 😦 But I’m happy for the family in Spain, it would be incredibly selfish of me to deny them this opportunity. I’ll see them in June after baby is born though!

Week 19 Symptoms…
Heartburn still persists a few times each day and all at random times. I take about 4 Tums at the most for instant gratification. My bathroom trips are getting out of control when I run, but because of the freezing weather recently, I’ve been treadmilling it up at my parents house, so a bathroom is just steps away. Other than these two, I feel like my normal self. High energy, late nights persist for now. I’m soaking this up as much as possible. I’m afraid that when it disappears, it’ll be gone forever!

Baby Moves…
Baby is moving constantly! If you asked me to keep count, I’d lose track after 30 minutes!

Nutrition Nook: I don’t  find that I crave anything specific except for nachos! There’s always room for nachos. I took advantage of the last few Christmas cookie moments before they turned dry 😉 Sorry to my parents who found themselves many cookies short on Sunday! Lunches consisted of leftovers 🙂 I find that the leftover is just as scrumptious and savory as fresh — sweet potato casserole, dressing, turkey sandwiches — mmm, mmm, and mmm!

Week 19 Workouts
Wed: 10 min Insanity warmup,  WOD via pintrest (Push-Ups and Squats pyramid) which took about 10 min; PM workout – Insanity Pure Cardio Workout (45 minutes)
Thu: Fat Blaster workout; Get Started workout; 6 min miscellaneous cardio; 10 min walk before work

Fri: 3.4 mile run
Sat: 25-30 stroller walk
Sun: AM= 10 min Insanity warm-up, mini morning workout 2x through; PM=4.3 mile treadmill run

Mon: 10 in Insanity warm-up
Tue: 3.3 mile treadmill run

With the freezing temps, and little daylight I hope I give you inspiration that you do not need a gym or warm weather to get a great workout; nor do you need tons of time. Would I like longer workouts: YES, but a simple 10 minute workout straight away in the AM not only warms me up but energizes for the day to come. I promise that once you get into the habit, you will feel lost without! For all those who are trying to workout more, smarter or are just starting out, just remember: at the end of the day, you will never feel guilty about working out! But you will feel guilty if you planned to but never did because of some excuse or another!

Week 19 Belly Pics Pic…battery ran out


Up Next: Christmas Gifts for a fitness and nutrition junkie!
Workout On: 20 Weeks: Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2 (comparing journal entries, weight gain, belly pics, thoughts and more)

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