A Few Resolutions

There’s always room for improvement as the cliché goes. Here a few places in my life I would like to improve in 2013.

1. Run more races: I ran 1 race in 2012. This is because I was too lazy to sign up and shell out $30 per entry, but hear me now, 2013 will be my year of races! I already have 4 or 5 picked out before baby comes!


2. Start making digital photo albums: I would LOVE to create those awesome scrapbooks with the fun paper, stickers and boarders and I’ve even completed a few, but I’ve faced the music…at this point it’s not a priority and I don’t have time. If I gave up some other activity I enjoy, I probably would have the time but I love the other “stuff” more. I have many digital albums from my in-laws and cherish them all so much and since I am not making the time to scrapbook at this point in my life, I still want to do someTHING to get the moments and memories off the hard-drive and onto paper.

3. Learn to make more from scratch: I bake homemade bread — well sort of, it’s from a bread machine, roll out homemade pizza, humus, muffins, quac, washing detergent and other easy items, but I would really like to try homemade pasta sauce and jams this year as well as more bread goodies like homemade buns, tortillas and crackers. My motivation from this came when I read the back of a “natural” cracker package and was mortified by how many ingredients there were. (pic source)


4. 40 days, 40 bags: this is my “giving up” for Lent this year. Declutter the house and garage — 1 bag a day for 40 days!

5. Communicate more with siblings: this was on my list last year. I did better with my brothers but fell back with my sister. I hope to call, write, skype a lot more this year.


6. Motivate hubby to be healthier/more active: hubby is an athlete, I am a fitness junkie. These are 2 very different things. Tennis, soccer, cricket, bowling (does that count), golf, basketball…if it’s a sport, hubby plays it or will play it if someone offers. But if these sports are not going on, he’s not motivated to work out. From a health standpoint I want to motivate my hubby to move more when it’s the off-season for his sports. I know that the endorphin rush will be just the wake-up call his body needs to stay energized and get through his never-ending days!


Others that are important but not resolution quality:
Enjoy maternity leave and not over do it (I have the whole summer off!!!)
Cook more meals ahead (Freezer meals for maternity leave in particular)
Re-establish date night (Been on the back-burner the past month)
Take hubby to another state (hoping for Colorado)
Triple our down-payment for a house!

The most important part of this list: PRINT OUT. Paste it in at least 2 places you see daily– otherwise one forgets. I get to at least blame pregnancybrain and mommybrain on that!



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