Our Friday tradition…Movie Night!

Gone are the days when Friday at 5 meant finding the nearest place and people to celebrate the weekend with a big, tall drink. Gone are the days when staying till bar-close was as simple as sleeping in until 11 the next day. A lot has changed in the past 6 years for sure…it’s actually quite sad that I remember that those times were 6 years ago. Like all changes that have come with having a family, I’m ok with that.

Friday night now means quickly changing into comfy clothes, making a quick supper and starting our Friday tradition: Movie Night! When we felt that the little miss was big enough to sit “well” through an entire movie (about 5 months ago), I was more than thrilled. I always knew I wanted to have a simple tradition of movie night once a week. In my family, our’s was held on Sunday night during the ABC family movie (does anyone else remember those days) with 7-Up pop from the giant GLASS bottle (the only time of the week we were allowed) and popcorn — homemade of course! I picked Friday as my night of choice because it’s a great way for me to relax at the end of the work week and take it easy before a fun-filled weekend!

DSCN3226We rocked out a quick grocery trip for a few items and made homemade 3-cheese pizza with this easy crust recipe and salad to starters.


Salad: balsamic vinaigrette, carrot, pecans, raisins, croutons on a bed of romaine


…side that with milk in a fancy glass and a cutie!

DSCN3230Little bug settled with milk, raw carrots with ranch and a handful of croutons…she devoured most of them before I got this taken. I’m so lucky to have a good milk drinker; she makes the slurping and gulping noise when she drinks!

DSCN3234Pizza approval as always. Lots of “mmming” at the table.

DSCN3244We’ve kept the movie set-up routine since the first time we tried it. We get out all the big blankets, her favorite blankets, mommy/daddy pillows and set up a picnic on the floor. Annie, from Santa, was her choice this week. Thank goodness, I need a Wizard of Oz break!


Treats this week entailed 1 of daddy’s chocolates (Crunch Christmas bells) and popcorn.

DSCN3252She’s still working on enjoying chocolate, so it takes about 5 minutes for her to eat!

DSCN3258It’s always (ok almost always) a lovely way to start the weekend and a sneaky way for me to get in extra snuggles that I missed out on. Just like I do from my childhood, these are the moments I hope she remembers!

Hope you all are having a stellar weekend full of memories and traditions as well!



Working On: See what a health and fitness nerd gets for ChristmasNew Year’s Resolutions, Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2


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