Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 17

December 12-18, 2012

A week of UPS and DOWNS, that’s pretty much the only way to describe week 17. Our biggest pregnancy/family down was everyone getting sick in the household. Little bug, once again, was beaten down with the flu bug for 3 days. This momma got minimal sleep last Wednesday as I slept on the floor next to a puking, weak and sad little girl. Her symptoms were identical to her last flu so we used the same meds, food and pedialight popsicles to strengthen her up.


Hubby had a horrendous cold combined with extra work hours and I experience a 24-hour flu bug as well. Sunday was a day of minimal food due to a weak tummy. After being “made” to get the flu shot, I was quited pissed off to be frank. But THEN when I woke up on Monday and felt amazing, I thought, maybe that flu shot was a good idea. Now a week later, everyone is healthy and ready for the holiday!

Speaking of holidays, one of my pregnancy ups was getting in refreshing work runs and taking advantage of the decent weather. Shorts in December, why the heck not!


Excited about…
– Office Christmas party: heading the the Rush hockey game.
– All the ladies doctors apts are approaching again, we enjoy comparing heartrates and predictions!
– Christmas: I’m so excited for Christmas!! Little bug’s Santa gifts are purchased, essembled and wrapped. I can’t wait to see her face on Xmas Eve night.

Anxious about…
We are attempting potty training this weekend. AHHHH! I know, Xmas weekend! What are we thinking? But, I have 4 days off in a row, this will not happen until I got on maternity leave; we are taking full advantage of it! I will except any and all advice please. Little bug is very excited about it. We talked about it last night and she had tons of fun “practicing” with her Elmo potty doll. She’s keeps mentioning how the Diaper Fairy is going to take her diapers away and bring her princess panties and Elmo treats and stickers. I’m SO NERVOUS.

Nutrition Nook: It’s the holidays, so there seems to always be food around. What is the point of packing a lunch and snacks? Birthdays, leftovers, celebrations are all happening in our small office so there’s been cake, cheese, crackers, olives, meats, pizza, munchies, and dips. I’m a boring little eater, so I’ve been enjoying all of it but adding in my usual cuties, apples, dried apricots and yogurt. This week I made homemade soup for the second time this winter; this turn out substantially better and all because I remembered to buy a leek!

I’m looking forward to all the holiday cookies going away. Cookies are the one thing I do not resist. Chips are hubby’s thing; cookies are my thing. I can rarely say no. I’ve skipped meals because I’ve been full on cookies! Not the best role-model there but at least an honest one. Chocolate is giving me hardcore heartburn (a down) so I’m cutting back drastically. The heartburn’s started much earlier but at least this time around I can pinpoint what is causing it.

Week 17 Workouts:
Wed: Insanity warm-up, 4.2 mile lunch run
Thu: 25-30 min stroller walk
Fri: 35 min Insanity Max Cardio Conditionsing
Sat: OFF
Sun: OFF (flu)
Mon: AM= 10 min insanity warm-up and 10 min HIIT workout off Pintrest, (see below) and a 4 mile lunch run
Tue: AM= 20 Min HIIT workout (same as above but twice through), 3.5 mile lunch run, 90 minutes of speed cleaning and scrubbing the house — I was going so fast that I just have to call this a workout.

Let me talk about this Monday run. I LOVE being pregnant, EXCEPT when I run. I not only went to the bathroom once, not twice but THREE times in 40 minutes. Oh, and that is not including the times before and after. Within 10 minutes of starting, I need to go. Planning a decent route is near impossible as public restrooms have to be somewhere in the plan…oh yeah and there’s only 2 of those downtown and they are pretty much next to each other. Ok, enough ranting. I just thought I’d share that.

Week 17: Belly Pics
My belly pics showcase a shrinkage from last week’s photos. This actually leads to an up…my 30 min (almost daily) aching stomach pains have disappeared! 6 weeks of belly-holding, work-stopping stomach aches — GONE, just like that.  I think it was causing bloating and swelling because as soon as the aches stopped, my baby bump went down. (I actually did have 1 on Tuesday but luckily it was just the 1)

Week17_dAnd although the bump when down, the baby activity skyrocketed!!! Proper kicks people, proper kicks. They have even been powerful enough for hubby to feel him/her for the first time! A MAJOR UP.


New Gender Predictions: my mom (who is rarely wrong) and I think it’s a girl now. This is based only on my size; I thought that if I was expecting a boy, I would have exploded by now. BUT I am 5’8 with a longish torso; I can “hide” growth longer because of this. JUST wait until Week 25 (which I always say to people); this is when baby takes a very big growth spurt and it was very noticeable the first time around.

DSCN3067I love the suspense, which I’m sure you all think I’m crazy for! I HONESTLY want both. I would love another little bug but I would love a boy for hubby and to balance out the family. Everyone always wants one of each right? In the meantime, over the next 22 or so weeks, I’m excited for everyone’s predictions!

Working On: Baby’s Wishlist (the baby told me so)

Coming Up December 26th: Baby ultrasound!


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