The Making of Little Bug’s Big Girl Room (part 1)

The diaper room, the spare room, the storage room, the changing room, the workout room, the playroom: little bug’s future big girl room has many faces but let’s face it, this room is a hodgepodge of everything that doesn’t fit into the other rooms in our house. 75% toy room, 20% diaper room and the rest is used as storage or “stuffing” things that we can’t find a home for. As in-cohesive as it is, this room does present a great canvas for our little girl’s future room.

DSCN2906Although we will start looking for another home to rent around Spring time, I don’t want to chance it that we come up empty-handed. I say “home” strongly because we do rent a home, not just a house; I love this tiny little thing but at 1100 (and that’s pushing it) square feet, we simply need more room, but I will only move if we find a “home.”

DSCN2907As pictured, it is indeed a pretty bare-bones room that has done us well. BUT, if we had more space in the 2 other bedrooms to begin with, this room could have served its real purpose: a spare room for visitors.


This closet is actually quite large: the bar goes all the way back to the left and on the right are 3 shelves. Currently this is home to hubby’s work clothes, a few toys, spare towels, bread machine, filing cabinets, empty diaper boxes (I have a great little project lined up for these) and a few baby items like the boppy and some clothes.DSCN2912

If we only planned on a twin bed and dresser for this small space, we would really have no need for worry. But, we need to fit A LOT of furniture in this room!

Item numero uno: toy storage. This COULD go in the entry way of the living room, but I am not a fan of mixing a large toy storage item in with our cozy living area. The living room would then feel like one giant playroom.


Number 2: 1940s antique vanity. This is near and dear to my heart as it’s almost identical to the I one played on at my Grandma’s house as a child. (minus the nativity scene)


Number 3 and 4: Her antique twin bed frame and $5 bargain armoire. No pictures are shown because they are crammed in the garage getting primed and ready for their makeovers this weekend!

In terms of inspiration: this pillow! My in-laws gave this to little bug for you second birthday and I’ve been storing it especially for this project. It’s was exactly was I was planning. Bright colors with a shabby chic almost antique feel. DSCN2913

The initial plan with to mix this with a gray and be done with the color scheme, but then another issue came up…little’s bug VW bus, we bought it just for the 1st baby’s room and the initial’s just happened to be VW! We had to include this as well even though it’s red. (Can you tell we get into Christmas with our decorating)



But then there’s also all this…holy moly red. British red, Mickey Mouse red, lady bug red, RED, RED, RED. And there is a lot more of this. I am not one of those people who wants everything to be “matchy-matchy” or one who hides everything away if it does not follow the color scheme plan. So my goal now to incorporate the color red AND the pillow and somehow make a cute lovely and most importantly FUNCTIONAL space for little bug. The one thing I did not want was big ol’ pink and red room (if you know me, you know I’m a blue girl). Off to Pintrest!

After various searches, these were some of my favorite inspiration pieces for color combos!



Source (for above 2)49961877086487545_eSQjZh6lSource



Date of completion is set for the middle of February when hubby and the little one are visiting family in Spain. I, along with my parents will hopefully get it competed in 4 days! Bed frame and armoire makeovers to come soon!

Coming Next: Highlights of Week 17


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