Nutrition Nook: WIAW…Hello Week 17!

Welcome to Week 17 and What I Ate Wednesday. I call this What I REALLY Ate Wednesday, no hiding or holding back with this gal, this is the food journal of a preggie nutrition nutter!wiawphotobutton

Brekkie 7:15am: Chobani yog with a small amout of organic raspberries, chopped banana, a few roasted almonds and granola with tea and 1/2 c. milk
DSCN3043 DSCN3042

Snack 10:30am: 1/4 c. dried apricots (not a fan of this brand, there are a few preservatives I’m not a fan of that make them taste funny, but they were on-sale), 1 “cutie,” 1 small organic apple and started sipping on coffee which lasted from 9 to noon.

DSCN3054 DSCN3060


Lunch 12:30pm: large romaine salad with cheese and balsamic vinaigrette with 1/2 brisket sandwich (I shared the other half). I was very disappointed with this local BBQ sandwich shop. Dry, dry, dry. The BBQ sauce was little help.


Snack 4pm: 1 “cutie,” 1 small organic apple, 1/2 cup coffee with a few chocolate covered espresso beans

DSCN3058 DSCN3052

Supper 6:15pm: Taco salad (romaine, taco meat, cheese, salsa, dollop of light sour cream, 1 crushed taco shell to top off), glass of milk


Snack 9pm:  1 large carrots with homemade quac


Your eyes aren’t seeing double, yes I do eat the same snack twice AND devour at least 5 small servings of fruit daily (not just for WIAW). You call this healthy, I call this lazy; either way, it’s a win-win situation!

Happy Week 17! Baby is about 5 inches long according to baby websites.


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