Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 16

December 5-11, 2012

Still a master of disguise BUT I would have to call this week my “pop” week according to my belly pics. Clothing-wise, everything still fits great so I’m taking advantage of fitted pants and tops as I know time is limited, especially with Christmas cookies all around! 12am, 1 am and even 2am are times I’m seeing most nights. 5-6 hours of sleep, no problem.  Late night workouts, yes, please. I am truly enjoying the 2nd Trimester!

Week16_clothesI’m excited about…
the antique bed frame we bought for our little girl! I’d almost given up because I couldn’t find exactly what I envisioned and then Craig’s List gave me what I wanted at a fantastic price! All it needs is a lick of paint and we’ve got her “grown-up” bed ready! We’re going with a new twin mattress that we’ll purchase in January.


Low of Week 16: pulling out my back on the Thursday. I took the weekend off from running and working out. I know a chiropractor appointment is right around the corner but I would much prefer to wait until after the holiday season!

Week  16 cravings: Doritos and mint Oreo cookies…these random cravings are because I wanted nachos but specifically with Doritos and the mint Oreo cookies because of a great recipe I was making for a cookie exchange with my other pregnant co-workers!

Nutrition Nook:
Pregnancy and Christmas are never going to be a nutrition junkie’s ideal situation (especially in America), but I think I’ve got my method down. I enjoy my favorite foods (which are homemade cookies) in moderation a few days a week but the trick I recommend is to have the treats at the same time each day and towards the end-ish of the day, like around 7. I fill up on my fruits during snack time, veggies with my lunch and supper and then once 7pm hits, I know that I’ve given my body the healthy fuel it needs and then enjoy my treat without feeling guilty.

Favorite breakfasts:
Oatmeal with smashed banana, smashed raspberries, granola, and a sprinkle of white chocolate chips


Work Snacks: dried fruits still which is my 10am snack along with some raw or roasted unsalted almonds

DSCN2958The lazy girl’s lunch: chopped raw veggies with humus or cream cheese. This became my lunch staple this past week

DSCN2956Favorite Supper: Snack platter consisting of grapes, homemade bread/crackers, cheese, cottage cheese and ANCHOVIES! O.M.G. I forgot how much I love anchovies. I acquired this delicious salty taste obsession while living in Spain; I can take down a whole can in minutes.

DSCN2999Week 16 Workouts:
Wed: 10 min insanity warm-up (I finally found a link to youtube if you need an idea. You do this 3 times but I do not get faster each time, I keep a consistent pace as I’m not supposed to get out of breath); BodyRock Pretty Bad Ass Workout (2x), 5 mile lunch run
Thu: 10 minute “Quick Workout” routine pinned on pintrest, 10 minutes free weight workout, 16 minutes Insanity Cardio Plyometrics workout (this is when I pulled my back)
Fri: 2 mile walk, 20 min stretch
Sat: OFF (letting back heal)
Sun: OFF (letting back heal)
Mon: Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning video (48 minutes long modifying 3-4 exercises)
Tue: Light walk, about 1.8 miles

Week 16: Belly Pics


There’s a little something growing in there and moving around a ton! I feel the baby move/kick properly now every few minutes. If it’s anything like baby 1, my tummy muscles better be geared for a mover and a shaker. I’m very excited for hubby to feel baby soon as well!

Week16_bPredictions: we are assuming it’s a boy…again. You know what happens when you assume though. We kept little bug a surprise, so when they “showed”  me that it was “she” there was total and utter awe! My mom’s predicting a boy as well, who is rarely wrong. We’ll see though! In the meantime, here are a few bits we’ve purchased. Little bug’s picked out a Christmas gift too and I hear that Santa has baby on the list as well.  Needless to say, it was a bad idea to visit the baby section at Kohl’s last weekend!
DSCN2897In the making: Little Bug’s big girl room gear



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2 responses to “Pregnancy Nook: Highlights of Week 16

  1. I completely agree with your approach to holiday indulgences. If you know good and well that you’ve given baby plenty of healthy foods throughout the day, a small treat shouldn’t be a problem, especially in moderation. I think aiming for the same time of day is a good way to also keep things in control- as you’ll be sort of used to a small treat, not a plate full!

    You look great! Hope your back feels much better soon.

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