Pregnancy Nook: Flashback to Week 13 and 14

November 15-27, 2012

I was more the excited to shock my co-workers during this week. With two women already expecting and just 5 weeks apart, they all assumed that if I was pregnant, I would be at 4 weeks. I was getting daily questions and subtle hints, “have you taken any tests yet,” “you have a pregnant glow about you.” It was all too much fun I will admit. I wanted to wait longer to spill the beans, but I really didn’t want to give my boss a heart attack!

I planned a potluck on the day we were to tell everyone. I took the role of dessert maker (Better Than Sex Cake) and had hubby conveniently bring it by when everyone just started eating! I was so nervous all day, I almost felt sick. When it was time for dessert, I told everyone I made a special company design and held this up…
DSCN2804…at first one of the other girls just laughed and then was, “Ooooo,” and everyone was cheering; then we whipped out the ultrasound, which signaled we were at least 8 weeks along…and then we told them how far along we were! SURPRISE!!!! 3 ladies in the office, 3 ladies expecting: due dates May 6, May 22 and June 9. You can’t make this stuff up. My boss turned a bit white at the idea needless to say!

The remainder of this week consisted of a needed vaca in honor of seeing one of my longtime friends and celebrating hubby’s birthday. I was very excited to tell her as well.


Being we are drinking buddies, it was probably a little disappointing for her that I couldn’t enjoy anything more than an O’Douls or an orange juice but I “partied” hard with the rest of them until well past midnight!
DSCN2815I was pretty pumped to squeeze in a comedy show, boat tour and lots of shopping! I stayed active each day by using the gym — running and weight training each session.


DSCN2833I was very lazy and only journaled once the entire week. I choose extra room in my luggage over having my journal with me!

DSCN2842Happy 28th Birthday Hubby…you youngster!


Week 13: Belly Pics (literally minutes before work one day)
Week 13_c

Week 13_b

Don’t let the pics fool you, these are taken in the morning with usually just 2 glasses of water in my tummy. One of these weeks I’ll show you the day and night difference. Scary stuff there.

Week 14 marked Thanksgiving. With only 1 1/2 days between the Chicago trip and the trip over to eastern South Dakota, I only journaled two days. I squeezed in workouts each day on Thanksgiving break. My tummy really gave me no choice, I was miserable with the extra food; although I really made sure I didn’t over indulge. The horrible 30-minute debilitating tummy aches happen instantly if I eat just a smidge too much, so I’m really trying to remain conscious of what I’m eating and how fast. Nighttime snacks at my aunts did consist of 2 small desserts though…one for me, one for baby, right 😉 We also finished telling closest friends and family that we visited!

Week 14 Cravings…
Anything with a buffalo flavor (I bought my first bottle of Franks buffalo sauce and this stuff can transform anything into buffalo bliss!)

I’m feeling…
SUPER ENERGIZED!! Bye, bye first trimester zombie mode and enter crazy, over active Kristen!!! Staying up late, cooking up goodies for the week (one day I made homemade bread, broccoli soup and humus), and finally finishing little projects around the house…I welcomed the 2nd trimester with open arms!

I’m anxious about…
Learning to balance. I like to be in control. I can “control” just fine with the one but adding number 2, I know that thought is probably going out the door. How will I work full-time, breast-feed, give little bug the attention she needs, keeping up with the house stuff, making homemade fresh meals, maintaining an active lifestyle and somewhere in there keeping up-to-date with life in general…how do parents do it. Props to all moms out there — love you to dads, but the moms…we worry all the time. The wheels in our head just never stop.

Week 14 Symptoms…
Horrible stomach aches once a day; (TMI warning) my chest is huge…well in my mind. I prefer being small and now I look as though I’m already to start nursing, it freaks me out a bit!

Favorite work lunch:
Sweet potato topped with greek yogurt and salsa (4 days straight)

Highlight of Week 14…
Setting up the Christmas tree. This was my favorite night since we moved into this house. Little bug is at the age where she is understanding holidays! I’m utterly ecstatic for every single day during this holiday season. I feel like a kid again myself!




DSCN2866Coming Up: Highlights of Week 15 + another doctors visit


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  1. Such a fun story!

    And I love seeing Christmas through my girl’s eyes as well. Makes the season so much more enjoyable!

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