Pregnancy Nook: Flashback to Week 11 and 12

October 31st-November 13

Don’t choose a book my it’s cover, but is it ok to do that for your doctor?

Rapid City is not my hometown, it’s about 4 1/2 hours from where I grew up, so how in the heck would I pick from the lists and lists of OB/GYN’s in the town?

I started out the “small town” way, asking anyone at the playground who had a child little bug’s age and younger! I was referred repeatedly to the same older male doctor who specialized in VBACs! Unfortunately a few internet searches and a phone call later, I was disappointed to hear he retired! Barf. Back to square one. But I decided to stay with that clinic so the search was narrowed down to a handful!

After scanning the bios and viewing all the photos, I decided on “Dr. F” as I’ll call her. Now I wouldn’t recommend this, but I judged based on photos. Dr. F looked the oldest and looked like she’d delivered a “few” babies the natural old-fashioned way! Yup, she looked a bit granola and I had an itch that she’d be the one!

Calling the clinic (back at week 6), first I discussed with the receptionist what style of doctor a wanted and lo’ and behold, she suggested Dr. F! Did I make the right decision?

Yes! She was so warm, so inviting but most importantly she listened, REALLY listened to my story. She had just returned from working in Vietnam (!!) and we talked travel and running! I couldn’t believe she’s a runner. I was in luck! I told her of my wishes and she said that as long as my reports from Spain looked good, I would be an excellent candidate for a VBAC! Sweet. That’s all I needed to hear. She then proceeded to share some great success stories with women that went the route I wanted to go in. I joked with her that I picked her because she seemed the most old-fashioned…she agreed. Never at any point did she rush the conversation or shift focus. It was a lovely meeting, I only wish we could meet for a coffee, that’s how comfortable I felt with Dr. F! I knew I had the right doctor for me and the baby!

Week 11 Cravings…
I enjoyed a handful of Halloween candy here and there (and everywhere) but I could tell my body just wasn’t used to all that artificial stuff and I felt rather sluggish for a few days.

Concerned/Anxious about…
Severe cramping towards the end of the week after a 4 mile run. The cramps lasted 14 hours and it was an awful feeling. This was the week I also started getting horrible stomach aches that last 30 minutes each time I get them, which is about once each day. (Currently I still get them, I’m trying to trace what’s causing them)

Week 11 Workouts:
Wed: 15 min morning workout at home
Thu: strength training, yoga, kickboxing, 10 minute insanity warm-up
Fri: 30 min walk, 20 min yoga
Sat: no journal entry
Sun: no journal entry
Mon: 10 min insanity warm-up, 12 min Bodyrock workout, 4 mile lunch run
Tue (Election Day): 4 mile treadmill run

Working at getting fish in once a week as well as red meat twice a week. I’m not a big meat-eater so the red meat is a good iron booster. After a nice piece of meat, I insanity feel energized for a few days! This was the first week I tried homemade kale chips. I topped with some cheese and onions for a bit more flavor.

Week 11: Belly pics

Week 11_b

Week 11_a

Week 12 was the lead-up week to telling my co-workers as well as a much-needed mini-break to Chicago for hubby’s birthday! My little girl also started the transition to her big girl bed. We took her crib to the next stage by removing one of the sides and lowering to its lowest level. Why did we wait so long, I have no idea! It was and has been a success! Little by little we are working on making her feel more responsible and grown up. Little “chores” such as setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, “washing” dishes, sorting laundry loads, helping on garbage day, and picking up her toys are giving her a very proud feeling. I guess you can call it Big Sister Training.

DSCN2779Week 12 Cravings…
Cheese and jelly on toast or crackers: salty, savory and sweet all in one

I’m feeling…
Very energetic! Perhaps the 2nd trimester energy is starting early!

Week 12 Workouts:
Tue: no journal entry (this was a big theme this week)
Wed: 20 minutes warm-up with pintrest workouts, 1000 Rep Challenge on BodyRock
Thu: no journal entry
Fri: no journal entry
Sat: Crunch prenatal yoga, 10 minute insanity warm-up, 10 minutes additional stretch
Sun: no journal entry
Mon: 10 min insanity warm-up, Boy vs Girl workout, 4 mile lunch run

Favorite Lunch: avocado and cheese sandwiches

Favorite Snack: apples, dried apricots (good source of iron)


Coming up: Week 13 and 14…how we shocked my co-workers!


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