Pregnancy Nook: Flashback to Week 9 and 10

October 17-31, 2012

Feeling almost 100% after the flu, I was motivated. Motivated to workout properly; motivated to eating normal, healthy foods; motivated  to GET STUFF DONE! I was fall cleaning, prepping batches of carrot soup, making little bug’s favorite snack – oatmeal muffins and finally, finally feeling like myself again. Well…except that I was still ridiculously tired by 9:30 each night and forced myself to not pass out on my work desk by 2pm each day. I  got lazy when journaling – only getting in two entries but here are a few highlights.

Week 9 Cravings…
I was all over the place. One day food was unappealing and I couldn’t care less; the next day, I wanted nothing more than sausage (proper English sausage that is), deer sticks, salami and OJ. I craved OJ a lot during this week.

Popular Snacks
Fruit, lots of fruit. Strawberries and banana in the morning with my yogurt or oats and oranges, apples and pears during work hours. I wish everything was as easy and yummy to eat as a piece of fruit. Think about it, no need for ranch, or peanut butter or humus or any dip to choke a piece of fruit down (at least for me).

A very important package came as well this week, we ordered it from Etsy seller Addie Kates Kreations! Now to just make it through to October 28, the day where we finally told someone our secret…our parents!

Day 1 of week 10 marked the first day of snow and the week went on to include heartburn (really, already) caused by a new prenatal vitamin, cravings for spicy cheese, ice cream and PB & jelly on toast.

Week 10 Workouts
The insanely dark and cold mornings were causing havoc on my runs to work, but have no fear…the internet is here! Using pintrest, BodyRockTV and youtube…these alternative methods have fueled my morning workouts since (I’ve switched to Lunch Runs (Runch)!)

Wed: 2.4 mile walk/run, BodyRcok Workout (day 5)
Thu:  pintrest workout, Beauty & a beat workout, Peach & Love Flow, Red Hot Workout
Fri:  Getting Started workout off pintrest, 5 min yoga video off youtube, 20 min Insanity Fat Burner workout off youtube
Sat: no journal entry
Sun: 5.65 mile run (very enjoyable run)
Mon: 4 mile lunch run, 5 minutes of kick and punches, Eyes on Fire workout
Tue: 15 min morning weight workout, 3.8 mile lunch run

Telling our parents was the much anticipated event of the week. We were 10 1/2 weeks  in and were itching to tell just one person. We felt it was only appropriate for little bug to give the news! We facetime’d with hubby’s parents and I got it all on video! Their reaction was, “Ooohhh, that was quick.” “That’s a bit early.”  We obviously lied to everyone about when we really started trying! Their reaction brought joy to both sides of the ocean!

To say that I’m sad we won’t be experiencing this pregnancy with them would be an understatement. We have an amazing relationship and it’s a bummer that I can’t have the best of both families. There’s a very special bond that can’t be explained when your  mother-in-law and/or mother is beside you all through pregnancy. Each day during little bug’s pregnancy my in-laws saw me, shared our milestones, felt (and saw) the baby’s movements and catered to my cravings (spicy cheese please).  I grabbed on to every ounce of advice and really took the time to listen and learn. I didn’t rely on books, I relied on people.


But with that said, I was so excited to tell my mom. I figured she already knew anyways. Being we’re both Virgos with very much the same personality, how could she NOT have figured it out? We told them through a pumpkin. They really didn’t get it though 😉

DSCN2756Mmm, stunned silent. They didn’t know what to say. WE FOOLED THEM! No clue. We could see the wheels turning in their heads and recalling moments over the past few weeks! When we left for the evening they were both teared up and utterly proud. We couldn’t be where we are now without my parents and I was so thrilled to have my mom beside me! This woman has had 5 kids naturally; I find her stories of birth mesmerizing and very inspiring! I really think it was meant to be that I will be having number 2 here in the US. After my less-than-thrilling birth in Spain, I need my mom’s advice and experience  more than ever to get the birth I want. As for my dad…he’s already named the baby…a boy of course — Simon Isadore! (P.S. Simon is my father-in-law’s name, Isadore is my grandfather’s name.)

DSCN2769Now that the parents (and a few siblings) were in on the secret, I really didn’t want to tell anyone else…and so we didn’t!

Coming Next: Week 11…meeting our doctor. Did I find my hippie granola doctor I was dreaming of?


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