Pregnancy Nook: Flashback to Week 8

October 10-16, 2012

As a parent, seeing your child sick with the flu is the worst. Seeing her not eat, throwing up everything (even water) and literally laying down anywhere (she laid on the stove at one point as I put my shoes on) was heartbreaking and very scary. After an ER visit and a weekend of cuddles, she was on the mend…but I was not.

Towards the end of week 7 (when these pics were taken) and beginning of week 8, I was head first in the toilet and dry heaving uncontrollably. For the next 2 1/2 days I was a zombie with no appetite and no will to do anything. TV, which I forgot existed, became my new best friend. Cheerios, applesauce and water were my staples. I never Googled so much as I did on these days, anything and everything about pregnancy and flu I was going to learn.

I was terrified. I cried a lot. I was weak. I looked disgusting, thin and very frail. Now trust me, I get that there have been other pregnant women in this world who got the flu during pregnancy but that still didn’t help. I read what to look out for, when to go to the hospital, what is and is not normal. I didn’t feel by any means normal but I was at least holding  some sort of food and water down. This was the hardest time when keeping the secret of this pregnancy. All I wanted was my mom to come over, make me some soup and tell me I would be ok. I prayed a lot.

But like I said, 2 1/2 days later I was pretty much back to normal enjoying food (apples never tasted more amazing) and performing light exercises.

Week 8: Belly

Week 8 Workouts (after the flu)
Wed: Off Sick
Thu: Off Sick
Fri: Short walk 20 min
Sat: Rest
Sun: 35 min walk/run; small resistance workout (walking lunges, side walking lunges, spiderman push-ups, planks, burpee with squat, side planks)
Mon: 4 mile work run (ran about 1 min per mile slower than usual), lunch walk to the bank about 1.5 miles
Tue: Rest

Excited about…telling our parents

Feeling…frumpy and dumpy. Nothing looks or feels right after not eating much 1/2 the week. I would be a fantastic makeover show candidate right now!

Favorite Foods…eggs with cheese and fresh bakery bread with butter.

Coming Up: Weeks 9 & 10…telling our parents!


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